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  1. You'd think so. Des, I think you heard a bit about my pinko left-leaning politics when you were up here for WizardWorld, and so you know that it hurts when I hear that something set up in the interest of the collective good fails to serve its purpose. Sorry about this disappointment.
  2. seabird

    Episode 05

    I realize that I'm late to the party, as usual, but it must be said that this episode kept me in good company when I was airborne to Seattle last week. It was left on my iPod from back when Mike was still borrowing it, and provided me with my sole source of audio entertainment. Served as a much-needed reminder that I need to go back and play catch-up on other episodes I've been neglecting. Also, Erin has a very cute-sounding voice. Thanks for the fun, guys!
  3. seabird

    The Music Thread

    In Utero. Over and over and over, especially All Apologies.
  4. I'm still jealous from the E-2 episode where you or Mike revealed that you have/had the Palace Of Eternia Playset I so wanted that. I've had my Castle Grayskull for over 20 years now and it's the only thing remaining of my He-Man colection. When I was 6 years old I went to visit my dad and play with all the He-Man toys I had to find them gone. My dad said I was too old to be playing with toys. I was 6 damnit!!!!! grrrr Sorry to hear you lost your collection prematurely. Re: Eternia, that thing was honestly all style and no substance. The monorail caused me no end of frustration, because it wasn't reinforced enough to support the car, and often I'd be in the process of sending someone for a ride along the track when one of the brackets holding the rail in place popped out. And aside from the three towers, there really wasn't much to it. So hopefully that makes you less jealous. :happy: Re: E.T. I have a fairly vivid memory of being three years old and seeing it in the theatre. I freaked out when old bug eyes made his first appearance, and so my mom had to take me outside so as not to disturb everyone. On a more positive note, during that time period I was often mistaken for Drew Barrymore as Gertie, and I think that's the only time I've ever been told I bear resemblance to a celebrity. I know we definitely look nothing alike anymore.
  5. I think I'd take up too much space if I tried to tell the whole history of my geek evolution, so I'll narrow it down to one moment that was truly definitive. I was eight or nine the year I hit the motherload of Masters of the Universe action figures for Christmas. Up until that point I owned a small handful of key characters: He-Man, of course, Battle Cat, Skeletor, and Buzz-Off, which was actually the first MOTU toy I owned, thanks to my mom being amused by his name. My parents strongly encouraged my interest in the He-Man line, because although I can't exactly describe my mom as a feminist, she was put off by the ideals that Barbie embodied, and believed that I would benefit more intellectually and creatively from toys that allowed active engagement of the imagination, and MOTU offered more of that since you could stage battles or concoct your own adventure stories and whatnot. More importantly, she knew that as a stay-at-home mom, she'd get stuck playing with me from time to time, and wanted to ensure she didn't wind up bored in the process. If memory serves, she once said it was much better to have toys that "actually did something. Because they're more interesting." So anyway, this brings me back to the Christmas morning I mentioned above. There was a boatload of presents under the tree for my sister and me, expertly gift-wrapped by my dad, who learned this skill at his high school job at Ace Hardware. I'm pretty sure that this was also the year my presents were tagged as being from some of my favorite wrestlers rather than from Santa Claus, since Hulkamania was running wild at the time, and my dad loved to tease me about my love for all things WWF. I knew Brutus Beefcake and Hillbilly Jim weren't truly responsible for the pile of packages at my feet, but it was fun to pretend they might have made a pit stop at our house to show a true fan a little appreciation. One of the last gifts I opened was an enormous brown box, and when I lifted the lid I found a row of blister-packed He-Man action figures that I didn't currently own. I lifted that row to reveal another, and then another, and maybe one more still, each of them different and each of them exciting because some were figures I'd never even seen. I don't know how he did it, but my dad had managed to score almost a complete collection of MOTU heroes and villains, and also threw in Snake Mountain, Castle Grayskull, some vehicles, and a handful of She-Ra figures for good measure. Let me clarify that this was something totally unusual. My parents were not inclined to make these types of splurges, and I knew better than to ask for much because I was conditioned at a very early age not to be spoiled or to expect anything. In fact, I never got anywhere near such a great collection of any other toy line, so I guess Mom and Dad just liked MOTU better than all the rest. Needless to say, I treasured these figures more than anything, and got endless hours of entertainment out of them. Kids at school were always surprised to hear I had so many He-men since I was a girl, and it became a point of pride for me. It was one of the few times throughout my childhood that I embraced being different, and probably the last time I did so with such fervor, because once my dad died (two weeks before my tenth birthday) I associated being different with being stigmatized, and focused much more on making myself invisible. Sorry if that ending is a bummer. But that incident also contributed to my geekdom, and so I feel it must be said.
  6. seabird

    Voicework help

    I'd be willing to take a crack at helping. Tho I fear the only accent I could perform consistently is a southern one. But I'm sure you've heard enough Previews episodes to know I make a good narrator!
  7. Its jennnnnnnnny! Hi! You ever going to post the picture of mike and pooh? Heh, I forgot about that. I'm in crazy photo upload mode at the moment, and once that's done I might be able to grant your wish... Remind me again if I take too long.
  8. Well, I'm not exactly a new member, but I haven't really done much in the way of posting, so I figure at least a brief introduction is in order. I'm Jenny from The Show, and I'm sorry I haven't cavorted with you lovely folks on here sooner. My message board activity in general is erratic at best, but I'm working on that and I hope you don't mind me chiming in about topics whenever I see fit. If you've been following the podcast, you probably know more about me than you care to, so I'll spare you the details of who I am and what I'm about. That's it for my drive-by post. Time to go off the clock for the evening!
  9. I like this concept. Any chance I can contribute? I know I'm late to the party, but I like writing about myself! :happy:
  10. This is a very, very tempting offer. Consider it noted. I'll let you know my decision on the next edition of the show that includes me.
  11. As Mike mentioned, I did read this, and thought it was very informative. I enjoyed getting some background on Alan Moore, cause even though I have heard of Watchmen and some of his other works, I'm not at all familiar with the man himself. And it was interesting to get a bit of a peek at his views toward Hollywood, however there were a couple things you mentioned where I felt like I needed a bit more context. "Part of the reason for Moore deciding to stay out of Hollywood is also that it avoids him being opened up to lawsuits (like happened with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)." What was the situation with this? You mention it but don't explain what the circumstances were. I also wanted some direct quotes from Moore. You say: "And he publicly criticized the project's integrity, and has been quite visibly doing so in the British media in the last few weeks." This made me want to hear an account of his dispute with Hollywood in his own words. Especially since you said they were very public, and hence, probably accessible. Aside from that, great job. You dissect the differences between the book and film without giving anything away, and draw some nice connections to the story's updates and the things going on in our society. This is officially the first full piece I've read on Earth-2, and I'm glad it was such a good one.
  12. If you're lucky, maybe I'll even do an update there.