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  1. Preston

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are two of the funniest men alive.
  2. Preston

    Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    Lou Diamond Phillips is incredible in Longmire. Granted, that’s a six season tv show, but it bears mention.
  3. Preston

    Random wrestling thoughts

    They’re teaming up for the Mixed Match Challenge. Most of the weird should be passed.
  4. Preston

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Jordan is a great talent, even his super early stuff like Friday Night Lights is very nuanced.
  5. Preston

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    It’s because Gekko is a fucking moron.
  6. Preston

    Help Influence Episode 57!

    Unpopular opinion: Days of Thunder is better than Top Gun. Also has Michael Rooker, Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall and BABY John C. Reilly.
  7. Preston

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I was (and still am, admittedly) a huge Rikishi and Too Cool mark. Scotty is a trainer for NXT. Rikishi is basically a hype man for his very successful sons. But, poor Brian never got it together again. I was extremely saddened to see his passing, but after such a chaotic life, I hope he’s finally found peace. And my heart goes out to the King. No father should ever have to bury a son.
  8. Preston

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Heck, I wouldn’t complain if Hunter gave 205 Live their own tag belts.
  9. Preston

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Both shows have a World Title, Secondary title , women’s and tag belts. Plus the cruiser belt, which is basically it’s own roster. I don’t think the tag divisions are as healthy as they could be, but it seems reasonable enough now.
  10. Preston

    Random wrestling thoughts

    In 2000, The WWF had the World, IC, European, Hardcore, Light Heavyweight, Women’s and Tag belts all active. Plus WCW had equivalents to all of those.
  11. Preston

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I dunno, Ziggler and Rollins (and Miz before them) did a lot of the IC belt. Styles has made the WWE look pretty great. Yeah, Lesnar has hurt the universal belt, a lot, but hopefully a Strowman win could help that.
  12. Preston

    Everything Marvel

    Those same “mainstream conservatives” who are okay with locking kids in cages, as long as they’re brown, suddenly want moral high ground? Edit: I’m done with this. My blood pressure can’t take it.
  13. Preston

    Everything Marvel

    Spoiler: This pisses me off. A lot.
  14. Preston

    Everything Marvel

    And, yeah, those tweets were shitty and dumb. I’ve said shitty and dumb things too. But I’ve grown as a person. If we can’t allow growth, what’s the point of changing? Gunn is a good man, with a big heart, who was trying to be funny and screwed up, and apologized for it. Cernovich is an actual rapist who went after Gunn because Gunn is critical of Cheeto Hitler. Disney made a huge mistake.
  15. Preston

    Everything Marvel

    Which main stream conservatives? Ted Cruz? His statement was weak as hell, and he’s pretty spineless in general. He suddenly became the biggest supporter of Captain Grab ‘Em by the Pussy, when it was advantageous. I have no problem with actual conservatives, but fuck these false pious monsters.