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  1. Happy Birthday, brother!
  2. It's a work, but he could be transferring to a backstage role.
  3. Agreed. Helen even says it, "This isn't a comic book. They will not show restraint because you're children,"
  4. I own that issue with Thor and Ben on it. Metal as fuck, indeed.
  5. Michael Chiklis was incredible as a bad version of Ben. Evans is, as we now know, always class. Even Reed wasn’t a total loss.
  6. As long as they keep Reynolds.
  7. And Charlotte is ten times more interesting as a heel too.
  8. I really think Fox is afraid to go cosmic with the Mutants, especially after how bad Fantastic Four has turned out. But you can’t do Dark Pheonix and keep it earthbound. It just doesn’t work.
  9. My favorite part was that she explained her plan on camera, twice. And then she had a cameraman pop out of the bathroom, to blackmail Jimmy. EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD JUST INCRIMINATED HERSELF ON LIVE TELEVISION.
  10. In a move that shocks no one: Kenny Omega is leaving New Japan. The smart money is on Cody Rhodes’ new promotion, AEW, but a WWE run isn’t out of the question.
  11. Ziggler isn’t really a face. He’s just got issues with McIntyre.
  12. I’m gonna guess that he’s lying about not planning it at all. This is the biggest thing to happen to the MCU since The Avengers. He’s gotta play the cards close to the chest.
  13. Smokey and the Bandit. And I don’t even feel bad saying it.
  14. I mean, obviously, Carol is gonna save Tony.
  15. I demand Miss Frizzle as Spider-Man. Demand.
  16. Preston


    You broke my heart, Andy Dwyer.
  17. Play AC: Black Flag. It’s the best game in the series by miles.
  18. I will spend the rest of my life fighting the brothers Wilson.
  19.émon) The evolved form, Wigglytuff, which looks basically the same, is furry. Jigglypuff is furry.