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    Random wrestling thoughts

    That's true, but they never explain that on commentary any more. And all of the wrestlers look totally shocked and act really upset when someone kicks out after a move that is not a finisher.
  2. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Why does anyone go for a pin after any move other than their finisher? No one ever loses clean to a non-finisher.
  3. S-T

    The leisurely comic discussion thread

    Unfortunately the loudest and most obnoxious voices get all the attention. I don't think fandom itself is ill, just that we get a bad rap from the idiots.
  4. S-T

    Everything DC

    I can't speak for Mr. Reddick, but I wasn't. I remember seeing a joke back in high school asking why people always shoot Batman or Robocop in the chest instead of aiming for their mouths, which were not covered by armor. And I just realized Robocop was released 31 years ago, and next year will be 30 years since the Tim Burton Batman movie was released. I am an old man. Get off my lawn.
  5. S-T

    Everything DC

    Or at her mouth.
  6. S-T

    Weird Dreams

    I had the strangest dream a couple days ago. I got a job at an IT company and the first day / orientation literally took over 24 hours straight filling out forms and such. Then we had to walk up some structure with ridiculously unsafe stairs, walk down the other side and go back into a hallway and fill out more forms. The stairs were so unsafe with huge gaps you could fall through, 50 feet to a concrete floor, that OSHA would never allow them to exist. Furthermore, the structure was totally unnecessary and served no purpose. Had that thing not been built we could just walk directly to the other room. Yes. I nitpick my own dreams.
  7. S-T

    Everything DC

    I agree with @James D. on the Harley trailer. The self-awareness is a bit overboard.
  8. S-T

    Everything DC

    I'm a couple episodes into Season 2 of Supergirl via Netflix. I am loving Mon-El and how totally oblivious he is, and it was especially funny when he becomes a mob enforcer. Although it really makes no sense that Supergirl didn't immediately have him locked up as he is now technically a supervillain.
  9. S-T

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Looking forward to it.
  10. The Halloween timeline is even more confusing than the Saw timeline. That is saying something.
  11. I think @The Master had a good (and disturbing) point here: In fairness, the actress who played that character in parts 4 and 5 was 18 years old when Halloween 6 came out, and the actress that replaced her was 20 when Halloween 6 came out. Which does not make what the cult did OK, of course. It is still horrendously evil. It would be even more evil if she was 15 years old. I tend to assume that however much time has passed between sequels in real life, that much time has passed between sequels in the movie world. That seems to be the case here: According to Wikipedia: "On October 31, 1989, Michael Myers and his niece Jamie Lloyd are abducted from the Haddonfield Police Station. Six years later, on October 30, 1995, Jamie has been impregnated and her baby is born, being taken away by the "Man in Black", the leader of a Druid-like cult." But that movie has been retconned out of continuity anyway. Jamie Lee Curtis' character was killed off in the abominable Halloween Resurrection and she is fine now.
  12. S-T


    I work in accounting. When the numbers are this glaringly off, it bugs me. I can't help it.
  13. S-T

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix

    Could Dark Phoenix be the conduit for introducing the X-Men into the MCU? She is so powerful that she crosses the barrier between alternate universes?
  14. S-T


    Two thoughts. 1. This looks like an apology to people who grew up with Transformers for the previous movies. 2. Are you telling me that Bumblebee had been on Planet Earth for twenty years prior to the first Transformers movie and did not make a single effort to find the Witwicky family and get the glasses? (Sam would technically not have been born.) Maybe @D.W. or @James D. can rant about that because I am just dumbfounded. Sentinel Prime is on the moon. The Fallen is in his Roundhouse chair. Megatron is still frozen. Bumblebee gets the map, finds the AllSpark, wins the war, and five Transformers movies never happen! No Movie!!
  15. S-T

    First time you felt old

    I was involved in a couple student groups in college, and wrote the constitution for one of them. They are still using basically the same constitution that I wrote when I was an undergrad. Some of the current members of that club were born after I wrote it.
  16. https://www.pcgamer.com/major-layoffs-hit-telltale-games/ I hate to see things like this happen. 😞 Hopefully the downsized employees recover quickly.
  17. S-T

    Young Justice

    Just finished Season 1. Wow.
  18. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Way to make the rest of the heels look like jobbers by having the Shield dominate them despite being outnumbered more than three to one, especially since the weapons didn't come out until well into the fight.
  19. S-T

    DC reboot

    I read Nightwing (Rebirth) Volume 4 and there's a moment that is cool but that I disliked: At least they didn't have Nightwing fighting Jigsaw this time. Hello Nightwing, I want to play a game...
  20. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    R-Truth's pursuit of Carmella is creepy and deeply disturbing. This storyline needs to be killed.
  21. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    It's not his fault he isn't booked properly. The best option is to turn him heel. Make him betray the Shield, become a killer who viciously destroys people (like he was in his days with The Shield in 2012-2013) and the crowd will turn around on him. You can have that babyface run after that and it will work better.
  22. S-T

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    I just realized that the first Austin Powers movie is 21 years old. Wow. So if you were born when that movie came out, you can (legally) drink alcohol now.
  23. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I do like Roman Reigns and I think much of the heat he gets from the crowd is undeserved. I think he's a deserving champion. I may be the only adult male WWE fan alive who thinks that, but I'm used to being in the minority. 🙂 But the heel/face alignment in this storyline makes so little sense that it's obvious that WWE is overcompensating with the 100 vs. 3 beatdown of the Shield ordered by Baron Corbin.
  24. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    How is Braun Strowman a heel? Seems like the Shield turned heel when they ganged up on him. Classic heel faction protecting the champion, like the Four Horsemen back in the day. So Strowman evened the odds. Am I crazy?