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  1. The "I need to vent" thread

    One of the main reasons our educational system is a joke in this country. I watch videos on Facebook of how students in, say, Japan attend school and I just marvel at how many light years away we are from even approaching that level of quality.
  2. Deadpool 2

    Hell yeah.
  3. Saw VIII

  4. Saw VIII

    I decided IF I see it, it'll have to be for free and I'll cover it solo. I can't subject anyone else to this bullshit.
  5. The Legend of Korra

    I've finally watched the first three seasons and I'm beyond impressed. I think I might actually like Korra more than Avatar: TLA, which is saying a HELL of a lot. I can sum up Season 3 in one phrase: "Suyin wins. FATALITY."
  6. Transformers 5 and Beyond

    This thing is getting DESTROYED by critics. And even the "positive" reviews I've seen have largely been full of underhanded "complements" to the insanity and incomprehensible plot. God, this makes me so happy. I almost WANT to see this now because it seems a majority of people are finally seeing how abhorrent this fucking series is.
  7. Saw VIII

    Oh, god, so he's Hitler in the 21st century. Actually...that kind of fits...
  8. Transformers 5 and Beyond

    http://deadline.com/2017/06/transformers-the-last-knight-opening-day-box-office-paramount-michael-bay-mark-wahlberg-1202117364/ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. RIP Chris Cornell

    I'm devastated by this one. Even moreso because I had the chance to see Soundgarden two weeks ago and I didn't go. I'll regret that until the day I die. RIP to maybe my favorite songwriter and vocalist ever.
  10. Episode 05.06: Year Zero

    Good to have the show back. The RuPaul Walker Texas Rangers was, indeed, a team trivia name one night.
  11. Thor: Ragnarok

    So, how soon can I buy my ticket?
  12. Episode 58: Faust - Love of the Damned

    So, @slothian...
  13. Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Happy birthday, sir!
  14. The awesome video thread

    I like Kill 'em All a lot, but it probably isn't even in my top five Metallica albums. S&M, Master of Puppets, Re-Load, Death Magnetic, Load, ...And Justice for All...yeah, it would probably be #7.