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  1. 8 1/2, Rashomon, Rififi.... as much as I despise popularly conditioned film canons, works such as these have no reason being remade in easily digestible Hollywood packages for easy money.
  2. Not a huge fan. I actually didn't mind the way they changed the ending to , but it lost all the moral ambiguity about it. The dialogue was lacking and Ozymandias was terrible. He was made to look like a sneering condescending jerk, the villain of the story. The book was far better about making him an actual character instead of the shameful caricature the movie made him. Also, the overdone violence was awful. Violence for the sake of violence. Every little thing causing a massive slo-mo blood spurt was stupid and undermined the violence in the book that actually meant something. Vio
  3. It definitely came from 'Year One' because it was the exact same character: Lieutenant Flass. I don't think 'Begins' took anything from the '89 'Batman'.
  4. I would love to see him also, but how do you portray him without making him look stupid? Well, he'd be just a regular guy in a suit with a creepy looking dummy. I think they could pull it off. Oh yeah, someone made the claim that Mr. Reese might become the Riddler because his name sounds oddly like 'mysteries' (as opposed to Edward Nygma). Interesting idea, but I'm not sure.
  5. I don't know about anyone else, but I really want to see the Ventriloquist pop up at some point in this series. By the way, the movie's even better the third time you watch it. Just got back from seeing it yet again. I could easily settle for a few more viewings.
  6. I was thinking the same thing actually. For a Batman fan it's hard not to make the comparison, but Ledger really did an exceptional job that may just surpass what Hamill did with the character. Such a great movie.
  7. That was officially the greatest superhero movie I've ever seen. I can't believe how good that was.
  8. I'm going to the midnight premiere with four other friends. Incredibly stoked for this.
  9. I don't know. The only major difference is that the 'B' button and the shield button are switched, but as soon as you get used to that if plays just like a Gamecube controller.
  10. I've actually played with the Wii-mote/nun-chuck so long that I can play equally well with both the Gamecube controller and the Wii-mote.
  11. Mario will always be the best for me. I mained him in the last two games, I'm sure the same will happen with Brawl.
  12. They don't each have a different stamina gauge actually. It's clear from a lot of the videos up on Youtube.