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  1. Resurrection should be out of continuity. You should never have a rapper take on Michael Myers in a straight up fight and beat him clean. I hated that. They completely jobbed out a character who should be an unstoppable force of nature to feed a celebrity's ago.
  2. The assault on video games

    Hey folks: How do I insert text as a quote? I would rather quote the #FakeNews from NBC instead of separating it with the symbols I used above, but the option to use BB Code is gone. I don't see anywhere I can insert text into a quote box, other than quoting another user. The new version of Invision appears to have eliminated that functionality.
  3. The assault on video games

    https://www.facebook.com/nbcnightlynews/videos/10155875993533689/ WATCH: Washington sheriff after latest school shooting: "You started glorifying cultures of violence -- you’ve glorified the gang culture, you’ve glorified games that actually give you points for raping and killing people. Gun didn’t change. We changed.” ################### ################### There are no mainstream video games on consoles (XBox, Playstation, Wii, 3DS or Switch) that allows players to rape people. He is either lying or repeating gossip without checking the facts. Neither is a good trait for a law enforcement officer. And NBC so-called "News" should know better. Furthermore, violent crime has dropped dramatically over the last 25 years, as violent video games (from Mortal Kombat onward) have become much more popular. So there's no statistical data to back up what this guy is saying.
  4. That's perfectly reasonable. You looking to be a games journalist? My own blog doesn't interfere with my work or have anything to do with it, but I've had people try to get me fired anyway because they don't like my opinions. Well, we have 7+ years of archives to enjoy.
  5. Oh, well that's a huge disappointment. I hope Twilight 4 is one of those episodes this year. I do hope you reconsider ending the show. Obviously a monthly show is out of the question, and from how it sounds maybe even quarterly is out of the question. Maybe DW and @James D. can be Earth-2.net's version of The Rock. You show up once a year at WrestleMania, drop a People's Elbow on a terrible movie, bask in the glory and the cheers and then take off for another year. But no matter how it goes, we have 70+ episodes of the Tirades we can go back to. I actually just listened to the Revenge of the Fallen episode again last week. Thanks for everything.
  6. Random wrestling thoughts

    Flair had versatility and could make a crowd turn from booing to cheering and back at will. The last 15-20 years, it was impossible for him to be a heel. Not that he wasn't good at it - he was - but decades of being an all-time great has made it impossible to get fans to boo him. That, to me, is the ultimate show of respect.
  7. Randomness

    When I see a rainbow the first thing I think is "Anger, greed, fear, willpower, hope, compassion, love."
  8. The awesome video thread

    It would also not be fun to work with Jigsaw.
  9. The Syndrome

    I own this one, but haven't got around to watching it yet. I've been procrastinating because I know it will make me angry. http://www.thesyndromefilm.com/ Basically, many injuries to children have been diagnosed as "Shaken Baby Syndrome" when no abuse occurred. This movie documents the false allegations, as Witch Hunt did with a fabricated child abuse panic. Radley Balko has done an excellent job in his articles for the Huffington Post, Reason.com and the Washington Post detailing the many things wrong with the "shaken baby" panic. When I watch it I will post more thoughts.
  10. Do we have a timeline on the next episode? I saw a Twitter post on 8/4 that you had never seen such puppetry. Whenever it goes up is cool. The amount of work you guys do, with no pay, to provide dozens of hours of entertainment is unreal.
  11. Random wrestling thoughts

    Hey guys!! Wrestling is fake. Do you know wrestling is fake? Because it is fake. Wrestling, that is, Wrestling, I mean. Wrestling is fake. I despise promos like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36cLMYMrOTk
  12. Could have been spun differently. For the most part, heels and faces are who the writers decide they are. It would have been interesting to see it taken in a different direction. Of course, we're 20 years out, so there's no way to know what would have worked. Man. It blows my mind that 1997 was 20 years ago. I am such an old man.
  13. I legit chuckled at this one. I hated the Hawk addiction angle though, as well as the Scott Hall alcoholic angle a year later. These are serious matters. They shouldn't be fodder for a storyline, they should be the reason a wrestler is taken off TV and off the road and put into rehab: Clean up or you are fired. Too many guys have died or suffered badly to treat it any other way. Hate to be a downer, but I don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to stuff like this.
  14. So in the Godwinns vs. Legion of Doom feud, how are the Godwinns the heels? They're angry and seeking revenge because the LOD legitimately broke Henry's neck. Seems that they have a legitimate reason to be doing what they are doing, and the LOD should be the heels. The LOD was also pretty stale by 1997, so a heel turn would have been a way to freshen up the act. Granted, it might not have taken, but it would have been worth trying.
  15. No, not the controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto. http://www.hotcoffeethemovie.com/ I watched this a while back. It contains some of the most disturbing images I have ever seen, worse than any horror movie because they are real. Only a small portion of this movie is about the McDonald's hot coffee case. It deals with a number of other things too - including a really horrific, violent rape of a woman by a fellow employee. She was not permitted to sue her employer and was forced into binding arbitration instead. Anyway, watch it. But be warned: This movie will anger you. But it's the good kind of anger.