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  1. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I agree. Total disrespect of all Kofi has done for the company to give a gift to a coddled part-timer. My problem isn’t Kofi losing, as he had to lose eventually. I don’t even have a problem with him losing to Lesnar, who has been booked like a dominant monster for years. But he should not have been destroyed with one move, jobbed out in 10 seconds, made to look helpless and pathetic, and immediately tossed aside for the next challenger to Lesnar. Let Kofi put up a fight, get some offense in, and lose with dignity. Not like this. Definitely not like this!!
  2. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Kofi deserves better than to get jobbed out in one move. He was totally clowned. Shame on WWE for this disrespect to one of their very few black champions, and shame on them for tossing Kofi aside immediately after jobbing him out. I hope WWE loses tons of viewers over this. I am legitimately disgusted by this.
  3. I became a fan of both Hawkman and Green Arrow through Identity Crisis. If you're looking to get into GA, pick up the first several volumes of Green Arrow's solo series starting with his coming back from the dead. For Hawkman, get JSA volumes 3 (Return of Hawkman) through Vol. 10. (Black Vengeance.) That run also made me a huge fan of Black Adam. You really feel the friendship between Hawkman and Black Adam there. Fair warning: Hawkman comes off very badly in how he relates to Hawkgirl. Even before "Me Too" his treatment of her is more than a little creepy.
  4. Harley Quinn is a far more interesting and complex character than the Joker, and deserves her own film more. And Margot Robbie easily has the personality to carry a film by herself.
  5. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I'm probably back to watching highlights on WWE's YouTube channel. Dropping Hulu because the only way to watch Smackdown now is with Live TV. Well, there's literally half the reason I subscribed in the first place.
  6. Also, there is no such thing as a "botch" on earth-2 podcasts. That's what makes them feel more organic.
  7. I know what @The Master means about appropriate clothing in hot weather. I wore a suit to an event that took place outside in hot summer weather four years ago. I was kinda obligated to wear it, but I was really regretting the suit walking back to my car. Ugh. Feeling your pain.
  8. Gremlins: This is a very dark movie. As good as I remember. Films Watched: 29
  9. I re-watched the Legion of Super-Heroes episode of Justice League Unlimited, and if Justice League vs. Fatal Five is in the DCAU there is a pretty big continuity flaw. None of the people who went to the 31st Century in the TV show were in the movie, but one would think the Justice League would keep records of things like that.
  10. S-T

    Episode 630

    Good episode. I watched that movie in the theater back in the day. I thought the fast zombies was an interesting innovation that works better if it is a rage virus.
  11. So there is going to be another movie that is a direct sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and ignores all of the sequels? They already did that in 2013. It was terrible. They never explained how a baby was about 22 years old 40 years after she was born. That bugged me more than anything in that movie, including the main character's totally nonsensical heel turn.
  12. Here's what I think would be interesting: The Billy Dee Williams and Tommy Lee Jones versions of Harvey Dent meet, and have the change of races described as some sort of Multiverse blip that went noticed until now.
  13. Olympus has Fallen: (And it can't get up!) -- I saw this in the theater in 2013 and was disappointed. I have the same criticisms having watched it on Netflix recently. The action is really good, but I cannot take North Korea seriously as a threat. Especially since Kim Jong Un is lonely, so lonely, so lonely and sadly alone. The film hints that there is some sort of Fifth Column in the government that helped the North Koreans. How did they get an Air Force bomber? How did they know about Cerberus? How did they get access to that anti-aircraft gun so quickly? I don't think once Banning told Speaker Trumbull to go **** himself, that he would be President Trumbull's top guy two movies later. But that's a continuity flaw for Angel has Fallen, so I can't hold that against OHF six years earlier. Also congrats Trumbull on being the first Speaker of the House to become President since the early 1800's. 🙂 Films Watched: 28 Also, @Donomark is correct that the DCAU has always been a bit dark but it did not have people being graphically impaled, dead with a face full of broken glass and stuff like that. The deaths were very graphic. I don't mind gore, I don't mind it in the DC animated movies that have come out the last 6 or 7 years, but I thought it was too much for a DCAU cartoon. To each his own. There's no right or wrong answer. Just my personal preference.
  14. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I never liked the Maria storyline, but WWE took it to a new level on Monday night with one specific line by Corey Graves. WWE does not need to co-opt the racially charged language of the Alt-Right in order to get this storyline over. I mean, "beta male cuck?" Seriously? At least they didn't have a black man be the father of Maria's baby, but still. Not cool. There's no need to go there.
  15. Justice League vs. Fatal Five: A lot of fun, but... A little too bloody. I had a similar complaint regarding Batman & Harley Quinn. I wish I could watch this with my kids, but... If this wasn't a DCAU movie, I would have less of a problem with it, because DC's other recent offerings are very clear in content. But it is at least in the DCAU style. Films Watched: 27