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  1. Episode 149

    I’ve recently come across all of these podcast reviews and I must say they’re really addictive! I’ve not listened to them in order but have been hopping around at random. I still have a lot to get around to, though. I love Mike’s growly-voiced enthusiasm and his off-the-wall theories and predictions that never pan out. Also, he’s had me laughing out loud on several occasions; the only ones I can think of off-hand involve a Voord tripping over his flippers and the Daleks exterminating some laboratory mice. Dan’s soft-spoken contribution is about supplying all the facts and information, and he usually comes up with a lot of stuff I didn’t know before (Packer did all the Silurian voices? You’re kidding! That’s amazing!), so I think you make a good team. It’s always great to share someone else’s first experience of something I know so well, as it refreshes the material in my own mind. In fact, I’ve been inspired to watch some of those old stories again – it’s been many years since I last did so – and am enjoying them all over again (particularly the ones with Barbara and Ian; I forgot how really great Jackie Hill and Bill Russell were). I hope you’re going to get around to reviewing the remaining stories as some of the episodes in Capaldi’s second season were so brilliant. You may even be watching “Class” in which case you might want to comment on that. (I couldn't find a way of leaving an e-mail on the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance site, but somehow managed to find my way here, so have just registered to post this.) Best wishes, David (from the UK).