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  1. Did anyone get the sense they were doing an homage to Spider-Man's Maximum Spider from the fighting games when he was leaping out of portals to hit Thanos? Or just me. Was Wanda's powers somehow influenced by the Reality Stone? I know they used the Mind Stone on the twins, but her powers effects are always red. And come to think of it Quicksilver's powers had a blue hint, so I'm thinking Space Stone. Which would make sense based on how their powers work I.E. speed for the space and Wanda's reality warping abilities. Does anybody think we might get Lady Death still, and that was who little Gamora was representing at the end. Such a fun movie.
  2. I'm sure you have posted it, but care to share your list? I disagree with thinking most of them are bad, but strongly respect your opinion so I am curious.
  3. I disagree with people saying Wilson Fisk didn't feel "boss". As soon as he throws that first headbutt on the Russian, then proceeds to explode his head with a car door, I was terrified every time he was on screen. Even though he didn't feel totally like the comic character, I took it as an evolution of the character. All the stuttering and sense of insecurity I took as a man who was trying to hide who he was to himself, and being something he is not. It built all the way up to his quote from the bible, and that's when I felt he really evolved. Turned into the Kingpin. I think we'll see the more of him being Kingpin of Crime in the next season, and I felt the slow build so satisfying. Especially when they finally threw down in the alley way. Really enjoyed all the headbutts as well.
  4. I have seen Tye Sheridan in both Mud and Joe. He is an unbelievable talent. Glad he is cast as my favorite X-man.
  5. It would have to be Sony though right? Although it does sound more like something fox would do.
  6. I like those numbers, but could be the whisky sour talking.
  7. Natalie Dormer was already in the First Avenger. I guess they could just ignore it, such a small role, but still a little weird.
  8. So you liked it Watching it twice tomorrow, I've been waiting for this for like five years. I can't wait.
  9. Please god let this movie be as good as it seems it will be.
  10. Pointless and slutty is a pretty good summation of Megan Fox.
  11. Yeah I always planned on seeing this, but all my friends don't understand why he's my favorite (I live in Canada) so there is a bit of American xenophobia. A good movie about him, especially if they give him a way to emotionally connect with the movie goers could do wonders. I mean before the Iron Man movie came out, almost no one cared about old shellhead. Yet now he's a huge property. I want Cap to be too.
  12. That trailer was sick, and the best part is it's gotten almost unanimous love from everything I've read. From what they show in this, and what we saw in the teaser I like how human and relatable they are making him. I've never really thought deeply about why Cap is so noble but I like the line "Because a weak man knows the value of strength." The reason he's so compassionate and determined to help the weak and powerless is because he was weak and powerless himself. I can't wait for this movie, and hope it's really good. It would be nice to not have to explain to people why he's my favorite hero, or let alone who he is. This movie will hopefully make Cap a more household name, and he should be, he's a great character.
  13. Thanks, guess I'm not that good at detecting sarcasm in written word.