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  1. I do the opposite of the avatar coloured glasses thing lol. When an episode of Avatar is bad, I get annoyed with it and probably rate it lower than I should, because I know that this show can do better than say.. The Great Divide! When I rate the episodes I use my favourite few episodes as a starting point. For instance, if I'm thinking "Seige of The North Part 2 was a 9" then how much worse was whatever episode I'm rating than that one? That's how I measure it. I agree about the convenient conflict resolution. Or the convenient conflict that could be easily solved but isn't, just for the sake of having some conflict! Bato of the Water Tribe does this and it irritates me more and more every time I think about it.
  2. I wouldn't say that it's because the action comes to a stop - most of my favourite episodes of the series are character driven ones rather than action oriented ones. However I do think that you're right about the fact that the conflict in this episode comes to a stop, and that's probably why I think it's boring. The swampbenders are far too agreeable and the only part of this episode I find overly interesting is when they're chasing Appa and when Sokka has his vision of Yue - which are the parts that have the most conflict. This might just be me, but if an episode moves the plot or characters along in any way, I don't count it as filler. In fact I'd go so far to say that Avatar has very few true filler episodes. It's only 61 episodes long, and they need to accomplish a lot in that time so to have a lot of filler would make the important episodes feel rushed (even though this has still happened). I'd say that the character development episodes are just as important as the action ones, just because Avatar as a series focuses a lot on people and why they act the way they do. It's very character driven and without spending the time to develop those characters the show would become stale and boring.
  3. See, I get what The Swamp was trying to do, and I definitely see the merit in that. It was important at this point in the series to start intoducing more creative forms of bending - and having the people living in the swamp to be all countryish was a nice addition. But I always find myself bored while I'm watching this episode, I'm not sure why because it does have a lot going on. This never ceases to amuse me, Kellen. Poor Zuzu. He needs hugs!
  4. Hey everyone! We're going to be announcing this on our next episode, but I thought I'd let you all see it a few days early. Our new website is! It has links to all the past episodes, ways to get into contact with us, information about the crew, and a couple hidden things that I added in there for fun Oh yeah, you can also pick your element of choice at the bottom, so if the site's too orange for you, feel free to change it up!
  5. You're right about The Storm - I don't think I talked a lot about it on the podcast, but it was definitely one of, if not my favourite episodes of Season One. I think it can disguise itself as sort of boring in multiple viewings just because after you have watched the series once or twice over, the things that are revealed over the course of the episode are so ingrained in your memory. But definitely, I love The Storm. It's awesome and very well done.
  6. Saka

    Episode 43

    Colorful definitely would have made it onto my list but I checked and it ran in September 1999 (so close!) Azumanga was also awesome, but I liked Ouran just a little bit more, so I bumped it off.
  7. Does it really count as posting "again" if I've never posted on the forum before, Kellen? I guess my first post here shouldn't really be de-railing a current thread though. So my good news for today is the warm and fuzzy feeling I got when reading Kellen's post. Cause I too, got one of my best friends back