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  1. Delete

    Everything DC

    The second I saw the set pictures I knew this was doomed
  2. Delete

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Went to see Upgrade. Didn't know much going in just that is was supposed to be good and it wasn't doing great at the box office. I was in the theater with two other guys. The movie is quite great and I loved the reveal at the end. I also watched a Korean movie called Along With the Gods. I loved it. I checked rotten tomatoes and while there aren't many reviews I guess because it is a foreign film the reviews weren't great, but all I know is I spent like the last half hour of the thing sobbing.
  3. The most interesting thing to me has been comparing the reactions of people who have watched Clone Wars and Rebels to those who have just seen the movie in regards to
  4. Delete

    Deadpool 2

    Post credits got the loudest reaction I've heard in a theater. Overall liked the first movie better.
  5. I watched Batman Ninja. Beautiful looking movie. Very insane things happened. Not much in the way of plot or character development or anything though. Damian gets a little monkey friend.
  6. Delete

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Thanos isn't rationale. Terrible real world comparison coming up, but the Unibomber was a legitimately brilliant man who's big idea to stop the encroachment of technology in society was to mail pipe bombs to IBM executives.
  7. Delete

    Avengers: Infinity War

    My favorite thing in this movie, that's not a spoiler, is Dr Strange's cape's reaction to Spider-Man calling Aliens an old movie.
  8. Delete

    Episode 40

    Just started listening, and was wondering when this was recorded. The news about Tarantino having an idea for a movie has been around for a long time.
  9. Delete

    Everything DC

    Looking at the set photos I jinxed the fuck out of that
  10. Delete

    The First Purge

    No way Michael Bay voted for Clinton
  11. Delete

    Random wrestling thoughts

    It was pointed out on twitter that the newest Being the Elite ends with the Golden Lovers walking away as the camera zooms in on an open closet and I kicked myself for that going over my head.
  12. Delete

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    I just watched Colossal. I loved the first half of the movie. Anne Hathaway's charcter's life falls apart and she is an alcoholic and then is tied to this monster in Korea and it is a pretty good metaphor and all that. Then halfway through the monster plot is resolved and Jason Sudekis' character, who was super low key kinda a creep in the first part, because the husband from every Lifetime movie. It goes from a neat twist on a kaiju movie to Sleeping With the Enemy. I did not like the second half of this movie at all.
  13. Delete

    Everything DC

    Warner Bros continued insistence in doing Superman things without Superman in it is something not to love
  14. Delete

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Judging by twitter I am the only person who figured out Okada was winning today. The ace always wins under Gedo at the Dome. Just look how he booked Tanahashi all those years.
  15. I want to say something about Rey. There is nothing in the Force Awakens that's points to Rey's parents being a mystery. She says she is waiting for them, has a flashback of being abandoned, Maz tells her what she already knows that no one is coming back for her she needs to move on with her life. That's a full and complete arc. The only reason to think otherwise is bringing your own baggage in from the other movies that everyone is connected. And even then the only reason Leia is Luke's sister is that George Lucas' wife, and more importantly editor, left him and between that and how much he hated the process of making Empire didn't want to make Star Wars movies anymore so the one woman in the movies became Luke's sister by default.