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  1. Episode 52 http://www.acmewaveprojector.com/2013/06/instant-depths-52-checking-in.html
  2. Episode 51 is here! Covering V/H/S and Cabin In the Woods http://www.acmewaveprojector.com/2013/06/instant-depths-051-cabin-of-tapes.html
  3. No one asked for it but here it is episode 50 of Instant Depths http://www.acmewaveprojector.com/2013/05/instant-depths-50-guess-who-is-back.html
  4. Right on. Safety Not Guaranteed is a new favorite for me. I love anything that Audrey Plaza is in.
  5. Which one are you Ooooohhh yeah-ing about?
  6. New episode. Talking about a couple time travel movies: Primer and Safety Not Guaranteed. http://www.acmewaveprojector.com/2013/04/instant-depths-49-time-circuits-to.html
  7. New episode featuring Derrick Furguson http://www.acmewaveprojector.com/2013/04/instant-depths-048-comics-animation.html
  8. New Episode!! http://www.acmewaveprojector.com/2013/04/instant-depths-047-lost-terrier-house.html
  9. http://www.acmewaveprojector.com/2013/03/instant-depths-44-blind-picks.html
  10. Been awhile since posting in here episode 44 is up. http://instantdepths.libsyn.com/instant-depths-44-avocado-boat
  11. Goodbye Chunky Rice is a fun read. It still touches on the themes of losing someone and moving on with your life similar to Blankets.
  12. ordyjohn

    Episode 38

    When will you guys get to doing Dollhouse? I just finished watching season 1 on netflix instant and would like to hear you're thoughts on it.
  13. Seven Soldiers! It has been a while since I read that series this will give me a reason to read it again.