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  1. DC made a wise move here, won't mock them for it.
  2. If they called her "Ashie" and pretended they never called her "Ellie", they would have my love.
  3. The only reason I was surprised by this (even though season 2 was all about hinting him coming in) is he's the one villain who would makes sense appearing on the Gotham tv show.
  4. Actually the great thing about the franchise is it can just keep going and going and going. Just recycle the human characters every couple of movies
  5. One thing I thought was funny was the size of the nameplate on the cage. it was like a giant nameplate. They should have had arrows pointing to it and zoomed in as well.
  6. Thanks to Flashfan! I liked it, thought the ending was clever. But in the back of my mind I know this is the CW and I'm dreading that Barry can be part of 2 love triangles.
  7. Does Nikki Finke have a good history of getting things right?
  8. Ah ok I didn't know if Jackman was going to be in Apocalypse because he has a Wolverine sequel to film as well.
  9. It was alright. I try hard not to think about the xmen continuity issues.
  10. Steven S Deknight is taking over over, Goddard is writing the Sinister Six movie, but apparently the first 2 eps of Daredevil were written by him. I don't care for Deknights writing.
  11. I found it interesting the "none of the higher ups had any interest in a Nightwing/Barbara relationship".
  12. I'm interested to see how it does, it is the 4th in the franchise and I wonder if it will be the top movie this summer.
  13. Extant is a summer series? Cool. I hope Stalker is a hit, Maggie Q is awesome.
  14. I hated the finale. Just hated it. the dialogue in particular.
  15. I'm pretty sure Gracepoint and Wayward pines are both short series. It seems like Fox is more outside the box than any other network right now. Feels fresh.
  16. Secrets and lies and the odyessy sound interesting. I'm not really sure about Aquarius. Sounds icky.
  17. It will have the same problem as Agents of Shield, no heroes are in this. You can tell the average casual fan that its in the same universe but if no heroes people probably won't watch.