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  1. Saw your update on Twitter. It looks like GoDaddy has a podcast hosting service. So it appears that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand it doing.
  2. Spaceballs: I was taken aback at the language in this, since it was only rated PG. They even dropped the F Bomb late in the movie! If this were made today it would definitely be PG-13. I don't have a problem with the language necessarily, just surprised to see it in a PG movie. Back then, PG was much wider than it is now. Films Watched: 33
  3. That, or an episode of The Show. Also, it would be interesting to see your Karate Kid retrospective expanded into a full-length article or a podcast. If we ever meet in person, you have permission to bop me on top of the head for piling more work on you, given your already daunting workload.
  4. You should make that long post into a column on the main page, @The Master. I don't think I've ever seen any of the Clerks movies or spin-offs.
  5. Yes, but only if Johnny’s dojo is a continuation of the previous dojo, instead of a new business. If the latter, they’re punishing a separate entity because it shares the name as a previous entity. (Trademark infringement issues aside.) Hence my example of how that standard could be applied to the hypothetical Bubba’s dojo. Bubba wasn’t even born when the events of Karate Kid 1 and 3 went down.
  6. Really digging Kobra Kai, seven episodes in. The lifetime ban on Kobra Kai in the eponymous TV show makes no sense. This isn't the same business, and is not run by the same people. It's almost certainly a brand new corporate entity with a brand new EIN filed with the IRS and new incorporation paperwork filed with the state. (Which does raise questions how Johnny doesn't get into a trademark dispute over the name, but that's another nitpick for another time.) By this standard, if some random person named Bubba who was born in 1990 started a dojo and named it Kobra Kai, his school
  7. I had no memory of that, and I guess I interpreted it as they were going to beat her to a pulp too, but after watching a clip on YouTube I can definitely see that. They should have left the threat with Sean Kanan's line and not had the other bully laugh and say "now you're talking!" Also, because of Mike's post, I have now started watching Kobra Kai on Netflix.
  8. My youngest aunt died of colon cancer in 2014. All cancer is awful, but colon cancer is especially horrific. For this to happen to someone so young makes it especially bad.
  9. Did WWE actually ban wrestlers from earning extra money outside of WWE? That's awful, especially since they are all independent contractors. @The Master mentioned this on his Twitter page too. WWE has always treated its employees terribly. (And they are employees in every real sense.) It really is too bad that Jesse Ventura couldn't get a union going in the 1980's. And Hulk Hogan is a lowlife, which we all knew, but being a snitch makes it worse.
  10. Star Trek VI: My favorite of the TOS movies, even more so than Wrath of Khan. Spock gets angry and smacks a phaser out of the traitor’s hand, and Sulu is a captain even though he probably should not have been. (I saw George Takei speak on the Indiana University campus a couple years ago. I wore my TOS red shirt because of course I did.) Definitely looking forward to @Dan and @The Master covering this. Films watched: 32
  11. 🤣 Yes. I love that line. Makes me laugh remembering it. DS9 is my favorite Star Trek show. Quark is my favorite character. I love the Ferengi. That is true.
  12. Contrary to @Dan, I like Jake Sisko. It helps that Benjamin Sisko is my favorite Star Trek captain. When he punched Q in the face was one of my favorite moments in any of the shows and movies.
  13. Child's Play 2019 remake: My main problem with this is that it's called Child's Play when it is so radically different from the first series. This is technology, not voodoo magic. Had they called it anything other than Child's Play, I would have been less critical of it. When the robot doll is acting up, one of the kids says "this is how every robot apocalypse movie starts" and despite multiple increasingly worrisome acts by the self-aware toy they don't think this is the time to cut it into little pieces and incinerate it. Also, the doll is extremely ugly. But I will admit, I am a c
  14. S-T


    Brought home a Milton Bradley Starbird spaceship toy I had as a child for my boys. (It was in storage.) Plugged in a 9 volt battery. The LED lights still light up and the speaker still works, and pushing the button still makes the laser cannon sounds. Pretty freaking impressive for a toy that is over 40 years old.