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    Death Wish (2018)

    I am curious to see what they do with this one. The first Death Wish back in 1974 was a really good movie. (The literal Nazi that Bronson's Paul Kersey works with aside.) It is a slow descent into madness of a man who saw his family attacked. When re-watched the 1974 version a few years ago what struck me is that all of his kills were technically self defense. He would go out of his way to attract muggers, and then kill them when they attack him so the kill is technically self-defense. Yeah, spoilers, but that movie is 44 years old. The sequels were... problematic. I'll be honest, I don't have high hopes for the 2018 remake. I hated that the 2018 trailer shows Paul Kersey found one of the men who attacked his wife. A huge plot point of the 1974 film is that Kersey never finds the men who murdered his wife and raped his daughter. (Who falls mute for years, by the way.) There doesn't seem to be any of the inner struggle and character development of the original. And Eli Roth's name pretty much erases any hopes I had.
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    If Brock Lesnar is in that category, he would surpass Vader. If you're only counting guys with Vader's body type, it's between him and Bam Bam.
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    Random movie and tv thoughts

    I remember being really ticked off when I missed the premiere of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine because it was delayed by over an hour by some sporting event. I had set my VCR to record it, and still missed it.
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    Death Wish (2018)

    I rented it. I am most of the way through. It literally turns into a freaking Saw movie at one point. If it was "generic vigilante movie" I would judge it less harshly. But because it is a remake, you have to compare it to the original and it just doesn't measure up to the 1974 film. There's just too much suspension of disbelief, and way too much happenstance that leads to Paul Kersey finding the men who attacked his family. (Which he should not have done.) The lip service to the debate about vigilantes being good or bad is insultingly shallow. Look, I understand you don't have time to explore the social themes more deeply, and Eli Roth frankly doesn't have the brainpower or maturity to do that anyway. But if you're not going to seriously examine it, then leave it out of the movie. If it was a standalone film, it would be OK, maybe even good. As a remake, it fails badly.
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    First time you felt old

    I just realized that next May will be 30 years since I started my first job.
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    Episode 563

    BTW, thanks for revisiting The Blob, @Dread. I've been meaning to watch it since it came out and your podcast pushed me to finally do it. I rented it last weekend on YouTube. It was played much more serious than I thought it would be. I loved it.
  7. S-T

    What are you watching and enjoying?

    Black Lightning has been great. It's on Netflix. I especially love...
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    Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully innocent people aren't harmed by the allegations.
  9. S-T

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I understand WWE likes scripted promos, but the opening segment of Raw last week was as unnatural and wooden as I have seen in a long time. Just awful... except for Alexa Bliss' ear-piercing scream. That was pretty funny.
  10. S-T

    Happy Birthday Ian!

    Happy Birthday!!
  11. S-T

    Episode 563

    I liked the first three, genuinely. I turned on the series after that, and I really hated 6. People in the theater were openly laughing in derision at 8, on opening night. I wrote a 1600+ word review of it, ripping it to shreds.
  12. S-T

    Episode 563

    I never thought I would hear any of the Saw movies praised on Earth-2.net. 🙂
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    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Tried to explain to my sons (4 and 6) than when I was a kid, you could only watch cartoons at certain times of the day, and you were limited to what was on at the time. They did not get it. It is an alien concept to them. On-demand services are amazing.
  14. Pretty much. And when conservatives cry wolf so often, it hurts legitimate criticisms of political bias in various forms of entertainment.
  15. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had they made this an anthology series, which was the original plan and why 3 has absolutely nothing to do with the movies before and after. Complain about sequels and remakes today if you will, but it was just as bad in the 1980's as it is today. The anthology idea might have worked if the second movie had not featured Michael Myers. It would certainly have kept the series fresh, instead of having the same basic plot seven times. (Myers on a rampage and has to be stopped.) Now, despite my criticism, I like most of the movies in the series (especially 4 and 5) but the series has been pretty uninspired from 1988 onward. Resurrection was hot garbage though.
  16. It's ridiculous to retcon Halloween 2, 4, 5, 6 H20 and Resurrection out of continuity, in my opinion. I hated Resurrection, but come on. That is some shameless retconning that puts even the Saw franchise to shame. If you're going to make a sequel, recognize the previous movies exist, flawed as they are. Otherwise, just do a clean reboot.
  17. I heard that The Last Jedi had a SJW agenda, but when I saw it I didn't see anything to back it up. Considering I am about as right wing as it gets, if I am not seeing it, then it probably is not there. There are waaaaaay too many freaking snowflakes on the "right."
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    Right there with you.
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    It ended on a bitter note with long-time paying customers abandoned and mistreated, but despite that I miss MyFamily dot com. (URL spelled out, as the service is dead now.) It was a really neat service that was great for keeping up with family. Totally irrelevant in the age of Facebook though, especially since there was a steep annual fee to have a site.
  20. S-T

    Everything Marvel

    Does anyone know where I can find the "Avengers Assemble" cartoon series on DVD? Yes, I know you can buy the series via streaming video from multiple places. I want to buy it on DVD. Call me a Luddite if you wish. 🙂
  21. S-T

    Dead No More

    I picked up the trade and loved it.
  22. S-T

    The Walking Dead

    So does this mean you'll start watching the show now? I think the show is big enough that Rick isn't needed. It will be strange to see TWD continue without him, though.
  23. S-T

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Day of the Dead (1985) deals with re-humanizing a zombie. It even saluted after it shot someone with a handgun. It was very corny, but an interesting concept nonetheless. If Zombie-ism is a disease caused by a virus or bacteria, can it be cured? I think Land of the Dead also showed zombies could be sentient and solve problems. Return of the Living Dead 3 also dealt with a woman infected with Zombie-ism that was fighting it.