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  1. Ehh, fair enough. But still I mean the thing that bothers me about these type of things is that their in the same vein as those "Superhero vs Superhero" topics. I mean the thing about it is that the outcome is always going to be speculated and even when fans get what they want they still whine and bitch about something. Same thing here, I mean its all the same thing, so it gets old having to hear these kinds of things.
  2. I'm rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion and I just realized how much the show plays a mind trip on you. The reason why I say that is because the show at first starts off kind a like any other anime show for its time but them POW! It does a 180 on you and starts to go all emo and shit. I mean fuck! But thats why I love this show. It plays a mind game with you and doesn't care what happens.
  3. Why are you people arguing over why Superman can pull a ship out of black hole in one episode but in the next one he can't even hold up a helicopter! I mean come on! Its a little cartoon show for petes sake. I mean you guys are complain about an imaginary character fighting other imaginary characters in an imaginary world. zzzzzz...... zzzzzz.....