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  1. Pretty good ep with a cool bit thrown in there.
  2. Smart move, the new trilogy needs to focus on new characters for it to survive.
  3. I don't really know much about the Cap comics, is the Winter Soldier Cap's numero uno villain?
  4. Its going to hurt both movies, one of them will move.
  5. Sif was fine, it was everything else that was the problem.
  6. I think it looks fine, but its the pilot so its bound to change.
  7. Why is this the finale? Can't you tell Batman stories until the end of time if you wanted to?
  8. Bay does great trailers, no doubt about that.
  9. Looks good. Is there any chance this doesnt get picked up? Arrow and Flash would be a good 1 2 punch on Wednesdays.
  10. Not by me, but I still have faith that Goddard can run the show.
  11. Season 5 wasn't the best season of Angel, but yea I have faith in Goddard.
  12. Thor and Loki are a package deal though
  13. If Spider Man has shark repellant, now we are talking!
  14. Eh. Hopefully the next trailer actually shows what the story is about.
  15. I'm about 30 minutes into Justice League War, does the comic also make Wonder Woman into an idiot? "THIS ICE CREAM IS......... WONDERFUL!!" Good grief. EDIT: WAY too much Batman slurping. This is fuckin awful.
  16. I really like the casting so far.
  17. From It says that Donal Logue was offered the role of Harvey Bullock as well. I'm a little confused about the timeline of this show, if Gordon is a rookie cop and Bruce is 12? 13? how is the final episode of this show going to be Bruce becoming Batman? Will the show be going for 10 years? Maybe the President of Fox misspoke?
  18. I've seen him in Southland, he's alright.
  19. Its 40 seconds of a bunch of action shots, I don't know how anyone can be positive or negative on it.