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  1. A letter from Jeff Loeb. The last line is "To be continued...!" DisneyLife?
  2. This was a blast! Would definitely be up for another commentary sometime.
  3. Feb - "He's Keanu Reeves" (Gypsies Tramps and Thieves parody) Mar - “What’s that got to do with my knob?” May - HAA World Cup, Samurai Jackie Chan Jul - Shotgun Runner Aug - Salma fanfare, Sexy Alfred Molina, "Frida Frida" ('Friday' parody), Hayak (sting)
  4. My wife and I welcomed our son into the world this morning. We're both over the moon and very tired.
  5. DAMN YOUR EYES, NELSON!!! Still, this looks great
  6. Not that I can see.émon) Not furry.
  7. The only thing that stuck out at me was Jigglypuff having fur. Its original Pokedex entry called it the Balloon Pokemon - balloon's aren't furry. Otherwise: HELL FUCKING YES
  8. I enjoyed Hollow Knight for the most part but kept getting stuck wandering around looking for my next objective.
  9. For the record I would like it to be known that my original phrase was 'coked off his tits'.
  10. Quite right. Now, on to Tom Cruise month...