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  1. The actor was 17 when he joined the cast. By every legal definition, he was a child. Dan and Mike began bashing him with his first episode, and never let up. They bullied a child. There is no way around it. They are absolutely giddy, gleeful even, as they do so. Does it make them feel better about themselves? It's sickening. I've worked with bullied kids, and the joy Dan and Mike take in tearing apart a child - both actor and character - is disgusting.
  2. Lost so much respect for you guys with the opening of this episode. Adric is far from one of my favorite characters, but you've been bashing him since his intro. It reminds me of the crap Wil Wheaton got for his performance in ST:TNG. It's way over the top, and you've gone from honest critique of the show to, well, bullying. I don't know why you thought it was appropriate, but bullying a kid (and he IS a kid!) is never OK.
  3. I've finally made it to episode 62, and find that I disagree with your reviews of both stories. Nimon - I finally saw this story about three years ago. I had always heard that it was terrible, one of the worst stories ever made of any series, and other similar comments. My expectations were low going in. Did that help? Probably. I enjoyed the story start to finish. Yes, there were times the actors looked up, saw the top, jumped up over the top, and then added booster rockets. I don't care. It was pure entertainment. Knowing that I would be listening to this today, I went back and re-watched the story with fresh eyes, to see if I still enjoyed it. I do, every bit. For me, it holds up. As one of you said recently, every single story is somebody's favorite. (still counts, even though it's not my number 1) Shada - I'm sorry, guys, but ... this one is just OK. I think the idea of this being a "lost" story makes it better in fans' eyes in much the same way we look fondly at the idea of Galaxy Four, Power of the Daleks, Macra Terror, or Celestial Toymaker. Since the full story does not exist, we rate it higher than we might if we had the whole thing in pristine condition. This was another example of six episodes being too long for the story, and a wee bit too much padding. That said, the audio remake from Big Finish, complete with Eight asking something along the lines of "Haven't we done this before?" to Romana, is miles better. I have the 3-disc DVD of this, and will give it another go one of these days. Maybe I can track down the Ian Levine version as well, and see if that reconstruction holds up better?
  4. Michael, Michael, Michael. Your assignment for next week is to watch all 8 movies and then do a podcast about the crossover actors who appeared in both.
  5. Watch Jo Grant or Mel, and you'll positively adore Amy by comparison.
  6. *blink* OK, in this episode, Michael says he's never seen any of the Harry Potter movies. Granted, this episode is from three years ago. Has he seen them since then? If not, with all the crossovers between DW and HP, what is he waiting for?
  7. Missed a few ... Also have (Troughton) Web of Fear; (Pertwee) Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and (McCoy) Paradise Towers.
  8. Pyramids - This is one of those stories that people either love or hate. I'm in the love category. I was happy to hear you two gushing over it like the fanboys you are. I was doing the exact same thing. I could hear the joy in both of your voices while talking about this classic (and it IS a classic!). Android - Meh. I'm sorry, but every time we get another Terry Nation script, it just reinforces my perception that he's a one trick pony. He hit it big with the Daleks, and basically coasted for the rest of his career. I'm kind of surprised it was only four painful parts instead of six excrutiating parts.
  9. Listening to this 'cast, I remembered again how much I enjoyed Time Warrior. I met Jeremy Bulloch a few years ago at a Star Wars event, and we ended up talking, just the two of us in a corner, for over an hour about his various roles on Doctor Who, and how much he enjoyed doing the audio book for this story. I pulled the DVD out and watched it again, and it still holds up for me. Then I thought Invasion couldn't really be that bad, right? Sure I have the DVD, but there are quite a few I haven't had a chance to watch yet. I'll just pop it in and see. I'm usually more forgiving of the older Doctor Who stories, knowing how little they had to work with. Big sigh. Everything I want to say about the sheer ineptitude of the people making this story is full of expletives. Without exception, every person involved in this story phoned it in. Yes. It really IS as bad as you've said.
  10. Looking at this episode from a 2014 perspective, it's interesting what Michael and Dan had predicted. The first example is "Why haven't the Ice Warriors been brought back?" ... As we now know, they came back just last year, in an episode with David Warner. The other is discussion about the regeneration rule. They had been discussing a rumor about Matt Smith leaving after his then-upcoming second year, and there was question about whether they would gloss over the rule, or if it would be addressed. As seen in Time of the Doctor, it was addressed, with a whole new set of regenerations. They had also talked about how much better some of the Pertwee episodes were in black and white. I don't know if they have tried this, but my tv has a setting that allows me to change it from color to black and white. I've changed it to watch in B&W on some of the Pertwees, and they come across as much better than when they are in color. I don't know why, but there it is. I'm really looking forward to the end of Pertwee's run. He had Liz Shaw, an excellent companion, followed by Useless. I remember adoring Sarah Jane, but in going back to her era with Pertwee, she's like the love child of Useless and Liz. Yeah, she'll go investigate now and then, but she really doesn't bring anything to the story. I know she's *much* better with Baker, but in this era ... she's kind of ... blah.
