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  1. ehh...I'll give it a play, but only because I get to be Baraka again.
  2. I could really care less about FFXI because I'm sure they'll assrape us in monthly fees for it and I'm not one to play an RPG day in and day out, But I do want the HDD. I'm betting future games will rely on this heavily for updates (possibly new RE: Outbreak expansions?) or add-ons (imagine having a future Smackdown game where you could download Official add-in wrestlers or vintage theme music/entrances for an access fee). I think games will get that much sweeter now that the HDD is in play.
  3. I am SO buying this game next week! "Must...chew...on...people..." (or...in zombie language..."guhaaar.")
  4. that was actually a big bonus for me in that game. Once you figured it out it was a godsend vs. other RE games. No more having 6,000 pistol bullets and zero major artillery ammo when you found tough enemies--with a little rationing, you always had the right components to make any ammo the job called for. Plus, the more you made of an ammo, the better your ammo got. I should put in the caveat, however, that I'm a compulsive rationer in games--I've always got WAY more than I need of the best stuff by the end because I never use any of it until then.
  5. Has to be RE 3 for me. I just loved the Nemesis factor because you were always tense about when he'd show up. The first time I played it I can remember my heart slamming as I ran like hell because every time I put him down he got right back on his feet. THAT game was truly scary in surround sound! :twitch:
  6. Voltron OWNS the Megazord (see the first Power Rangers...the thing broke down EVERY episode!) Voltron, in turn is the OWNED by Predaking because he is the most vicious combiner to ever exist Hands Down!
  7. One of My favorites has always been Marvel Knights the Punisher Volume 3: Welcome Home Frank. It really captured the essence of the Punisher and kept the lame-story factor Marvel is famous for injecting into its comics to the peripheral. It was a great story about the raw, cold hatred that drives the Punisher...and his compassion for "good" people that strugles to live on inside him despite his nature. Three cheers for Marvel for using part of that story in the upcoming movie as well!
  8. sure. It's published by Image and is approaching the fifth issue with a TPB coming out shortly of the first four or five (They're trying to get new readers on board since they're largely word-of-mouth advertisers). The comic is published monthly and is (interestingly enough) all black and white with the exception of the covers. Don't worry-the quality is such that the B&W doesn't detact from it at all. The story basically starts out a la 28 days later (although the people working on it swear it was done long before the movie came out) With a cop who gets hurt and wakes up a month or so later. While he was in a coma a strange disease sweeps across the nation and he wakes up in a real-life Resident Evil world. The comic follows him as he attempts to find his family and slowly comes to the realization that there's not going to be any "return to normal" and he's got to learn to live in this messed-up world of walking zombies. Notice I didn't say survive-the comic keeps the "blast the zombie" content low and the writers keep mentioning that that particualr trend will continue. As I stated before, it's more about how people learn to live in a world sans civilization than a story about evil zombies. Issues of The Walking Dead are routinely listed on Ebay and the TPB is coming out soon..either way I'd recommend getting in on this comic! -Hauckly
  9. Place: Neutral ground...On the show "Junkyard Wars" or something Conditions: Neither doc starts with ANY sidekicks. He has one week to create his evil sidekicks/inventions The Horn sounds...and they're OFF!
  10. agreed. The Falcon's shields couldn't hold out against the sustained barrage. Remeber: While the photons are no improvement over basic Star Wars Protons, the enterprise's phaser blasts are more accurate and potentially more powerful than the TIE or Star Destroyer guns. Speaking of which...the closer fight would be between Vader's command Star Destroyer (The Nemesis, I think) and the Enterprise. Now THAT'S a war. Bonus thought...Borg Cube fleet v. Death Star w/Imperial Fleet as guard...that would be ugly, too.
  11. Dark Horse is currently trying to gut out its new title "Fused" with its first major villian: Cro-Mag. The premise is he's super strong and invincible simply because he has the mind of a 1960s scientist and the body of a reanimated cro-magnon man. Oh, and he also carries an indestructible bone for a club and uses the brains of dead soldiers to make armies of flying, gun-toting brains. Now tell me I'm supposed to take HIM seriously, hm? LAME.
  12. OK the rules are simple. In order to be listed as one of the best RPGs of all time it must simply meet the following criteria: 1. The monster battles were at least tolerable. 2. The game told a story that was interesting and kept you playing. 3. The game had an ending that really made you feel like you had COMPLETED something (i.e. you didn't feel hosed by a wowzer game with a 2-second crappy ending that makes your scream at having played so long just to get THAT ending) My nominations are: Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Game Boy): OK so Zelda's only a quazi-RPG but it DID have a stellar ending! Phantasy Star IV: One of the most In-depth stories I've ever played through and one of the most satisfying endings of ANY video game I've EVER played! Shining Force II: The ending was okay, but the in-game story was good and monster "chess" style battles were really neat Xenosaga Episode I: Fur Wille Zur Macht: Quite possibly the closest thing to playing a movie I've ever done. Had great cutscenes (even if Shion has a MASSIVE codependency problem.) Even had the coolest "To be continued" ending I've ever seen-like straight out of a movie! You know it's a good RPG when you get that type of ending and still feel a sense of closure for the time played. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue: Another great cutscene RPG. The battles were tolerable at best but I don't think I'll ever get tired of the music from it. Both main plot and the many subplots interwove extremely well (the "bad guy redemption" subplot was particularly well done) Ones I would NOT nominate: Chrono Cross: Somewhere in the last two hours or so of gameplay, the original crew working on this game were sacked by terrorists and replaced with interns (I swear!) As such, the game has a great beginning, middle, and story replay value...but the last two hours throws storyline continuity out the window and pumps out an ending that was confusing, lame, and awful. Final Fantasy X: Okay I know I'll catch flack for this but read the above review and tell me it doesn't fit this game as well. the last X number of hours become some stupid "Forget Yuna's story- Tidus' obsession with hating/loving his father and going out in a blaze of glory is MUCH more important" plot. Even the Tidus/Yuna love thing becomes a subplot to the endless "This is MY [Tidus'] story" phrases he repeats countless times in the last few hours of gameplay. Granted, the ending seems like less of a Hosing now that they've developed X2, but nevertheless I STILL felt hosed when I beat it the first time. There's no sense of closure and god forbid you complete the side quests--Sin is a pushover if you even finish HALF of them. Ok...those are my picks. What are yours?
  13. The key was to find those kick-ass scroll/white fire wavey attacks and stock up. If you had a boatload of those by the time you got to shredder, it was simply a matter of dodging the de-mutating gun blasts and hosing him with those. He was dead in no time. BTW TMNT I was the best of the three, if only because the adventure was more in-depth.
  14. no contest: Superman all the way. Wolvie could pull something cheap to try and win, but we've already found out Supes comes back from the dead. Besides, for every argument about kryptonite-tipped claws, there's a magnetic bullet/shrapnel counterpoint to the healing factor. Supes may not kill usually, but he's done it before. anyway you slice it, under normal conditions my favorite badass just isn't equipped to win against uber-godlike characters
  15. stupid hulk is very powerful, regenerates, and has massive endurance. Batman has brains and a lot of gizmos that are meant to subdue, but not kill. Verdict: Batman would have to tap Banner to win. If this is a straight-up fight between Hulk (sans banner) and Batman, though, I think we'd all be attending Wayne's funeral.