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  1. In both Jump Street movies, I found myself fast forwarding to whenever Ice Cube was on screen.
  2. S-T


    I love black olives on pizza. Always have. When we had an abundance of fresh veggies from a delivery service years ago (local farms did this through a co-op) I even put collard greens on pizza. I ate a LOT of fresh veggies that summer. They had to be used before they went bad. It was surprisingly good.
  3. Cabin Fever 2016 or 2002? The remake was inferior to the original. The 2002 version was very tongue-in-cheek. (I still cringe at the N word scene, though.) They tried to play it straight in 2016, but did not go all the way with playing it straight. There was too much camp and comedy. Either play it straight or don't. This is unfortunate. The concept of a fast-spreading lethal virus is terrifying.
  4. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Watched Raw last night and the crowd turned heel on Natalya last week. Chanting "thank you Sasha" was cold. Not sure what WWE expected. They had to know that Sasha Banks was going to get a huge face pop when she returned. The heel turn happened way too fast, and was always destined to backfire. They should have saved that for at least a week or two. Also, where was Seth Rollins while Becky Lynch was being beaten with a steel chair? If this were real, any dude would run out to protect his girlfriend. He wouldn't hit Sasha to stop the attack, but he would stand in between her and his girlfriend. This is a huge plot hole. If Lynch can run out to save Rollins from being cheated out of his title, Rollins can save Lynch from a beating.
  5. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

  6. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I went back and watched Orton pitching a fit after Kofi messed up a spot in 2009, and wow was Orton unprofessional. He's the one who should have been pushed down the card, not Kofi. Making a mistake is one thing. A total lack of professionalism is something else.
  7. Fellowship of the Ring: This bothered me in 2001 and still bothers me. The Orcs are too weak. You should not have multiple Orcs fall before one character, whether it be a human, dwarf or Elf. Having Orcs get killed by Hobbits undermines them even more and makes them significantly less scary. They were totally buried. Films watched: 25
  8. Spider-Man: Far from Home: One part of Mysterio's final revenge makes sense and would seriously mess up Peter Parker's life, but the other part makes no sense as it could be nullified and turned into a positive in literally thirty minutes of real time - thirty minutes that could easily be condensed into two minutes of movie time. I actually saw this 7/22. Films watched: 24
  9. Copycat: We have full video chat over dial up in 1995. Nope. I am old enough to remember dial-up internet in the 1990's. That doesn't happen. There are other problems with the movie, but that is the only thing I guffawed at. Films watched: 23
  10. S-T


    I will echo the for Granny Wilson. That's awesome.
  11. I had forgotten that I had posted the same thing on the previous page of this thread, in March 2018. The numbers don't match, which is strange. I got the stats from the FBI website both times, so I don't know why it would be different 17 months later. Maybe they made a mistake before and corrected it? Anyway, point stands: We're safer now than we have been in generations. Video games are not causing a massive uptick in violent crime - or any uptick at all.
  12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003): This is one of those times where less would have been more. Some of the gore could have been toned down, and it would have been a better movie, and scarier. There was very little in the remake that tied it to 1974, and it could have very easily taken place in 2003. I saw this in the theater in 2003 and I was stunned to see someone had brought a child to the screening. Films Watched: 22
  13. Working on a blog post about violent crime generally, but thought those numbers were striking.
  14. Violent crime has fallen dramatically since the mid 1990's, while violent video games have gotten more common and graphics have allowed more detailed depictions of killings. The trend lines have gone in the opposite direction. In the year 1993, we had a population of 257,782,608 people. There were 24,526 murders, 106,014 forcible rapes and 659,870 robberies. In the year 2017, we had a population of 325,719,178 people. There were 17,284 murders, 99,856 forcible rapes and 319,356 robberies.
  15. Shazam: Very fun movie, and I was surprised to see them draw inspiration from an obscure source like Flashpoint. DCEU movies are much better than they get credit for being. My only problem is the level of violence. I don't have a problem with violence in movies, but I wish a movie like Shazam could be a little more kid-friendly. Films Watched: 21