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  1. These are the tiles I've recently begun playing: Lego Batman: The Video Game (Nintendo DS) Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (Nintendo DS) Yoshis Island DS (Nintendo DS) {I took a break on this cause the last level is extremely difficult to get 100% on} Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (Nintendo Gamecube) Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Wii) Bully: The Scholarship Edition (Nintendo Wii) Justice League Heroes (Playstation 2) Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64) Banjo-Tooie (Nintendo 64) Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Mini's (Nintendo DS){I just beat the GBA original} Wario Wo
  2. Hey James, sorry I missed the ending of WFP, that was definitely a huge part of why I got into this website and the ONLY reason I started watching Teen Titans. I was having problems, but I wanted to know with a new 21 Jump Street film coming out and Booker on DVD, will there be a podcast on those, I'd love it. I would do it myself but don't have the proper equipment, thank you 4 reading

  3. Where did you find it, all I get when I search are reviews of the book and people's thoughts on how they feel about the film coming out
  4. I think Meloni would make a pretty good Lex Luthor or even John Corben, he's young enough to play in Superman's early years and is a great actor. I'd love to see him in either role. Him playing General Sam Lane, I'm hesitant on, only because he is young and even though make up can make him look older(like Marlon Brando)I think he'd be a better fit for a different character. I'd love to see a veteran actor like R. Lee Ermey or his twin play the role, I know he's basically type cast in the drill sergeant role, but it because he is so good at it.
  5. I did enjoy Lana is the early seasons, between S1-S3 she was actually quite an interesting character, the writers seemed to know what to do with her, keeping the actual mythology of Lana and how there was a romance that was never meant to be and all. Once S4 rolled around, her character seemed to dry out real quick, constantly complaining, being deceptive ans giving off mix signals. The S5 episodes where Clark was human I was able to deal as well, but that is because Clark was more open with her, so she had very little to complain about. Once they broke up that time she really just became a he
  6. I know that The Dark Knight Returns(with a few of the voices from Year One)is also on the list and also Justice League: Doom(based on Tower of Babel)is also on the list
  7. That's the thing, who said it was terrible, a small group of people in a room and few stuffed shirt say this and suddenly its true. I want them to at least show the pilot and let us, the REAL viewers be the judge. I mean even the Crosby pilot, which had NOTHING to do with the character got an airing. NBC is just desperate for viewers and don't want to risk a time slot. The CW, on the other hand is barely scraping by, so they have to take chances.
  8. That is actually what I am hoping, it could possibly have Chloe and Tom Welling guest starring at times as their Smallville characters. I know at this moment The CW are trying to figure out what hero they can adapt.
  9. 3 days actually(a week when u posted)they are showing both episodes in the whole night
  10. I just how much these studios shit all over us fans, we spend almost 10 years spending 40 to 50 dollars for the sets, just to be giving a big FU with this, it looks great and I'll probably get it, but the only reason is for the new extras. Its like Blu-Ray exclusive material...I hate it
  11. THE SHADOWY FLIGHT: A KNIGHT RIDER PODCAST I have discovered that there is a fan podcast called The Shadowy Flight a Knight Rider podcast that reviews each episode of each series, this include Classic, Reboot/Continuations, Team Knight Rider and the films(including Knight Rider 2010). Its a shame how both the Classic and newer series were both canceled, but we have much to watch at least. Go to Itunes and type in Shadowy Flight. So far there are 50 episodes done this was first started before the reboot started but after the TV Movie and is not in chronological order(except for the new se
  12. I liked Smallville after Season 3, but Annette O'Toole definitely made it worth watching even more. She looks better now, than when she was in Superman 3 and Stephen King's It
  13. are you sure you and I watched the same film? Lol, yea I think so, I don't know why I really just enjoyed the score, it wasn't as great as Danny Elfman score to Batman or Spider-Man, but it fit well. I haven't read the book like you did, so you probably had your own feature in your head and like most it didn't capture the feeling you felt from the book(like how WB screwed over Queen of the Damned), but I thought it was a good film and was impressed.
  14. Two things to post here, one the trailer for Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, looks really good, it may be overshadowed by the live action film or it may get more attention, don't know yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Two; I just watched All-Star Superman and I just have to say I was really impressed with it. Ever since Superman: Doomsday pretty much bombed critically it seems like the producers of the DC Animated Films have been trying to stay away from Superman solo film, but this time I'm glad they didn't. The animation is terrific and is honored even more by the amazing voice acting
  15. I like how Lex is starting to lose his memory, it kind of answers the whole question of "Won't Lex just out Clark when he becomes Superman?" If he doesn't remember, he won't remember the final scene in Season 7. I am still curious to find out how everyone around Clark in Metropolis won't know he's Superman, he's been walking around since Season 5(as well as various times before that)in Metropolis with no glasses and non-clumsy or unlike Superman.