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  1. Saved by the Bell first aired 30 years ago today...
  2. Orton has always been a petulant asshole. Pretty sure he's the one who infamously took a shit in someone's gym bag.
  3. James D.


    I think both are awful.
  4. I could watch that movie anytime solely for Christoph Waltz's performance.
  5. The Secret Life of Pets 2: Definitely worth the ticket price. LOVED Harrison Ford as Rooster. Fun all-around film for the family.
  6. I just listened to this episode for the first time. I also prefer the FNM version of "War Pigs" to the original, and I'd only heard it for the first time this past November. Funny thing for me--listening to it more and more, I would be like, "'War Pigs' Faith No More version, a.k.a. Mike Borden Has the Time of His Fucking Life."
  7. FVJ is pure fan service awesomeness wire-to-wire. I love that flick.
  8. I'm interested, although we do still need to plan our other project.
  9. This thing is getting absolutely panned. I've read multiple reviews saying it is even worse than X-Men: Apocalypse.
  10. Watched that for a college class on Affect Theory. It was definitely something... In the same class, we watched Eraserhead, Human Centipede, The Thing, and we read from Chuck Palahniuk. It was a very...interesting class.
  11. James D.


    I never even thought of that angle, but you're absolutely right.
  12. Watched the final episode last night. While it was overall a good episode (and an entertaining show on the whole), the very last line ruined the finale entirely for me. Talk about 180'ing any character growth your main character developed. And what she wants to do is stupid on every conceivable level.
  13. No way he can do worse. And this franchise has desperately needed a reboot forever now.
  14. Refresh my memory: did Disney get the rights to the Fantastic Four?