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  1. Well they did make a BOP show, so I was just going under the assumption that a Nightwing show could be done. Or even a fuckin cartoon something gimme something please!!!!!
  2. And yet another hero gets a show before Nightwing does. Ridiculous.
  3. I don't know........ I was never really a Capn fan....... the most recent Marvel movies have been bad, FF4, Daredevil, Elektra, Hulk, Punisher, aside from SM and XM Marvel hasn't really delivered a good comic adaptation movie.
  4. I'm not sure how you can make a 4th movie without Wesley Snipes, I mean I know the guy was an ass to people, but he's the main star.
  5. If he's one of "Hollywood's hottest talents" then why is he going to work on a comic hmm?
  6. Have you ever seen Smallville? I would want to stay the hell away from it too. All of those are horrible choices, and Depp isn't gonna play Luthor, he goes for the smaller lesser known films, he didn't know Pirates of the Carribean was gonna make so much freakin money. Shiea Lebouf is like 15, Scarlet Johanson can't be passed her mid 20s and Jake Gyennhaul looks 12. Come on producers wake up. Just get Dean Cain and lets call it a day, I'm pretty sure he's not doing anything.
  7. NightAngle04

    Best Teen Titan

    Nightwing is my favorite DC character, so I gotta say him, and hey he's my inspiration for my screen name
  8. Seeing as how this topic's last reply was May 19, maybe its time for a new question, hmm?