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  1. Of course. I've been playing video games for 35 years, dating back to the old Atari 2600. I can separate video games from reality. Most humans can. Which is the same method as in 2004. I'm a little slow sometimes. 😂
  2. Good. Like I said last summer, this whole thing was just an excuse to collect a scalp and only serves to escalate the culture war.
  3. Halloween 2018: Meh. Films Watched: 12
  4. If there was something about this earlier I missed it. Anyway, this site is fifteen years old. That's amazing. Next month (April 28) will be 15 years since I joined, via a link from The Oratory. I recognized a lot of names from there in those early days. Thanks for providing this site. Your podcasts have provided endless hours of entertainment. Thanks @The Master and everyone else who works on this site.
  5. Oh, in Reign of the Supermen, Hillary Clinton is President and Lex Luthor is Donald Trump. "Make Metropolis Safe Again." OK then.
  6. Reign of the Supermen: It diverges from the comics in several major ways but makes sense given the universe. One quibble: Films Watched: 11
  7. Yes it does. That looks awesome.
  8. Captain Marvel: It was good, but not as good as it could have been. The way the Skrulls were treated was... unexpected. Films Watched: 10
  9. The origin of Nick Fury losing his eye was absolutely hilarious. Best scene in the movie and Samuel L. Jackson sells it perfectly. Did he actually say MF? It sure sounded like it.
  10. That's my problem with it. 😉 I'm a continuity nerd.
  11. Saw this on Twitter. We've all seen this before, and WOW this is awful. Granted, this isn't Whitewash from Captain America or Steamboat from Shazam, but this is still really frigging racist. Even worse when you consider that marrying a space alien ought to be more of a cultural taboo than marrying someone of a darker skin pigmentation.
  12. Fun. I wish they would interpret the Phoenix as a cosmic being possessing Jean, instead of her just being immensely powerful.
  13. I actually used to have that issue, by the way. Who knows what happened to it. I am an old man. Get off my lawn.
  14. It's not totally unprecedented. They probably wanted to differentiate him from Luthor. Shazam is fairly well known, but Sivana is not as much. (I prefer the name Captain Marvel, but the copyright and trademark mess that dates back to Mar-Vell is what it is.)
  15. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Bundy was much younger than I thought he was. He really should have been given a run with a belt, at least as IC champ.