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  1. This is not a good phrase.
  2. Important: no Classic: no Contemporary: arguably
  3. Potentially. I'd imagine they'd downplay it for as long as possible until 2024 rolls around and they can choose to talk about years.
  4. By all accounts a lovely, massive guy. RIP
  5. Great catch! Initial, unfiltered, undigested reaction is one of love and awe for pulling this thing off. I cried multiple times during the film and by the snivels I heard around me I know I want alone.
  6. I'll say!! Worth a 5am wake up
  7. #That's why the people of this world believe in Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl AND DONOVAN!#
  8. This is ludicrous. Just ludicrous.
  9. Many happy returns from Northampton!
  10. A letter from Jeff Loeb. The last line is "To be continued...!" DisneyLife?