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  1. Cancer-free for twenty years

    It was 21 years ago today that I had surgery to remove the cancer.
  2. Thor: Ragnarok

    I also finally watched it, yesterday. There was way, way too much joking and comedy. I'm not against humor in a superhero movie, but the tone needs to be much more serious when the subject matter is the end of the world. Cracking jokes as Asgard is annihilated by Surtur is all wrong for what is happening on the screen. This complete lack of seriousness in what should be a horrifying moment is something Michael Bay would do. If my home was burning down and someone cracked a joke, I would punch him in the face - especially if there were fatalities in the fire. People are dying, you nitwit. The humor takes you out of the movie, almost as if the script writers are going out of their way to remind the viewer that this is all make-believe. Yes, we know. Plus, the tone doesn't fit with the Thor character, who is much more serious in the comics. It fits better with a character like Spider-Man. Good movie, but the overly lighthearted tone hurts it a lot.
  3. The assault on video games

    Also: If you think Missile Command, Space Invaders, Farmville and Sonic the Hedgehog promote "right wing" themes, you are either completely hysterical or so far up your own nose you are drowning in your own arrogance. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/mar/12/video-games-fuel-rise-far-right-violent-misogynist
  4. The assault on video games

    Here are some stats to back up what I said earlier. 1993: 24,530 murders 106,010 rapes 659,870 robberies 2017: 17,250 murders 95,730 rapes 332,198 robberies So not only is crime down in absolute numbers, but we have a significantly higher population. This means the crime rate is down even more. (For @The Master.)
  5. I hated Ron Simmons' NOD character. WCW wasn't perfect by a long shot, but in some ways they were more progressive than WWE. Ron Simmons was WCW's first black world champion six years before The Rock was WWE's first black world champion - And Ron Simmons was just a pro wrestler, not a "black power" caricature in a knockoff of the Nation of Islam. And WWE had Saba Simba.
  6. Random movie and tv thoughts

    How so? Because he is coming back for revenge on people who actually wronged him?
  7. Random movie and tv thoughts

    I'm working my way though Season 7 of The Walking Dead: Can someone explain how Carl Grimes has aged several years and Sophia Grimes is still a toddler?
  8. Random movie and tv thoughts

    Right. Plus, it doesn't reinforce real-world paranoia. I actually thought the NOES remake had a really interesting tease that Freddy was actually innocent. Given real-world exhortations - from "shaken baby syndrome" cases to people who like Bernard Baran who were outright framed, it would have been a socially conscious thing to do. Granted, NOES fans would have been furious with the change and would have probably walked out of the theater had they actually pulled the trigger on that. And it would have been really out of place for a horror movie. And it would have turned Freddy into a sympathetic character, which is a bad idea.
  9. Random wrestling thoughts

    Wow. I suppose his relationship with McMahon is better now. Didn't he force WWE into a significant payday to drop the Intercontinental Championship after his contract expired?
  10. Random movie and tv thoughts

    On some level, I hate movies like Death Wish, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. Not for what they are, but for the real-world paranoia they reinforce. Freddy Kruger got away because someone forgot to sign a search warrant in the right place. Riiiiiight. I am more able to suspend my disbelief at the existence of a dream demon than that idiotic legal fiction - and the idiotic legal fiction is worse because people believe it happens in the real world. Hint: It doesn't. I'm stopping here before I get into a political rant.
  11. The assault on video games

    Since everyone is blaming video games for school shootings, consider this: As many more violent games have been released , crime has fallen. Crime is far lower now than at its peak in the 1990's, both in real numbers and even more on a per-capita basis. So if anything, if you look at the statistics, violent video games have reduced violent crime. Police are safer on the job than they have been in generations. But by all means, continue the fearmongering and calls for censorship while ignoring the facts.
  12. Happy Birthday Mike!

    Think of it this way, @The Master. When you meet someone who is 20 years old, they are half your age.
  13. It's pretty amazing looking back, how he transformed from "milquetoast babyface commentator" to the Mr. McMahon character. Didn't Bischoff do the "evil authority figure" first?
  14. For anyone who doesn't follow the Tirades page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TranquilTirades/posts/1666975303362500 https://www.facebook.com/TranquilTirades/posts/1666216350105062 You'll need a Facebook account to read the status. I'll leave it to the hosts if they want to post the text here or not. In any case, the podcast is on hiatus. No plans for another episode in the foreseeable future. Thanks for all your work, @James D. and @D.W. You have provided endless hours of quality entertainment. Even if the podcast never comes back, you have brightened the lives of all who have listened to you by making us laugh. And we have a huge treasure trove of archives to listen to. Thanks for everything you have done.
  15. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    Looking forward to this.