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    I forgot this existed: http://www.rockpapersaddam.com/one.html
  2. Have you ever had an "A-Ha" moment listening to someone that gives you a plan of what you're going to do a project on in school? I just did today, and it totally saved my semester.
  3. I get so nervous when I do seminar presentations for school. I've now lectured to 150+ people for an hour twice, but talking for 20 minutes to 5-6 of my peers scares the fuck out of me. Last night I couldn't sleep until 4AM when I had to be up at 7:45, and I was feeling sick to the stomach at the thought of my presentation. It seems like I'm being a big baby, but I did my presentation today, and everyone liked it, and the professor seemed to like it! Hooray!
  4. I gave a lecture to 150 first years on Monday on Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. I was worried I wouldn't have enough to say (1 hour) and it turned out I had too much to say! All the other instructors seemed to like it, too. Also, I finally did my taxes from one year ago, and I'm getting enough money to delay getting a second job. When I figure I can do this year's taxes, I can continue my silly, TA-job grad school existence for months! Oh, and I got a co-ax cable for my TV, so I get more than one channel, now!
  5. I don't think it matters so long as he's dead.
  6. I'm going to kill one of my roommates.
  7. Well Boo-frickity-Hoo, surely they can take a dump of snow for once in their lives Cry me a frickin' river. I'm with Kellen on this. You can surely survive one snow dump. I just had to drive home in falling snow and ice fog. Tomorrow's forecast calls for rain, which means the roads will be as good as ice skating rinks. So you have no right to complain about one little snow dump. It snows fucking annually in Vancouver, and every year every person in and out of Vancouver acts like it's never happened before. And I'm from Calgary, I know what snow is, that's why I moved to Vancouve
  8. Did El Nino happen again or what? There's fucking snow in Vancouver! This never happens!
  9. Taris sucks until you hit the underground, and start collecting bounties. Getting Bastila helps things, too.