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  1. The Avengers film is almost certain to be 3D. Unless Whedon hates money. Which he might. Captain America? I hope not. Especially if its set in the 40s.
  2. I can't say I'm happy with all of the changes...I mean, the Mako wasn't perfect, but it was light years better than this scanning planets nonsense (though it's probably less irritating on the PC than the 360). I never understood the bitching about the architecture either, it made sense that there would be a pre-fab "colony kit" to send to uncharted worlds. The new level design often feels a little to "on-rails" for a western RPG, too. The combat is thankfully much improved, as is the party member AI. Thank God they fixed the inventory. An utterly fantastic game, the downsides are only
  3. The premier was alright. I'm a little confused as to the goals of the circus guy, unless he's taking the Magneto stance. And NightAngle, Peter has the same power he's always had (mimicking the powers of others nearby), though it seems he can only manifest those one at a time. I think Ando still has his power. It would seem weird to joke about it if he didn't.
  4. And Emma Caufield! Joss Whedon can cast 'em. For the purposes of the thread: I'm catching up on Weeds and Burn Notice on DVD. I'm into season 3 of Weeds and it just keeps getting better and better. It's not perfect, by any means, but it's really damned good.
  5. I thought it was Ted's at first too, but I think we can safely assume that Sylar has more powers than we've actually seen him acquire. For that matter, so does Peter. Where did he get that ability to trap people in other's bodies? It's not the room that suppresses the powers. It's the drugs or the Haitian. The flame thrower guy in Level 5 was using his power. Sylar has used his power in Level 5 (twice, actually, in Season One when he breaks out, and just recently when Ms. Petrelli gave him that chick). Peter used his abilities in Season 2 to free Adam. I have no idea why Hiro didn't
  6. I really liked this episode. It was pretty much awesome. There were two things that bothered me: Shouldn't Peter have had Sylar's power for awhile now? I guess unlike Sylar (until now, anyway) Peter didn't necessarily have full command of the powers (i.e. he hasn't demonstrated thought manipulation as Parkman has), whereas Sylar had full control from the get go. Maybe that explains the lack of the "hunger." And the one that's always bothered me...how come the Haitian's powers work against Peter? Seriously. No one else's really do (he was drugged around Elle). Shouldn't he be s
  7. Okay, I'll phrase it a little differently. Peter has access to Linderman's power, and wouldn't need to waste Claire's time (or risk the butterfly effect). He couldn't use it in the ambulance because there were witnesses. Clones, probably. Micah brought up the birth certificates, it would have been noted if the birth mother were the same. Unless they were triplets going to three different families using the same surrogate mother. But the Dr. said "I made you" so they're probably clones. Doesn't it seem weird that the guy in Africa's future seeing seems limited to Matt Parkman? What
  8. Because one of the Peters had already healed him using Linderman's power, so Claire wasn't needed. Also, as both Hiro and Ms. Petrelli have pointed out, bending the space-time continuum often has unintended consequences. I'm also thinking that since he's decided to bottle up the fact that he can fly, Nathan's mind is coping in a similar method to Niki's (seeing other people, eventually multiple personalities). Probably why those characters were reunited (sort of, anyway). Peter using Linderman's power was just a convenient way to reintroduce the man. I think he needs an idea, but I'm
  9. I'm not tagging my spoilers, mainly because of the thread title. So...uh....about Niki, how the fuck did she go from trapped in a burning building that exploded trying to save DL's niece, to working for the governor of New York with an apparent established relationship within a matter of DAYS (although the passage of time in this show gets really f'ed up sometimes, maybe it's been longer)? I'm thinking Jessica (her sister, not the personality) maybe isn't so dead. And what happened to Micah and the girl with muscle memory? Are they just, gone? Mohinder being the Fly (or whatever his
  10. I'm rewatching NGE after picking it up on the cheap from Best Buy a couple of weeks ago (Platinum Collection for $28!). I'm liking it a lot more now than I did when I first saw it, which seems odd, but probably speaks volumes about the depth of the work. Just absolutely amazing. Also trying to get Gundam 00, which I've heard some mixed things about, but mostly good. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.
  11. Or, you know, at the fair... Perhaps I've said too much.
  12. J Marv

    Mass Effect

    I wish I could hope that. Unfortunately every word about a PC version since a PC Gamer UK article last summer (2006) said there was one forthcoming has been "There are currently no plans to develop Mass Effect for systems other than the XBox 360 including the PC." I agree that it would only make sense, as every BioWare title to date has ended up on the PC eventually (I hope the Sonic game is the first that THAT isn't true for, I couldn't care less about a DS port) and to port a 360 game to the PC requires less work than porting to/from other systems, but unless EA is able to swing it I just
  13. J Marv

    Mass Effect

    It's going to be an Online RPG. And they're working on it (although it might be set during the Mandalorian Wars, and be KOTOR 0). I just wish Obsidian had been allowed to "finish" KOTOR 2. Now, who do I have to sleep with/blackmail/ransom/kill to get a PC version of Mass Effect?
  14. Well, by that logic, Gambit could possibly destroy all solid matter in the universe (it would just take a death wish and a lot of time and effort). I don't think this list is necessarily about potential. Just because someone is physically capable of doing something, doesn't mean they would, under ANY circumstance. For instance, just because Peter Parker could kill an average human without breaking a sweat, doesn't mean he ever should or would. Take the Flash comparison, he would die if he punched somebody at a full run (he'd have to stop to transfer the energy, if his body was capable of w
  15. The bike chases will be pretty cool in their own way though. Probably not as cool as the anime, but then again, Akira pretty much changed the way anime was drawn. Its visuals are tough to match, let alone top. It probably won't be very good, but will have its moments. Much like the Initial D movie.