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  1. Kscriv

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I mean if I took a chop or a forearm shot from him I'd probably start to dislike him when I regained consciousness.
  2. Kscriv

    First time you felt old

    This thread is over 10 years old.
  3. Kscriv

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Because you love Roman Everyone loves Roman You'll love him too
  4. Kscriv

    Happy Birthday Stavros!

    Happy birthday to my podcast partner.
  5. Kscriv

    Random wrestling thoughts

    If you have the time and means to watch NT Takeover from last night, do it. Two MOTYC and 3 other really good matches to go with it. Could be the best 3 hours of wrestling you see this year.
  6. Kscriv


    Christopher Titus is my main guy. Love is Evol being my favorite show of his.
  7. Kscriv

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Impact is desperate to get some traction for the show. Aside from a CZW event the Impact one was the worst selling show of Mania weekend. Also most of the LU guys have spent some time in Impact anyway.
  8. Kscriv

    Random wrestling thoughts

    She's apparently been told WWE will never clear her for a return.
  9. Kscriv

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Also the Bullet Club explodes as we get Balor vs Styles since Bray got meningitis too.
  10. Sorry we couldn't get it out sooner.
  11. Henry Godwinn got hurt via a legal move in a contact sport, sucks but it happens. As a result the Godwinns try to cheap shot and deliberately injure Hawk. Godwinns are bad for that. Also the LOD still get pops at this point and shouldn't be going heel.
  12. Kscriv

    The Convention Thread

    I will explain more in detail in a little bit but is I hold any sort of clout here when it comes to anime conventions. -DO NOT attend GoDaikoCon -DO NOT attend Mizucon -DO NOT attend Anime Crossroads -DO NOT spend one dollar at the Anime Pavilion booth of any convention (which is a lot of them) Fucking bastard who runs them stiffed me and Jen on money owed to us.
  13. Kscriv

    Happy birthday Stavros!

    Happy birthday.
  14. Kscriv

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Yeah, Superbrawl 96 and the aftermath of the main event.
  15. Kscriv

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Oh if you want Hogan & chair fun wait til you get to Superbrawl.