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  1. I'd love for there to be some figures based of the El Mariachi trilogy. El and Sands would be tight. I wish they did a Daredevil movie line. Bullseye would have been cool. I wish instead of a Kill Bill or Reservoir Dogs line there was just a Tarantino one. New wave every few months, covers all the movies. First could be Jules, The Bride and Mr. Blonde. Then do Bill, Mr. White, Vincent Vega, Nice Guy Eddie. Bubba Ho-Tep would be cool. The King, JFK and Ho-Tep. Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon and Pedro would be awesome to have. Kip too. That Scrubs idea makes me think of a good one. A Garden State set of Braff, Portman and Sarsgard stuck in the shouting pose. Like on the soundtrack cover. I'd like a figure of Leon from Leon.
  2. Sin City. And I've never even touched one of the comic books. I'm a big Robert Rodriguez fan boy. So the fact that movie starts off saying "A Robert Rodriguez Flick" is enough to make it at least decent.
  3. Massive f'n spoilers. Pretty much the whole thing, Farting Yoda? #2 behind ESB? God I hope so.
  4. 2 questions. 1. What songs are in the game? 2. Is Lazlo back on the talk station?
  5. The movie does indeed rule. I can't wait to pick up the DVD. Carrey won't get shit. He got fucked with Man on the Moon, he'll get fucked here.
  6. I can't wait to get the DVDs in a couple weeks. Granted, they fucked a lot up, and there should be an old school option, but it's still the OT on DVD. And for the record, I don't mind MINOR changes to the film. Fixing Luke's speeder in ANH and making the lightsabers look better. Just the huge changes that piss me off. Hayden in Jedi and Jango Fett's voice replacing Boba Fett (I know, clone, I just don't remember either of their real names) are the things that piss me off. At least they didn't go further and do the rumored scenes of Jar Jar in Jedi and that flashback scene Natlie Portman was rumored to have shot with a baby Leia.
  7. Don't, don't, don't. I like the idea of it being the rise, fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. That's how I've understood it since I started watching these movies in 1996, and that's how I'm always gonna look at it.
  8. Only 3 mill? Shit, they could have made that in the first week if they hadn't opened against Kill Bill. I still don't get that.
  9. Worst poll idea ever? It's not even close man. Even as a liitle kid I remember watching TMNT II and thinking that Tokka and Rahzar sucked.
  10. When I was like 12 or 13 I gave all my Power Rangers tapes to my little cousin who loved watching them. We had a falling out with that side of the family and now I can't go back and watch those tapes. I had like every episode from the start till about the time when the first set of replacements left.
  11. Star Wars OT Reservoir Dogs Pulp Fiction Kill Bill (count it as one film) Evil Dead trilogy Bubba Ho-Tep ET Spider-Man 2 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Clerks Mall Rats Chasing Amy Dogma El Mariachi trilogy All the Nightmare on Elm Street movies All the Friday the 13th movies Leon From Dusk Til Dawn
  12. Most the time I keep what they come with. Like right now on top of my TV I have The Bride from Kill Bill, Jason from the first Movie Maniacs line and a WWE Tommy Dreamer figure. The Bride has her Hanzo sword, Jason has his machette, but Dreamer doesn't have anything that he came with (except for the WWE title that came with Brock Lesnar). I think he came with a crapper or something. That got tossed. As do most accessories that come with WWE figures (unless it's a belt).
  13. I wish I had all my Ninja Turtles still. Well, I actually do in a box in the basement. But they're all so beaten up from being played with so much as a kid that they look like crap. Good times. On topic, I don't keep stuff in boxes. They come out of the cases. Whenever I buy figures I buy them to display, not to sell later on or something.
  14. Saw it. Not even close to the original. But that's no shocker. It's flat out average. About a 5.5 or a 6.0. Had they not put in so much horrid CGI I might say it was around a 7.5.
  15. Just read about 5 reviews over at AICN. Good God is this movie gonna suck. I'm not the biggest fan in the world of either, so I'm not going to feel as let down as a lot of people will. I Freddy vs. Jason.
  16. It was an issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The kid friendly version. It was someime in the late 80s or early 90s. I remember when I entered kindergarden my teacher was impressed with my reading skills. That's one reason why my family has always accepted my comic book obsession, taught me how to read and pretty much made the first few years of school a cake walk.
  17. Don't know how spoilers work here, so if you have to warn people before spoiling stuff that's your warning. Go away. Just got done watching this for the first time on DVD (saw it like 3 times in theaters). What's everyone think about it? I love the first hour or so of it. Just some of those shots of empty London are amazing. And the whole idea of waking up to something like that is pretty damn freaky. But once they hit the house with the army guys, I don't want to say it gets bad, it's just not as awesome as the stuff before it. Between Frank getting killed and Jim coming back to the house the movie just seems to drag on forever. All in all though a very awesome flick and it was in my top 5 movies of last year. Right behind Kill Bill, Freddy vs. Jason and Mystic River.
  18. I would have thought they didn't want word of mouth Catwoman reviews making it out. Seeing as how the best I've heard online so far is "it's decent." That's the rave review. I was really pissed when there was no Batman Begins trailer with the sneak preview I saw of Catwoman. Even though it was free I didn't really want to go, but the hope of a Batman trailer was what got me to go.
  19. Though I wasn't at Comic Con it pisses me off that WB told the people there the trailer wasn't ready, then it makes it's way online less than a week later. With Batman's recent movie history (and DC as a whole thanks to Catwoman) being so far down the crapper credibility wise, it's a bad idea to do something that dumb this early. Either way, movie looks good and I'm looking forward to it.
  20. I love them both, but Jason is my boy. I can't vote against him. Freddy talks way too much and like JCC said, he's a fucking cheater. Never had more fun at a theater than I did seeing Freddy vs. Jason opening day. I was rooting for Jason, my friend was rooting for Freddy. It was the first showing opening day, so the place was just us. So we just kept cheering outloud and booing. It was great. Last time we got so heated over something was at Safeco for WM XIX when I was rooting for Vince and he was rooting for Hogan.
  21. Hell yes! I fucking love Henry. Back in middle school a friend and I rented it and we couldn't get through, it creeped us out too much. Then about a year ago I bought the DVD due to all this good stuff I'd heard about it. I ended up watching it twice that weekend. Sick, sick movie. Love it to death. Favorite horror movie ever. Anyone seen the sequel? I've heard it really, really sucks ass.