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  1. I'm confused why the Mentalist got a seventh season, they seemed to wrap everything up.
  2. Not sure how the Peggy Carter series is going to go. Cautiously optimistic
  3. To the surprise of no one, CW picked up Flash for the fall.
  5. Damn that looks great. I love the cast, argh I want to like this show so bad.
  6. In this imaginary draft I would keep Coulson, Simmons, and maybe May if I was feeling generous.
  7. I never understood the "Its free advertising for Marvel!" argument. Marvel absolutely does not need this show to advertise their bigger properties like Iron Man/Avengers/Thor/Cap. Those movies are going to make boatloads of cash if this show is on the air or not. And Knightwing, if you and I were friends and you came back from the dead I would expect a phone call in the first 2 weeks, buddy.
  8. He's been alive for months, he can't call Stark on the phone and say "So funny story......"?
  9. I think I would be more sympathetic to Coulson if he himself hadn't done shady shit in the past. This dude walked in and basically stole all of Jane Foster's research that she dedicated her life to. He was also willingly pretending to be dead so the Avengers didn't know. In fact he even told Sif not to tell Thor. Rant over.
  10. I think Khal Drogo is the villain who will be fighting Superman (right?), so I don't mind his casting or The Rock's to be honest.
  11. Son of Batman has terrible voice acting. The guy playing Deathstroke sounded so bored just reciting the lines in front of him.
  12. Completely agree with Stavros on the Skye thing. I don't get it at all. Its like they have to have other characters praise her nonstop to show the audience "See shes loved by everyone now you have to love her too!"
  13. I think they'll find a way to backtrack out of this to be perfectly honest.
  14. Yea I don't think most people got that second one. If you weren't paying attention for a second it flew by and you missed nothing.
  15. It was good. The end is a bit weaker than i would have liked. Evans/Scarlet do have good chemistry together.
  16. I completely agree. I also don't get the writers' obsession with Skye, its like they have other characters praise her non stop. I dont get it at all.
  17. After just seeing Cap2, I'm interested to see the Captain America tie in episode.
  18. A reboot of Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. I don't think they'll touch Flash since he's about to get his own show.
  19. The fact that people are positive or negative on a 1 minute trailer is what is really baffling to me. I think if Bay wasn't a part of this, people would just be "meh" on it, but since its Bay its a race to see who can be the most negative.
  20. So she's gonna be Fred with a new name?
  21. Sequel!