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  1. These are really good! Do you ever plan to finish them?
  2. No I meant to break down the episodes we already have into individual reviews. Not do one episode per show.
  3. I knew a Mario character was going to be number one. Also wasn't the Birdo thing an error? I think that it's been retconned so that Birdo is a woman. However in Brawl, Birdo's trophy said that Birdo's gender cannot be determined.
  4. I already own the four volumes, and since there's no new commentaries I'm going to pass this. The artwork looks tempting, but I already own the volumes.
  5. I love listening to World's Finest podcast, and I was just thinking that the episodes should be divided up into five pieces so people can go in and listen to individual reviews of episodes. This would be really convinent. Just a suggestion
  6. http://www.drmcninja.com It's an action/comedy webcomic about a doctor who is also a ninja. It's really clever, and it's got some great art. There's individual stand alone stories, and a huge story arc involving drugged ninja zombies and Ben Franklin.