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  1. Mike and James, I actually like MEAN SEASONS. It's a cynical and tragic tale of something young models have to face sooner or later when they get old. I THINK TEEN COP IS THE FUTURE OF TV! Here is the dialogue of Teen Cop: TEEN COP: YOU'RE BUSTED! (shows badge) V.O: Teen Cop: Inner city street drama with a fresh attitude! Teen Cop: EDUCATION RULES!
  2. If you view episodes by airdate,rather than production order, Mad Love is the series finale for the entire spectrum of BATMAN from 1992-1999, and what better way to end it than with one of the greatest JOKER stories than "Judgment Day". Has anyone seen Warner's motion comics? So far, they're doing all 12 issues of Watchmen and BATMAN:MAD LOVE.
  3. These are lines that could apply to any crime drama, Yoda. That is why I put them on there;To show these lines are not just from a superhero movie.
  4. I think you guys should review Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.S. I know.... I mean, it wasn't on Kids WB or FOX, but these are DC characters, and besides, WildC.A.T.S was an awesome show. Also, when will you guys review Batman: Gotham Knight and The Dark Knight?
  5. My notes on The World's Finest Podcast: Little Girl Lost-------- This is one of my favorite episodes along with Legacy and I didn't like what you said about it! This episode does not only further the DCAU, but it later on introduces one of the most badass characters, summed up in three words: GALA F@$%IN TEAA Love is a Croc---------- Worst episode ever in my book. Where There's Smoke----------- AN AWESOME EPISODE! Torch Song------------- One of my favorite episodes ever in Gotham Knights. It sucks that the Iron Batman suit wasn't used again. Bruce Timm and CO. made the firefly one of the best new characters on the show. In the comics, Firefly was a pyrotechnics supervisor with an engineering degree, but when the stunts got too dangerous in the movies, and he was fired(no pun intended). Knight Time----------------- Best use of Villains ever. Bye Bye!
  6. Dear James and Mike, This week was a good handful of episodes. I don't know if you said this or not, but Producers Bruce Timm and Glen Murakami actually brought in a rabi to record at Turpin's Funeral in Apokolips Now part II. I am glad you guys are reviewing the gotham knights episodes. Those were their most mature years. Though, there was ONE thing I would have relished to see: * 10 part finale based on KNIGHTFALL! It would be cool if down the line, you guys review episodes of The Spectacular Spider- Man. Speaking of, I didn't like how Harry Osborn was the green Goblin instead of Norman. However, it does set up appearances for ULTIMATE Nick Fury and the coveted SUPER-SOLDIER SERUM project! It could also set up a Story Arc for NORMAN Osborn's decline into madness and transformation of ULTIMATE Green Goblin. Along with Harry's transformation into ULTIMATE hobgoblin in order to stop his father from killing His friends. Well, I'm off the DCAU BYE!
  7. My notes on " Holiday Knights": * This episode is based on the BTAS tie-in comic, The Batman Adventures, and is its Christmas special. The stories are as follows "Jolly 'Ol St. Nicholas- Bullock and Montoya go out on the lamest stakeout ever and Barbara Gordon is shopping for her dad when clayface appears and she must become batgirl to save the day! The Harley and the Ivy- Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy kidnap Bruce Wayne with Ivy's hypnotic lipstick, and use his credit cards to treat themselves to a Christmas shopping spree White Christmas-Batman has to stop an angry Mr. Freeze! What are You doing New Years eve?- Joker plans to kill all the people celebrating in Gotham Square on New Year's Eve with a sonic weapon. It is up to Batman and Robin to stop him before the stroke of midnight. Should Old Aquaintance Be forgot- Gordon and Batman meet at a diner to discuss the night's events. CENSORSHIP_ * Bullock scratches himself in the comic. * Ivy yells at Harley when they're captured " WELL,HERE'S YOUR *%@#!@# CHRISTMAS TREE! ARE YOU HAPPY?" NEW CHANGES_ *Batman actually GETS SHOT! * This episode is darker than Christmas with the joker, and speaking of, the joker actually has a plan in this episode! SHOULDA...COULDA... *You can bet your ass if this was a BTAS episode they would've had TITLES for every segment! * Would've liked to see joker kill more people. Storylines or villains I would've loved to see in the DCAU from the comics: Villians_ Onomotapoeia- Created by Kevin Smith for the resurrection of green arrow.Onomatopoeia? The word itself means "words that are also sounds" For instance, BANG! is an onomatopoeia. This guy plays that up to the hilt, speaking ONLY in onomatopoeias throughout his appearances.
  8. So what? BTAS has a different animation style than Superman: TAS. Does that make them not part of the same universe? Just because Brainiac Attacks looks and sounds like an episode of STAS, doesn't make it so. In fact, from Wiki: Ah, but I went to the DCAU wiki and found this: Writer Duane Capizzi has stated in an interview at World's Finest that Brainiac Attacks wasn't meant to be in continuity with the DCAU, and elements of the story do not mesh well with the established DC Animated Universe. However, this doesn't mean that Brainiac Attacks couldn't still be within the DCAU canon, if it were placed in a different dimension. There are at least three other dimensions/universes within the DCAU: the Justice Guild's, the Justice Lords', and the one seen in the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Brave New Metropolis". Brainiac Attacks could possibly fit into one of these dimensions/universes, or more likely exist in its own separate but linked dimension/universe to the main dimension of continuity. This is somewhat speculative, but considering the same designs as Superman: The Animated Series and many of the same voice actors were used, it seems likely that Brainiac Attacks somehow fits within DCAU canon.
  9. No, my mom doesn't know about this site, Kscriv!
  10. What do you mean it's not part of the DCAU? It's got the same animation style and the same principal voice actors!
  11. Dear James and Mike, I've been listening to your podcast since episode 18, but I've never written you guys a letter,SO PLEASE READ MINE ON THE AIR AND ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!! I'm using my mom's email address since my mom says I'm not old enough(I'm 13 years old!) I have some questions for you!!!! * Will you guys review Superman:Brainiac Attacks? I'd love to see how you bash that movie! * Will you guys review starcrossed as a movie or as an episode? *Will you guys review Batman:Gotham Knight on Earth-2.net the show? as an added bonus, will you guys review The Dark Knight movie? * Have you guys ever tried to interview Kevin Conroy? *Am I asking too many questions? *What episode did you guys review Mask of the Phantasm? Well,that's it for my questions. Also, did you guys hear about the new non-The Batman related series BATMAN:THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD? here's the description. Batman isn't going at it alone this time! From Warner Bros. Animation comes the latest interpretation of the Batman franchise. Our caped crusader is teamed up with heroes from across the DC Universe, delivering nonstop action and adventures with a touch of comic relief. Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman and countless others will get a chance to uphold justice alongside Batman. Though still based in Gotham, Batman will frequently find himself outside city limits, facing situations that are both unfamiliar and exhilarating. With formidable foes around every corner, Batman will still rely on his stealth, resourcefulness and limitless supply of cool gadgets to bring justice home. James Tucker and Linda M. Steiner will produce, with Sam Register acting as executive producer. Michael Jelenic will handle story editor duties. Other creators include line producer Amy McKenna, story editor Michael Jelenic and directors Ben Jones, Brandon Vietti and Michael Chang. It looks like another super friends! and the person who's voicing Batman isn't kevin conroy or adam west, It's.... DIEDRICH BADER! who played rex in napoleon dynamite. You guys keep up the good work and I'll write again Sincerely, JustinOliverAzbats P.S., my name is taken from my real name, and shining knight's alter ego,Green arrow's alter ego and Azrael! PLEASE READ MY LETTER ON THE AIR!!!!