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  1. And this just got posted as the other cover. Gives us an answer as to what Magneto's gonna be up to now, anyway.
  2. Yeah, I think it's Hawkeye too. But Hawkeye taking on a more Bullseye-ish persona..althought I didn't know Bullseye's already made an appearance in Ultimate-land, so perhaps I have no idea what I'm talking about. EDIT - And I thought it looked like Valkyrie too, but she's already made an appearance as an absolute joke, so who knows.
  3. Tom Cataldi

    Ultimates 3

    *Spoilers if you aren't caught up* After all the delays on the Ultimates 2 series, I thought I had gotten it all out of my system..but I broke down and bought the trade, and now I'm back in love with it again. Then I find out that Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira are taking over...and I'm REAL excited. Couple things I'm particularly interested in - Don't know who the blond guy with the guns is, but my bet it's Hawkeye. Is there an Ultimate Bullseye yet? Hawkeye's been shown to have Bullseye-type accuracy with pretty much anything in this universe, and after what happened to his family, I can definitely buy him freaking out, getting what looks like a bulleye branded on his forehead, and moving to guns. Spidey on the cover. Fury always said he'd be joining the Ultimates when he was old enough, but that was when the Ultimates were under SHIELD's jurisdiction. I have no clue when this is going to start coming out, we'll probably hear sometime this weekend, but I'm really fired up.
  4. I like that they used that classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow cover, even if they cropped it so that only Lantern's in it.
  5. Yeah so since I've actually read these, I feel I can put some feeback in. Good review. I pretty much agree with everything you said, especially the feeling that this was a Wolverine story as opposed to a Logan one or Howlett. Did you get the idea that Wolverine was a little too powerful, though? I'm not sure I did. I can kinda get behind the idea that if he was brainwashed into doing a job and having absolutely no compunctions about doing it, he could actually tear through as many people as he does. Good job with this review.
  6. Hallllllll Jordan. I think he epitomized the role the best, used the ring in the best ways, had the strongest character (until that whole Parallax business). Picked him.
  7. Onslaught Age of Apocalypse I think they're pretty good. In fact, I think this site's pretty good in general.
  8. Box? Like what do I do, say "Yo I want a box?"
  9. So now I've got 2 jobs and more money than I need. I could just keep buying clothes and alcohol, but I wanna get back into buying comics. I guess I could try and find time to get to a comic store each month or 2 weeks or whenever, but is it worth it to order a subscription? Back in the day it seemed like subscriptions saved you a ton of money, but I don't know how it works exactly. Or is it cheaper to just buy trade paperbacks? Anybody got some advice?
  10. DJ's right. But even assuming they'd fight all out, Sue could dominate the fight with her invisibility powers. Not to mention stuff like putting forcefields in his lungs and stuff.
  11. I'm liking the Thing. Basically, I can't think of a way that Mr. Fantastic can drop Ben. I think Ben's brute strength is going to be able to carry him through any efforts to tie him up or beat him down, and eventually, Ben's gonna catch Reed with a shot that knocks him out. Reed dominates the early rounds, but if Ben hits Reed square ONCE it's over. I've got enough faith in the Thing's ability to take a beating to say that he's gonna have enough time to throw a lucky punch.
  12. The whole tournament's a walk for Sue if you ask me. Sue turned Wolverine's optic nerves invisible once, blinding him. No sight + no oxygen for flames= no Human Torch, son.
  13. And I'm the biggest Flash mark in the world in the first place, so I've been sweating it out for the last few episodes. Like when he says "I'll lead a team to help the people at ground zero" I'm freaking out... and then the SPEED FORCE! Wow. Love this show. "I've got a seat at the big conference table! I'm gonna paint my logo on it!"
  14. I picked Fantastic Four because I think there's a lot more to write about and review there, instead of Back to the Future. FF's had an impact in comics and now has a movie out that can be reviewed... BttF week would just been 3 reviews of movies that came out years ago. I'm not as interested.
  15. I read an interview with Dwayne McDuffie on the forums where he KINDA confirms a 5th season. Everybody on that board seems sure there'll be a 5th, to the point where people who ask "where do you get that from?" get laughed at. Just got "Divided We Fall".... RIDICULOUS! I'll avoid spoilers but seriously, holy shit. I never marked out that hard for anything but wrestling in my LIFE.