  11. Starting with the classic era ... Hartnell - An Unearthly Child The Daleks The Edge of Destruction The Keys of Marinus The Aztecs The Sensorites The Reign of Terror Planet of Giants The Dalek Invasion of Earth The Rescue The Romans The Web Planet The Space Museum The Chase The Time Meddler The Ark The Gunfighters The War Machines The Tenth Planet Troughton Moonbase SE The Tomb of the Cybermen The Dominators The Mind Robber The Invasion The Seeds of Death The War Games Plus Lost in Time, Doctors 1&2 Pertwee Spearhead from Space Doctor Who and the Silurians Inferno Terror of the Autons The Claws of Axos The Curse of Peladon The Sea Devils The Mutants The Time Monster The Three Doctors Carnival of Monsters Dalek War 1 - Frontier in Space Dalek War 2 - Planet of the Daleks The Green Death The Time Warrior Monster of Peladon Planet of the Spiders T. Baker Robot The Ark in Space The Sontaran Experiment Genesis of the Daleks Revenge of the Cybermen Terror of the Zygons Planet of Evil Pyramids of Mars The Brain of Morbius The Seeds of Doom The Masque of Mandragora The Hand of Fear The Deadly Assassin The Robots of Death The Talons of Weng-Chiang Horror of Fang Rock The Invisible Enemy / A Girl's Best Friend Image of the Fendahl Underworld The Invasion of Time The Key to Time: The Ribos Operation (4 episodes) The Pirate Planet (4 episodes) The Stones of Blood (4 episodes) The Androids of Tara (4 episodes) The Power of Kroll (4 episodes) The Armageddon Factor (6 episodes) Destiny of the Daleks City of Death The Creature From the Pit The Horns of Nimon Shada (unaired) The Leisure Hive Meglos Full Circle State of Decay Warrors' Gate The Keeper of Traken Logopolis Davison Castrovalva Four to Doomsday Kinda The Visitation Black Orchid Earthshock Time-Flight Arc of Infinity Snakedance Black Guardian 1 - Mawdryn Undead Black Guardian 2 - Terminus Black Guardian 3 - Enlightenment The King's Demons The Five Doctors - 25th Anniversary Edition Warriors of the Deep The Awakening Frontios Resurrection of the Daleks Planet of Fire The Caves of Androzani C. Baker The Twin Dilemma Attack of the Cybermen Vengeance on Varos The Mark of the Rani The Two Doctors Timelash Revelation of the Daleks The Mysterious Planet Mindwarp Terror of the Vervoids The Ultimate Foe McCoy Time and the Rani Delta and the Bannermen Dragonfire Remembrance of the Daleks Silver Nemesis Battlefield Ghost Light The Curse of Fenric Survival McGann Movie, region 2 release #2 Movie, region 1 Classic Spin-Offs Auton The Stranger 1 - Summoned By Shadows The Stranger 2 - More Than A Messiah Stranger 3 - In Memory Alone Stranger 4 - The Terror Game Stranger 5 - Breach of the Peace Stranger 6 - Eye of the Beholder Per Cushing movies box set (Dr Who & the Daleks, Dalek Invasion, and Dalekmania) Scream of the Shalka Modern Era Seasons 1-6 (plus specials) on DVD Infinite Quest Dreamland Torchwood seasons 1-4 Sarah Jane Adventures, seasons 1-5 Blu-Ray Seasons 5 & 6 A Christmas Carol The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe Time of the Doctor
  12. Follow-Up ... I just heard about a Kung Fu Rod Stewart t-shirt, and it sounds like you had several other t-shirts ... I checked out the store, and it's only a few buttons and some commentaries. Where did the shirts go?
  13. Hi folks. I found Bigger on the Inside about a month ago, and have quickly gone through the first 37 podcasts. After downloading them one or two episodes at a time, I spent several hours over the weekend downloading the rest of the episodes. If I've gone this far, I think I'll stick with it. I wish I had known about the 'cast a few years ago, as I would be able to listen along and provide feedback "live" but wibby wobbly. I'm about to start listening to show 38. I'm sure some things will have changed, but my comments so far ... 1 - Can't agree with you more about Useless. Sorry, I mean Jo Grant. After the Doctor's experiences with Ian and Barbara, Jamie, and Liz - you know, characters who have personalities and aren't complete morons - Useless is a complete downgrade. I finally realized, a season into her era, what their relationship is. She is his pet. He thinks of Useless like any of us would think of a beloved cat or dog. Sure, she can speak, but the Doctor understands every language including baby. She's a companion, not a Companion, and I have never been happier to see an assistant go as when she gets dumped in Green Death. 2 - I like that you've added a third voice to the mix through Adam. That said, I would love to be able to *hear* what Adam is saying. He starts talking into the microphone and then turns away, or holds the mic several feet away from his mouth, so it becomes inaudible. In order to hear even the slightest bit of what he's saying, I have to turn the sound all the way to the very loudest it can go, which means when you guys come back, the sound is overwhelming. Does the quality of his recordings improve over time? If not, I'll have to skip his bits. 3 - It looks like you've completed every on-tv story up through and including the regeneration into Capaldi. I haven't looked at the notes for each 'cast, so I don't know this answer - Have you done the other series and spin-offs? I specifically mean Dreamland, Infinite Quest, Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood, and the two Cushing movies?