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  1. I joined this forum and started listening to World’s Finest Podcast when it began, while I was in 6th grade. I graduated college last month and am starting a career as a National Accounts Manager later this month.
  2. How do you figure? I assume it was longer because of a line made by the Joker during The Dark Knight.
  3. I don't know how fast it would be, but if you plug it into your mac, you can (very easily) make your mac a wireless router via the system preferences.
  4. Doug


    For what ever reason, I could have sworn he did. I feel stupid. Damn it all.
  5. Doug


    Hey Mike, or any other X-Men fan, why doesn't Professor X use his telekinesis to let him walk?
  6. I believe it is time to upgrade the hard drive in my trust 'ole MacBook. Any suggestions as to what brand I should get? I have 250 gigs right now, and planning to purchase 500 gig drive. Should I go higher? EDIT: This is the drive I'm considering:
  7. 80) That "Doug" guy makes you feel old. 81) Young members are annoying. 82) Not wearing panties makes you better at kung-fu.
  8. Doug


    Well I decided that I no longer wanted to have the dishonor of not saying I have never played a Pokemon game, So I started playing yellow. Awesomeness.
  9. I am now officially down 10 pounds after hitting the gym for the past month.
  10. Happy Birthday Des!
  11. Normally I hide my Dock, but I wanted to show off my customized icons.
  12. Happy Birthday! You are no longer a kid. Your child hood is gone. Is this good or bad? Its your decision.
  13. Doug


    Radiation? From what?! Japan? That's ridiculous. As far as I know, out plants are doing fine.
  14. Doug


    What is a good .cbr or .cbz reader? Is there a way to easily convert those file types to .pdf?