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  1. This is the map for my homebrew world for my D&D Campaign. This took waaaay longer than I care to admit.
  2. Pretty sure he's the Charlton character that was adapted into Comedian for Watchmen.
  3. Cena as a comically inept, hyper violent gun toting Captain America analog? Sign me the fuck up. Cena has fantastic comedic timing.
  4. I think we've all soured on Smith with age, I know I have. But, I do find laughs in his work despite whatever issues I have with it. And to be entirely fair, even the best of us kinda sucked in the 90s.
  5. Here's what's going on beneath the helmet and cloak.
  6. This guy is part of a larger piece, but I love him.
  7. Red Dragon: I saw this in the theaters when I was like 17, and I don't think I've seen it since. I really liked it then, times change. Since then, uh, Hannibal happened. I don't want to say that Hopkins' Lectern seems like a caricature of a pervert played in the broadest strokes possible compared to Mikkelson, but the thought occured. I don't know if another movie exists that is so incompetently designed and directed, but forced into some sort of cohesion by a bunch of really really good actors. Ralph Fiennes, Emma Watson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Harvey Keitel are all bus
  8. Gotta bring back Cap and Iron Man somehow.
  9. Mark my words, barring injury or scandal, Sonny Kiss will be AEW Champion before the decade is out.
  10. Shockingly, a seventy five year old, eccentric billionaire doesn't understand the internet.