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  1. Rambo 5: This movie is self-indulgent narcissism to the point of hilarity. I laughed out loud at the Mortal Kombat pit fatality. I'm sorry, but... This movie is REALLY bad. Don't watch it, unless you're doing it to rip on it. Films Watched: 35
  2. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    The Rusev/Lana cuck angle needs to die. It is tasteless and plays to alt-right propaganda. Stop it.
  3. So is the title of the podcast a reference to Vince McMahon saying that Raw is "the cure for the common show" in December 1997?
  4. At least from the stills, he looks fine. After his performance in the DCAU he more than deserves recognition. Conroy's voice has defined Batman for 27 years. I simply cannot understand anyone objecting to honoring him for that. 27 years. Wow.
  5. Avengers: Age of Ultron Language! I love that bit. Films Watched: 34
  6. Scream 3: Inspired to watch this by the recent review of the second movie on The Show. This one was... unnecessary. The retcon cramming the villain back into the first movie creates a plot hole - did the villain also show the footage to Mrs. Loomis? It just didn't have the charm of the first two movies, though the character arc for Sidney going from recluse to a normal life was pretty good. I thought Sidney no-selling catastrophic injuries in Scream 4 was ridiculous, and while it is not as bad here she does do some no-selling after a severe beating. I don't care who you are, man or woman, young or old, if you take that kind of a beating you're not going to be no-selling it like nothing happened a few minutes later. I don't think this could be made today, in the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein and the "MeToo" movement. The stuff about Sidney's mom being basically gang raped was REALLY uncomfortable to watch, even if it was just exposition. Films Watched: 33
  7. Zombieland: First, to address what I said earlier: Wrong. The first one was that goofy. Enjoyable, but I still think it was a little too goofy. Just my personal opinion. This viewing, the hilarious thing about the protagonists finding a truck full of Sno Balls and Tallahassee throwing a fit because he wanted a Twinkie is my own personal experience. When Hostess temporarily went out of business in 2012, I went to the Hostess Store in my city. The only thing remaining on the shelf were the Sno Balls. People heard it was closing, rushed to the store and picked it clean before I got there. Except for the Sno Balls. There were plenty of those. Hostess is back, of course, but the Hostess Store is still closed. Sad. I literally cried on the way home from the store, with my Sno Balls. Totally not kidding. Films watched: 32
  8. Zombieland 2: It makes no sense at all, but it is a fun movie. Effective horror comedy. Apparently the script writer really, really hates hippies. I thought that even for a horror comedy, it is a little too slapstick and silly. It's been a long time since I have seen it, but I don't remember the first one being this goofy. Films watched: 31
  9. Having them as "working parents" is a huge plus, and a nice big slap at the New 52 splitting them up.
  10. I re-listened to the first review. Really enjoyed it, @dc20willsave. I would tag Skyler, but I don't know his username. Observations on both: I really do not understand Billy's motivation. Stu is just a freak. There are people in this world who are just evil. But Billy? He was angry that his mom left, and took his anger out on Mrs. Prescott. OK, that I get. I do not agree, obviously, and it was an evil act, but I see where the character is coming from. But I do not understand his motivation for killing all of the other people. Same thing in the second movie. I understand Billy's mom is angry at Sidney for killing her son, but why kill all of the other people? Poor motivation by Billy's mom, by the way. Your son killed a bunch of people, and Sidney killed him in self-defense. It's not like she's a vigilante. Getting revenge on a vigilante would be reasonable: Maybe there would be factors to save Billy from execution and it would at least be years or decades before he was executed. But Sidney took the law into her own hands. That's not what happened. Killing Billy was pure self defense - not only of her own life, but saving the lives of four other people. And you are angry about that? Really?
  11. Ah. I listened to that one when it was released, but it has been a year so I forgot.
  12. New York tabloids dubbed him the "Death Wish" gunman. And a google search brought up this very disturbing article regarding Death Wish III.
  13. Since you were saying what other things the actors were in, I was hoping you would introduce David Arquette as a former WCW champion. 🙂
  14. Actually, the Goetz shootings took place in 1984. Death Wish was 1974 and Death Wish II was 1982. Rather than ranting again about the DW films here, I'll link to my rant from the other thread.