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  1. Congrats! 

    Also, not to Bogart your moment. But, Good News, everyone. I'm a woman! Ive started transitioning, I'll spare you the gory details, but I'm going by Molly now, with my pronouns as she/her. 

    I'm still my kids' Dad. I'm still here, just new look, new name. Like when they changed the Doritos bag. 

  2. Honestly, I agree with exactly two results last night, Asuka and Kairi winning via green mist and Gable pinning Corbin (even though rollups are trash).  

    When the Baron Corbin match is one of the most sensibly booked things on the show, you're in a bad way. 

  3. They're claiming it was "referee stoppage" but they didn't stop the match when they thought Foley was dead, so why stop the match when Seth Rollins hits a bunch of chairs near Bray Wyatt's face?

    I'll take Drunk Uncle Jericho over this, any day of the week. 

  4. 2003 Brock Lesnar is probably one of my favorite wrestlers ever. Top five, I'd say. 

    As of 2019, I could never see Lesnar again, and I'd be very happy. Just awful booking. And fun fact, Valasquez isn't even under WWE contact. He's just gonna wrestle the Saudi Show. 

  5. Hellboy (2019): I'm someone who takes his Hellboy pretty seriously, and I was furious when Perlman and Del Toro lost their Hellboy 3. That said, this didn't deserve the critical and commerical beating it took. Harbour was good, but suffers from comparison to Perlman. The supporting cast was solid, the story was fun, and Thomas Hayden Church was born to play Lobster Johnson. 

    If this was the only Hellboy movie, it would be beloved. It's just unfairly compared to two movies made by a very talented visionary director.  The GDT movies were objectively just better films, but this struck that, weird nasty chord that the comics have, in a big way. 

    ...Some of the CGI was pretty dodgy, though. Looking at you, Ben Daimio.