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  1. S-T

    Every Film You've Watched in 2019

    Venom: Too many jokes. Way, way too many jokes. Venom is a terrifying monster and should be treated that way. And why would an alien symbiote have an English name? Also, way to undercut Venom by having him admit he is a “loser” on his planet. Films Watched: 1
  2. S-T

    Young Justice

    Man I hope this gets added to Google Play. I will buy it immediately.
  3. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Started to watch Raw. Opening steel cage match. Why is the babyface acting like a coward and running away immediately, to have the heel stop him and beat him up? That's not how a face should act. Terrible booking decision. If I was watching this on mute and had no clue about characters or storylines I would assume the heel/face dynamic is exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to be.
  4. S-T

    Episode 1042

    Dan and Mike, have you guys read "Supreme Power" and the follow-up "Squadron Supreme" from that universe? I have collected all of the trades and I love them. Just avoid "Ultimate Power." 🙂 Also in terms of brainwashing criminals, what about people who were convicted of a crime they did not commit? How do we justify irreversibly shifting someone's brain and then, oops, they didn't do it? There are a ton of real-world cases where people spent years in prison for crimes they did not commit, but their brains were not reformatted like a hard drive. Curious if that was addressed in the series.
  5. S-T

    Happy Holidays '18!

    Whatever you celebrate, hope it's great.
  6. Thoughts: I loved the multiple nods to the Tranquil Tirades in this episode. Joke for three people, quarter star moment, etc. Vader's athleticism for a man his size is unbelievable. He really should have been WWF champion at some point, or at least had a run with the IC belt. Kellan losing his composure and being unable to stop laughing during Tom's promo was great. When someone is laughing like that, it is contagious and I could not stifle my own laugh. WWF was treading on some dangerous ground with Cornette's worked shoot promo. There could very easily have been a defamation lawsuit, as Hulk Hogan sued Vince Russo in real life for a less caustic shoot promo. (Then again, Hogan is a bit of a snowflake.)
  7. S-T

    What games are you currently playing?

    The SNES Classic is a lot of fun. I would make a couple changes in the list of games (such as including Donkey Kong Country 2) but overall it's a great little system. Note: Set your TV to "game mode" if you have one to eliminate input lag. Games that require quick and precise reaction time are unplayable with the lag.
  8. S-T

    What games are you currently playing?

    Just started playing through "A link between worlds" on 3DS last week. That game is amazing.
  9. S-T

    First time you felt old

    Next year my two oldest great nephews will be 20 years old.
  10. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Daniel Bryan needs a new theme song. The current one is far too upbeat. The heel turn seems to be taking, though. He is getting booed.
  11. S-T

    Weird Dreams

    I wonder how many RPG campaigns are inspired by dreams. Sounds like a really fun campaign.
  12. S-T

    Everything DC

    This came into my mind when watching an episode of Superman: The Animated Series a few years ago. (It hit my "on this day" page on Facebook today.) When cranes randomly break and fall off buildings in Metropolis (for Superman to catch) why hasn't OSHA been doing the proper workplace safety inspections? What about the city building safety inspectors? Imagine the lawsuits over this.
  13. S-T

    Everything Marvel

    I'm still grumpy about spoiling War Machine's return in the trailer for Infinity War. That should have been a big reveal in the movie, not just thrown into the trailer. Then again, I've been a mark for Rhodey since I started seriously collecting Iron Man in high school, which was... 30 years ago. I am an old man. Get off my lawn.