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  1. The Doctor

    The Flash

    That episode made me realize how much I miss Evil Harrison Wells.
  2. The Doctor

    Most Badass Moment in the DCAU

    I don't know about badass, but my favorite moment is this:
  3. The Doctor

    Episode 87

    I was watching For Real with the boy yoday for the first time and I kept trying to figure out where I had seen the part when Control Freak is flailing around with the double light saber before and finally it hit me about 5 hours later, they were completely riffing on the Star Wars Kid video from years ago.
  4. It would have been either Avengers 1 or 4 in VF condition, but I sold all my floppies and moved straight to trades years ago.
  5. The Doctor

    Favorite alternate costumes

    This is almost heretical, but I liked the hooded Ben Reilly Spider-Man costume. Functional, yet super heroic.
  6. My 7 year old loves Teen Titans Go and they recently did a show where Control Freak admitted he rebooted them and the Titans watch old episodes to see how much cooler they used to be. Question: Does this now make them in continuity and will you guys be covering them?