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  1. https://www.pcgamer.com/major-layoffs-hit-telltale-games/ I hate to see things like this happen. 😞 Hopefully the downsized employees recover quickly.
  2. S-T

    Young Justice

    Just finished Season 1. Wow.
  3. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Way to make the rest of the heels look like jobbers by having the Shield dominate them despite being outnumbered more than three to one, especially since the weapons didn't come out until well into the fight.
  4. S-T

    DC reboot

    I read Nightwing (Rebirth) Volume 4 and there's a moment that is cool but that I disliked: At least they didn't have Nightwing fighting Jigsaw this time. Hello Nightwing, I want to play a game...
  5. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    R-Truth's pursuit of Carmella is creepy and deeply disturbing. This storyline needs to be killed.
  6. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    It's not his fault he isn't booked properly. The best option is to turn him heel. Make him betray the Shield, become a killer who viciously destroys people (like he was in his days with The Shield in 2012-2013) and the crowd will turn around on him. You can have that babyface run after that and it will work better.
  7. S-T

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    I just realized that the first Austin Powers movie is 21 years old. Wow. So if you were born when that movie came out, you can (legally) drink alcohol now.
  8. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I do like Roman Reigns and I think much of the heat he gets from the crowd is undeserved. I think he's a deserving champion. I may be the only adult male WWE fan alive who thinks that, but I'm used to being in the minority. 🙂 But the heel/face alignment in this storyline makes so little sense that it's obvious that WWE is overcompensating with the 100 vs. 3 beatdown of the Shield ordered by Baron Corbin.
  9. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    How is Braun Strowman a heel? Seems like the Shield turned heel when they ganged up on him. Classic heel faction protecting the champion, like the Four Horsemen back in the day. So Strowman evened the odds. Am I crazy?
  10. S-T


    Well, good news. I figured if I crush it and sprinkle it over her food she will not notice it is there. So it is a lot more pleasant for both of us. In other good news, my Rat Terrier / Beagle mix continues to be healthier, a lot less stubborn, more obedient etc. He is only 6 months younger than she is (he was 14 in May) but you would think he is 6 years younger. She has aged much faster than he has.
  11. S-T

    Deadpool 2

    LOL I'm just glad I said that here and not on Twitter where I would have a bunch of Dude Bros yelling at me. 🙂
  12. S-T

    Deadpool 2

    The one complaint I have story-wise is Domino's costume. No woman would ever go into battle in a push-up bra with her breasts bulging out of her top. If they were going to go with that, they should have made a joke out of it, breaking the fourth wall with Deadpool mocking this particular (sexist, let's be honest) comic book convention.
  13. S-T

    Deadpool 2

    Started this earlier this week but stopped around the 50 minute mark because I could barely stay awake. That's not a slam at the movie. I was just that tired. When you get to be as old as I am, staying awake to finish a movie is a lot more difficult. Now get off my lawn. I love the classic songs on the soundtrack. Takes me back to hearing them as a kid. Good to see they redeemed the Juggernaut. What was done to him in X3 was inexcusable. (And I liked X3.) And after over 12 years, we finally got to see Colossus vs. Juggernaut. The end-credits scenes were spectacular.
  14. S-T

    The Predator

    A dog Predator? A dog? OK, that is silly. Are the the "Aliens vs. Predator" movies in continuity? If so, how could people not know about the Predators by now? Even if not, in the first movie they set off a nuclear bomb. I think the secret is out. Granted, this isn't as bad as people not knowing about Transformers in the Bay movies, but still.
  15. S-T

    Top Ten Comic Book based films

    In no particular order: X-Men 2 Justice League (2017) Spider-Man 2 Blade Avengers (2012) Captain America: Civil War Justice League: New Frontier Batman: Under the Red Hood Watchmen Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths