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  1. I'm not quite through, but though I'd post my thoughts, as I usually listen on the way to work, and I'll forget all this by Monday morning. I may have a few more things to add later - or not. In relation to the e-mail about Superman going to Lex rather than Wayne, Mike, you're right that Wayne is aware of what goes in in Wayne Enterprises and worked hard to develop his company. However, I think the point was that his image is of a guy who lucked into money, whatever the reality, and based on that image, Superman wouldn't have gone to him. Episode 1 As far as the terrorists on Air Fo
  2. Personally, long before we counted "Brainiac Attacks The Belief That Animated Movies Are Quality Entertainment" as part of the DCAU (and I know that you guys won't), I'd rather you did an episode for the DCAU spoofs out there. Like "The Green Loontern" in which Duck Dodgers gets his dry cleaning switched with Hal Jordan's by mistake (which is probably the closest thing Mike's ever going to get to his GL Corps series, plus was hilarious). Or "The Fearless Ferret", where Wil Friedle's character on Kim Possible went to the manor of a reclusive elderly man (voiced by Adam West) only to find a cr
  3. Well, no surprise with how much I yap, but looks like I've been upgraded from "The New Guy" to "Junior Member". Maybe I can make it to "Mouseketeer" soon. Brave New Metropolis I suppose you could argue that in "Brave New Metropolis", since we're dealing with alternate universes, Lois may have skipped over a whole sheaf of universes in which Superman got over it, Superman married Lana, went to Wayne for help, gave up and started renting himself out for children's parties, was a normal guy working in the cubicle next to Boston Dan, etc., before we got to one where he started working with Lu
  4. For your sanity's sake, I'd suggest that if you do review Brainiac Attacks, do it as a commentary. And when I say commentary, I mean full Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment. Just mock the bejeesus out of it. "Switch sarcasm shields to double front, boys, we're going in." It's the only way to make it through that. Unfortunately, Grandpa got my daughter another copy of BA, so I got suprised by it the other day. She's 3, so doesn't yet know better. (The munchkin has actually split videos into 2 groups - there's "Daddy's Wonder Woman", which is DCAU, particularly Justice League, and "Mo
  5. Can't we just agree that the answer to any disagreement about whether James and Mike are covering the appropriate continuity is "Start doing your own damn podcast, and cover what you want!"? That being said, if you tried to claim Brainiac Attacks was in continuity, I'd have to hurt you both. There are limits, after all.
  6. See, that's one of the inconsistencies. What does red sunlight do to him? Yellow sunlight fuels his powers, so the longer he's in yellow sunlight, the stronger he gets (which raises the very real question of why Mala and Jax-Ur were able, within the space of a few days, to catch up to 30 years of Kansas sunlight). So does red sunlight actually leech the accumulated yellow sunlight out of his cells and actively reduce his powers, or is it just that the red sunlight means that there's no yellow sunlight, and therefore no recharge available? It seems that the red sun actively reduces his power
  7. Good point that I completely failed to think of. I still maintain, though, that because of his, shall we say, privileged upbringing, Superman under a red sun is a lot weaker than a Kryptonian of similar build who grew up on Krypton, because he hasn't had to push himself. I'll go for the No-Prize here - through the course of the rest of STAS (where the feats just get bigger) and the first 2 seasons of Justice League, Superman had to push himself to the limits of een his yellow-sunlight-enhanced abilities, so by the time "Hereafter" rolls around, he's in much better shape than in "Solar Power"
  8. In "Action Figures", James and Mike talked about how Metallo shreds the lead suit, while Ma Kent's sewing stands up to lava. Good old midwestern stitchery, folks. Plus, Superman's powers extend out about a millimeter from his skin, according to the comics - that's why Martha made it snug, because she noticed that tight clothes never tore on Clark when he was growing up. The lead suit, being bulkier, extends beyond that radius, and is on its own. My other question for "Action Figures" has to do with the inconsistencies of power supply (although I made a comment about a back-up battery in
  9. Oops. Been a bit since I've watched the episode - I thought it was more subtextual than that. The overtness explains why I noticed it, then - I tend to the "A big smoking hole. Could be a clue." approach to things sometimes. Kind of goes with my point though. He liked Lois, blew the whistle and lost his job to get her to notice him and nothing. That sounds like a slam dunk for these guys to run with (so I'm mixing my sports metaphors) to make a believable, complex villain. Great framework, but just not executed like it should have been. Chris
  10. Well, there was an accident on H-1, so I ended up listening to over an hour of the episode instead of 35 minutes on my way in to work (I live on an island less than a hundred miles around, yet still have about 2 hours in the car a day - go figure). And...I made it through 1.5 STAS episodes. I think I'll start putting my comments up here rather than e-mailing to keep down the length - especially since brevity isn't my strong suit. "Target" is a bit conflicting. I think the framework is great - there's multiple suspects, we focus more on the investigative side of Clark's skill set, a chanc