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  1. PS sorry if that causes any unintended heated discussions Mike. It'll be interesting to see what changes this year. Last year FanExpo bought Megacon right before the convention. Too late for them to have any impact on last year's Con. The first they did for this year though was make 4 days and move it to Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Thanks for the Con reviews. I must admit I am relatively new to Cons only having been to a few in my area (Orlando). The big one we gave coming up next week is Megacon. I have seen some random seeming arrangements of vendors on the expo floor too. I remember seeing something last year that kind of confused my wife and I. They had several Cosplay is not consent and anti bullying booths which we were all about supporting. My wife and a friend were cod playing Any Pond and River Song for a picture with Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston. My 3 year old was the Doctor with them. His presence is import
  3. Of course if Pandy does want a perfectly valid excuse to sing, you could also consider "Popeye" for the early Robin Williams film. Not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination but is one of, if not his first, film roles. A local station here was doing a Robin Williams movie marathon as a tribute and that was one of the movies they aired. I had actually forgotten about it until I saw it on TV again.
  4. Conscience of the King was actually one of the first 2 Star Trek episodes I remember watching. I was about 8 or so and my parents went shopping in an Ikea. They dropped my younger brother off in the kids area and I didn't feel like walking around the store so I decided to stay there and keep an eye on him. They had a TV in there and was airing 2 Star Trek episodes back to back. The first one was Miri and I remember thinking "This is the show everyone makes a fuss about? This episode stinks.". Then Conscience of the King started ans I thought "Oh this is much better". My parents came back to