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  1. I read Crisis on Infinite Earths for the first time. Once it gets going it's really good, but my god does it take forever to get going.
  2. I am stunned by what they were allowed to get away with in Batman vs Ninja Turtles
  3. Delete

    DC reboot

    Loved his Mister Miracle run. Loved his Batman run until issue #50. Then it just because the 79th rehash of something hurts Bruce emotionally so he gets too dark and needs to be pulled back yadda yadda.
  4. I watched it. There was really only one cool thing where I was like oh could have waited for that. Everything else anyone with a brain knows is coming or was already on a foreign market poster.
  5. Dolph Lundgren fights in a war against Lobster People. On a related note I give Aquaman 10 out of 10
  6. I'm trying hard to figure out how in the year 2019 the three movies I am most excited to see are Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and Star Wars. I feel like 1999 me fell through a time warp.
  7. Also I should mention that if you have the old DVD sets the extras are the same.
  8. It is the the original series including Mask of the Phantasm and Sub Zero. The episodes after the animation style changed, whatever title you want to go with, are not included nor is the Mystery of the Batwoman movie that was in that style.
  9. Delete

    DC reboot

    Been reading Action Comics since Bendis took over. It has kinda become so bad it's good to me already. It is blatantly obvious that he is desperate to One More Day Clark and Lois and editorial won't let him. Probably because Superboy is too popular. So now he's got them in like this weird half assed open marriage.
  10. Just watched Venom. Went from being like I don’t know I like this to genuinely thinking this is a good movie. So I don’t get the reviews.
  11. Patrick Stewart returns to the role for a show on CBS' streaming service
  12. There are always gonna be idiots out there and the internet has amplified how loud a few jackasses are making it seem worse than it is. Now if someone were to go after whoever it is that did that character's hair and costume then that would be another story.
  13. The second I saw the set pictures I knew this was doomed
  14. Went to see Upgrade. Didn't know much going in just that is was supposed to be good and it wasn't doing great at the box office. I was in the theater with two other guys. The movie is quite great and I loved the reveal at the end. I also watched a Korean movie called Along With the Gods. I loved it. I checked rotten tomatoes and while there aren't many reviews I guess because it is a foreign film the reviews weren't great, but all I know is I spent like the last half hour of the thing sobbing.
  15. The most interesting thing to me has been comparing the reactions of people who have watched Clone Wars and Rebels to those who have just seen the movie in regards to