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  1. The greatest picture from last night. You can look right above Alexander's elbow pad to see my arms up, booing the shit out of Sami Zayn being jobbed out in four minutes and my darling bride telling me to shut the fuck up.
  2. While that would be awesome, it won't happen. WWE Brass isn't happy with Riddle for running his mouth, so unless it's a brilliant work, I expect to see Riddle stay in NXT for a while. Which is fine by me. After Gargano, Cole and Ciampa leave, Riddle and Dream will rule that joint. Maybe Keith Lee too.
  3. Looks fantastic. But how is that NOT Margot Robbie?
  4. That's the consensus. When he hit the turnbuckle, he knocked himself silly. Throw in the fact that he was gassed after his entrance, and that explains the match pretty well. The whole thing was was scary. I hope both guys retire for good this time.
  5. Lee is fantastic. He's one of the few NXT guys I think that would thrive on the main roster, as is. Matt Riddle being the other.
  6. My favorite comedy of all time. It's just so layered and brilliant.
  7. And, I was a lapsed fan for like, a decade. I literally came back when I heard an NJPW guy won the Royal Rumble, last year and Moxley/Ambrose spent most of that time injured. I had zero connection to Dean Ambrose when he left the company, but his return at Double or Nothing was incredible and his subsequent promos have been off of the hook. I don't think I've ever done a bigger one eighty on a wrestler in such a short time. If creative is doing this to one guy, they're doing it all over and that's a damn shame.
  8. It is, but this is more reflective of how his creative process is crippling his talent and killing his company. Mox literally says repeatedly that he wasn't trying to come up with fresh ideas, he was basically in a daily uphill battle to stop Vince's shitty ideas from ruining any semblance of character that he had.
  9. The newest episode of Talk is Jericho is called "The Emancipation of John Moxley," it is ninety minutes of Moxley and Jericho talking about the environment in WWE today. It is FASCINATING and terrifying. Vince McMahon is not a functional human being.
  10. Also, the movie was fantastic.
  11. So, I have a logistical thing: Stark calls Thor "Lebowski". Meaning that Jeff Bridges exists in the MCU. In Iron Man, Tony's mentor, Obidiah Stane, is played by Jeff Bridges. And when you start six degrees of Kevin Baconing this shit, you get stuff like Hiddleston and Pratt also existing. So, do the heroes just happen to look EXACTLY LIKE THE FAMOUS ACTORS?