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  1. S-T

    The First Purge

    One note: They use the n-word a lot. It was getting really uncomfortable.
  2. S-T

    The First Purge

    I saw it last night. It wasn't as bad as I expected.
  3. S-T


    OK. My Beagle was recently at the vet. She will be 15 in November. Among other things, she has arthritis, so we have a pill we give her each day to help with pain and inflammation. She has more energy now, is able to play a bit more, and doesn't seem as tender and stiff in the morning. So I'm glad to pay for the medicine. The problem is getting her to take the pill. The first two days were fine, and then she decided she did not want to take the pill any more. So every morning I have to pry her mouth open , force the pill into the back of her mouth, and hold her mouth shut until she swallows it. Lovely. Just take your blasted pill. I realize a dog doesn't understand that the reason she feels better is because of the pill that I force feed her every morning. I even put peanut butter on the pill. Take it now? Nope. Went back to the vet the other day to get more and told her about it. She was very surprised, because the pills are apparently tasty. One of the other pet owners had their dog jump up on the counter, get the bottle open and eat all of them. The vet suggested covering it with cream cheese. That didn't work either.
  4. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Yes, I tend to run several days to a week behind. I watch on Hulu Plus.
  5. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Asuka is so distracted by Ellsworth appearing at the PPV that she leaves herself vulnerable and loses the match. I hate this gimmick. It was overplayed 20 years ago. There are literally adult fans that are younger than this stupid gimmick. You would think even the biggest idiot would be professional enough to avoid being distracted and finish the match. "What, there is someone standing there! I can't comprehend this!" This is bad enough when it is the heel who is distracted and loses, but it makes the babyface look like a complete dunderhead. Why should I cheer for a babyface who loses because he/she is an idiot? Nobody cheated. Nobody interfered. The babyface totally lost focus and cost himself/herself the match. This isn't a slam against Asuka's characterization specifically. It is a slam on this stupid overused meme. It is used constantly, and it needs to stop. Also: Wow that slap to Ellsworth last week was incredibly stiff. I would be ticked off if that was me. He looked like he was legit knocked silly. I don't think he expected her to hit him that hard.
  6. S-T


    Does this take place in the same universe as Justice League?
  7. Also: This was my first-ever Redbox rental.
  8. Spoilers ahead so I'll just put my entire review in the spoiler tag. Not that there's anything to spoil. The teenage daughter in the movie is wearing a Ramones shirt. Naturally, this reminded me of @D.W.'s awesome rant in a Tirades podcast.
  9. That is awesome! It was so disappointing to not see Lando in 7 and 8. Hopefully he has a big role and they don't kill him off.
  10. S-T

    Episode 1011

    This isn't really germane to the episode itself, but it's amazing how much the show has grown. From Mike sitting down with an iPod in 2005 to over 1000 episodes and an entire network of podcasts. Great job, all involved.
  11. S-T

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Do any of you know a way to save your spot watching a Google Play movie or TV show on a Windows desktop PC? I believe the Roku player saves your spot, and I know the Google Play movies & TV app for iOS does it, but I have not been able to figure out how to do that on my PC.
  12. S-T

    First time you felt old

    As of today, I now have 2 nephews in their 40's. I am 44, so I was an uncle very young, but still. I have 2 nephews in their 40's.
  13. S-T

    Death Wish (2018)

    I finally listened to it. I don't agree with everything you said, but nice podcast.
  14. S-T

    Death Wish (2018)

    I'm gonna get political here. Sorry. I've been here 14 years and I generally try to not get political. That's not why I come here. But a political analysis is necessary to compare the remake to the original, because the broader context is important. I'll put spoiler tags around it if you don't want to read it.
  15. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Didn't Hulk Hogan selfishly no-sell a Vader powerbomb?