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  1. DanMan

    Final Fantasy

    FF3/VI is my favourite game and the first RPG I remember playing. I was ten at the time, and was so used to playing platform games and the like, first time I played it I didn't fully understand what was going on. A few months later I gave it another chance... and I was hooked. I used to rent SNES games pretty much every weekend, and eight times out of ten, I rented FF3. To this day, I never get tired of playing it. It was just so different from every other game I had played up to that point. The first game I played that had any real depth to the characters, with a story that I could get truly involved with. FFVI completely changed my perspective on video games. I own most of the Final Fantasy games on PS1 and FFX, the big exception being FF Chronicles, and I enjoy them all. FFII from Origins I can take or leave, however. I don't care for the experience system. But for having that and the original Final Fantasy remake on one disc is money I'm glad to have spent.
  2. DanMan

    Anime Versus Tournament

    Being a sucker for any sort of tournament, I'm very interested in this idea. I'm pretty busy most of the time but I'd like to help out any way I can. Should be fun. At least it'll give me a reason to dust off all my Shonen Jump comics.
  3. DanMan

    Favorite Games of All Time

    In no particular order: Chrono Trigger Super Mario RPG Super Mario Bros. 3 Final Fantasy 3/6 Final Fantasy 9 Secret of Evermore Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Suikoden 2 Street Fighter 2 Breath of Fire 2
  4. DanMan

    Can-Am Conversations #01

    A very interesting read throughout. Great job, guys.
  5. DanMan

    New design!

    I echo the "fucking wicked" sentiments.
  6. DanMan

    Comic Book Trivia

    Doctor Octopus?
  7. DanMan

    Best Marvel movie since Blade?

    Tough choice between X-Men and Spiderman for me, those being the only ones I've seen besides Hulk. Going with Spiderman after some deliberation and the flip of a coin.
  8. DanMan

    Six Degrees of Separation

    The 48 hours are almost up, so here's the answer. Nimrod to Dracula (Dracula defeated him to become ruler of Earth's vampires) Dracula to Dr. Strange (killed him with the Montesi formula) Dr. Strange to Nimrod II (inadvertantly helped send him back in time.) Someone else can add a new one.
  9. DanMan

    Batman vs Wolverine

    Was this while Wolverine had his exoskeleton ripped out? Could Batman break adamantium? Wolverine would be the victor. Batman would only have a chance if Wolverine didn't have the adamantium. No, he didn't have the adamantium. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the adamantium covers the front of Logan's neck. Batman could easily jab him in the windpipe with a knife.
  10. DanMan

    Justice League/LXG Poll #1

    Wonder Woman. I'm assuming Mina is a "conventional" vampire here, though it probably wouldn't change my vote.
  11. DanMan

    Saint of Killers v Wolverine

    After staying up all night reading about Preacher, I can say without much doubt The Saint of Killers would win, for several reasons. -He's already dead -Because he's dead, he's completely invulnerable (ie. the ground zero incident) -His guns never miss, never empty, and will kill anyone he shoots. Even God Himself. Unless Wolverine can sneak up on him, knock his guns away and dismember him in under five seconds, he hasn't much hope.
  12. DanMan

    Batman vs Wolverine

    It happened in Wolverine #126 (I know because I have the issue after it. ) By the next issue, Logan singlehandedly defeats most of both Hydra and The Hand.
  13. DanMan

    Singles: Flirt up Your Life

    Take a look at the date March 5, 2006 on the calendar. It was just an estimation. I can't possibly be bothered doing simple addition.
  14. DanMan

    Singles: Flirt up Your Life

    It's all mine, baby! Only 700 more days until it can qualify for old schoolness.
  15. DanMan

    Six Degrees of Separation

    Here's an interesting one: Nimrod (the Sentinel) to Nimrod (the vampire) HINT: They can be linked with just two people between them.