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  1. Pan-dub

    Detective Pikachu

    DAMN YOUR EYES, NELSON!!! Still, this looks great
  2. Pan-dub

    Detective Pikachu

    Not that I can see.émon) Not furry.
  3. Pan-dub

    Detective Pikachu

    The only thing that stuck out at me was Jigglypuff having fur. Its original Pokedex entry called it the Balloon Pokemon - balloon's aren't furry. Otherwise: HELL FUCKING YES
  4. Pan-dub

    What games are you currently playing?

    I enjoyed Hollow Knight for the most part but kept getting stuck wandering around looking for my next objective.
  5. Pan-dub

    Episode 58: Jean-Claude Van Damme

    For the record I would like it to be known that my original phrase was 'coked off his tits'.
  6. Pan-dub

    Episode 56: Salma Hayek

    Quite right. Now, on to Tom Cruise month...
  7. Matt Smith has been cast in Episode IX #northamptonsown
  8. Pan-dub

    Episode 55: Rutger Hauer

    Which version?
  9. Pan-dub

    Happy Birthday Stavros!

    You're half way to 70!!
  10. Pan-dub

    Episode 55: Rutger Hauer

    Which version?
  11. Pan-dub


    I've never heard of Split or Unbreakable - this still looks very exciting to me!
  12. Pan-dub

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    "Wicky Wicky, wa."
  13. Pan-dub

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Brother and I weren't allowed to watch South Park, so when Channel 4 had an evening dedicated to it I crept downstairs at 9pm to push the 'Play' and 'Record' buttons on the VCR simultaneously to get 3 hours of content on a tape! This is why 'Not without my anus' ranks among my favourite episodes.