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  1. James D.

    Avengers: Infinity War

    What an accomplishment. Not just a great movie--an accomplishment. I'll post more thoughts later, but I could see the blood, sweat, tears and heart that went into this culmination ten years of films. Just terrific.
  2. James D.

    Coming Out

    Good luck on your road ahead and congratulations!
  3. James D.

    Deadpool 2

    Can. Not. Wait.
  4. James D.

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Captain America fending off Thanos' grasp gives me an unnecessary level of hope that we get the goddamned amazing dialogue between them from the original Infinity Gauntlet story.
  5. James D.


    George Carlin, of course. Eddie Izzard is another personal favorite.
  6. James D.

    Thor: Ragnarok

    Finally watched it today. It was fantastic fun, but it needed like half a dozen fewer ill-advised comedic moments. I'd still watch it anytime, but the rampant, unnecessary comedy was so not needed.
  7. James D.

    Weeklong events on Earth-2.net: The Show

    I'm obviously down for this. I'm thinking I'll do a segment on Shakespeare's lesser known works; and since I am a word guy, maybe another segment on his influence on the English language.
  8. James D.

    Episode 999

    I'm an hour forty-five into this, and that kazoo cover...I needed that laughter.
  9. Thank you, sir. It is appreciated.
  10. James D.


    Oh, hai, yet another postseason exit for an Atlanta sports team.
  11. James D.

    And the episode 1000 topic is...

    I might be able to do a quick segment on the Metallica S&M album.
  12. James D.

    JLA movie news

    I think Flash looks the worst of all of them.
  13. James D.

    The "I need to vent" thread

    One of the main reasons our educational system is a joke in this country. I watch videos on Facebook of how students in, say, Japan attend school and I just marvel at how many light years away we are from even approaching that level of quality.
  14. James D.

    Deadpool 2

    Hell yeah.
  15. James D.

    Saw VIII