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  1. CN as I'm sure most know is reviving Teen Titans due to the success of the shorts(although, this is due to the popularity of YJ & GL, but they still canceled them)and now we will see a whole new set of episodes that continue the series. I am hoping we get a podcast at least after the first season comes out
  2. These are the tiles I've recently begun playing: Lego Batman: The Video Game (Nintendo DS) Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (Nintendo DS) Yoshis Island DS (Nintendo DS) {I took a break on this cause the last level is extremely difficult to get 100% on} Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (Nintendo Gamecube) Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Wii) Bully: The Scholarship Edition (Nintendo Wii) Justice League Heroes (Playstation 2) Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64) Banjo-Tooie (Nintendo 64) Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Mini's (Nintendo DS){I just beat the GBA original} Wario Wo
  3. Hey James, sorry I missed the ending of WFP, that was definitely a huge part of why I got into this website and the ONLY reason I started watching Teen Titans. I was having problems, but I wanted to know with a new 21 Jump Street film coming out and Booker on DVD, will there be a podcast on those, I'd love it. I would do it myself but don't have the proper equipment, thank you 4 reading

  4. Where did you find it, all I get when I search are reviews of the book and people's thoughts on how they feel about the film coming out
  5. Actually its all about the money, I know that its a business and with a business money is to be made, but it just sucks that they would release volumes or best of sets to see if there is an interest and than release full seasons afterward. What does that mean to the fan that brought the volumes or best of sets? It means that they have to shell out more hard earned money for episodes they already have, just so they can complete their collection. Its like the Superman set, now they already know that people are going to want to buy that set, so why hold off on what they held off on. I know the Su
  6. DAMNIT, I hate this, Cartoon Network is terrible at putting their product out there, we never see reruns of episodes of a cartoon, especially Batman or Young Justice, the only time the shows are advertised or a repeat is shown is during the time in which new episodes are appearing. This has been a huge problem with networks in the past 10 years, with shows going on DVD, and Reality shows being cheap to produce and having a good amount of viewership involved, the networks seem to not care about keeping the interest of the shows they have until a couple weeks before new episodes begin. Shows l
  7. I know that The Dark Knight Returns(with a few of the voices from Year One)is also on the list and also Justice League: Doom(based on Tower of Babel)is also on the list
  8. Wouldn't it be great if the Bat-Mite Presents episode was a backdoor pilot for an anthology based Batman series? I had this thought that with all the possible stories there are, plus with what we saw in the room he was in, it be a great new idea
  9. Ummm April 1st makes me question the accountability of this showing... Why did the episodes air in the UK first, was there a problem here or something?
  10. are you sure you and I watched the same film? Lol, yea I think so, I don't know why I really just enjoyed the score, it wasn't as great as Danny Elfman score to Batman or Spider-Man, but it fit well. I haven't read the book like you did, so you probably had your own feature in your head and like most it didn't capture the feeling you felt from the book(like how WB screwed over Queen of the Damned), but I thought it was a good film and was impressed.
  11. Two things to post here, one the trailer for Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, looks really good, it may be overshadowed by the live action film or it may get more attention, don't know yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Two; I just watched All-Star Superman and I just have to say I was really impressed with it. Ever since Superman: Doomsday pretty much bombed critically it seems like the producers of the DC Animated Films have been trying to stay away from Superman solo film, but this time I'm glad they didn't. The animation is terrific and is honored even more by the amazing voice acting
  12. Nope, even when the series has high ratings the networks and the people involved don't push to keep going.
  13. Ahh, well that's what made the animation in those days so great, the imperfections, made it great to watch over and over again, too perfect is boring, but like I said this series is growing on me
  14. Well Bruce Wayne is the owner of a multi-billion dollar business and Metropolis is a town that helps to run a lot of businesses, so I'm not surprised to see him there. Its just one of those convenient times for him to be there when a disaster happens, but still. Also, when I saw the map, it looked like Gotham was right next to New York, in a way that its a part of New York, but I'm terrible at geography. The animation felt a bit weird when the series first aired, growing up with the DCAU I got used to the old fashioned hand drawing animation. I know the Justice League and JLU were CGI a bi
  15. Well, I've just started watching the new episode "Schooled" and just loved its opening, the homages to Superman: The Movie and Batman(60's TV Series)was amazing. I am really enjoying how they are not depending too much on the Justice League appearances to help carry the series. The scenes they are involved in are great, but we don't see it in every episode. Superboy once again is going to be a subject of focus in this episode, which is fine to me, I feel like the first season is mostly about Miss Martian and Superboy anyway, since they are the outsiders. However, it does seem like Superboy has
  16. It seems like they are just forgetting about airing them here. They will probably add it to the final box set as "Unreleased Episodes" as a way to sell it. I was really looking forward to the Scooby-Doo thing. I was just checking out wikipedia and I noticed that there is going to be a third season(the last two episodes are part of season 2). I'm a bit confused since I thought Young Justice was made as a replacement. I hope this is true and we get two great DC shows. That would be awesome Here is a link to that news, but it was released in 7/2010
  17. A Death in the Family Under the Hood Volume 1 and 2 in trade paperback are available also. There's also references to The Killing Joke
  18. I think him and MM are a common element on the series, both are in a world they don't know and have to adapt too, the only difference is MM is dealing with the change in the best way she can, while Superboy deals with it by being by himself and not wanting to let anyone get close to him, we have to remember, he's a clone who was put under someone's control, its gonna be a while before he can learn to trust anyone. Wally is another character I love, he makes the show more lighthearted.
  19. I have a feeling MM will be the character that the writers are going to focus on as a growing character, someone who starts off not knowing a thing about being a hero or part of a team, but than slowly grows into a great team member(like Martian Manhunter in JL). I love Superboy, he's like a teenager on steroids, lol
  20. I thought the episode was alright, it helped to establish the teams continuing doubt about why they are there and what the Justice League really has planned for the team. Is the voice actor for Red Tornado; Terence Stamp? It sounds like him.
  21. When you say "original 52 episode order" do you mean they ordered a new amount of episodes?
  22. I'm watching the episode now and wow, I'm just enjoying it. Its funny how the series has managed to mix the original dark Batman, while still having an innocence to it that only the campy Batman has had. Adam West as a Bat-Bot was freaking hilarious, especially when he started to mope and get depressed. Black Mask was pretty cool too, not like his Under the Red Hood counterpart, but still pretty good. I can't wait for the Nov 26 episode
  23. Blu-Ray is a good format, what I hate is specific Special Features that can be put on a regular DVD being only available on Blu-Ray. Like with the upcoming film is going to have a great documentary on Apokolips, but only if your rich enough for a PS3 or Blu-Ray. I hate that
  24. I just started to watch this series. For a long while I was put off my the 50's era animation and just was nervous at seeing Batman bought back to the campy style he was in the 60's. I finally decided to watch the series when I head Kevin Conroy (Phantom Stranger), Adam West (Thomas Wayne), Mark Hamill (Spectre) and Julie Newmar (Marth Wayne) will be in an upcoming episode. What I must say about the series so far; is that while it has some elements of campiness, it actually does it with a great style. Diedrich Bader is great in the voice of Batman. Corey Burton comes in several times as Red