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  1. Thanks all for your submissions! We've had a look at your home towns and spotted some interesting sights. They were struck by the amount of similarities and diffences! Here is a breakdown of opinions about your foods: Mike - Chicago-style pizza - yum Chicago-style hot dogs - yum Dipped Italian beefs (the sandwich is 100% dunked in the beef juice) - a mix of yum, mega yum and yuck Harold's Chicken Shack - mega yum The hero that is Tamale Guy - unsure Garrett Popcorn - who doesn't love popcorn? Prof - Wendy's founded in Columb us. - they thought it sounded relatable Skyline Chili - extreme Poles of mega yum and mega yuck Sweet Corn Festival as well as the Pumpkin Show - much interested/bemusement Will - Skyline Chili - see above Buckeyes - universal mega yuck. Also one girl has a severe peanut allergy so very much rejected Christian - Cheesesteak hoagies - mega yum. By now they were getting hungry so this got a pretty big pop Snr Emailbot - Fruits and vegetables - always fun Beaver Tails. - I don't think they could get past the name... Maple Syrup - yum Poutine - equal measure yum or yuck Ketchup Chips and All Dressed flavoured Chips - interested to sample flavours but majority couldn't get past the name. On the whole a great way to give some local colour, so thanks again!
  2. North Americans! I need you! As part of my school's current iteration we're doing weekly topics based on continents. This week we're doing 'the Americas'! Seeing as how this is largely a North American group I was wondering if you could help me provide my charges with some insight into life in different regions as they largely think that all of North America is New York or LA (fools). If you're happy to help I would appreciate answers to the following questions: Which State/Province do you live in/come from? What makes your state special/different to others? What local foods is your state known for? What special buildings do you have? Your answers can be posted here, DM'd or emailed to If you are happy/have time to record a short audio clip (3-5 mins) that is a great way get things across! Thank you in advance! A very tired teacher.
  3. Any excuse to watch Dirty Dancing again!
  4. Sorry to say that I did this within the last few years and it has aged terribly. Doesn't dampen my memories of playing the game but it has definitely been improved upon. There is a PC mod that integrates mouse/keyboard controls however...
  5. The series of Sony films with Marvel characters has been titled SPUMC In my mind this rhymes with 'Stomach'.
  6. You'd say that whether you'd listened to it or not!
  7. The ending song is inspired. Great fun, chaps.
  8. The Zoidberg v Leo Spaceman debate has been rolling around in my head for a few days. Zoidberg has a history of some 'successful' procedures; Spaceman has been demonstrably helpful with characters with ridiculous medical desires. Neither know much about the human body or human medical conditions.
  9. I loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Best splicing of two species since 'Daleks in Manhattan'.
  10. That looks fine in context with the ears. Show me dem ears!
  11. I can recommend the documentary 'Lemmy' on Netflix - decent mixture of awe-inspiring, pity enducing and jaw dropping. A ton of musical taking heads and lots of live performances to boot. Fun on a bun.
  12. Is it just me or is the forehead a bit oversized?