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  1. Well, feel free to delete my post if you feel it might ruin anything for folks who are listening to this show even later than I am! 😅
  2. Guys, loving the show. I'm a bit behind because I just learned about it yesterday from the Make Ours Marvel podcast. You either missed or didn't mention what was one of my favorite discoveries on my third or fourth read: Issue 2, Page 11, Panel 7: Soon after the Comedian lights up Captain Metropolis' map and says, "Inside thirty years, the nukes are gonna be flyin' like maybugs," everyone is leaving and Ozymandias is studying a charred America (which you did mention), while Metropolis is saying: "Somebody has to do it, don't you see? Somebody has to save the world." This panel is where Ozymandias makes the decision to save the world from nuclear war himself.