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  1. Sure. These are the Hathaway movies I've seen: Havoc Rachel Getting Married Devil Wears Prada Ella Enchanted Get Smart Love & Other Drugs Brokeback Mountain She's a good actress with a strong suit in sitcom-y, snappy dialogue. She can play "bad girl" but in a very high school, young-adult kind of way. She lacks the innate sultry, sexy, slinky aura of Selina Kyle. She's not as dangerous, womanly, sophisticated or mysterious, as Catwoman needs to be. I have a strong suspicion that Nolan had Marion Cottilard cast, and she had to back out due to her pregnancy. I also don't th
  2. I loved this podcast! James, get some rest, and Mike congrats on moving in with you fiance About the Carter Hall episode: I'm surprised no one mentioned how gorgeous the spaceship was. It would have made a beautiful jewelry piece. My favorite part was John Stewart gasping "Judas Priest!" Who says that? And of course, Batman cockblocking to the max. Classy. Flash & Substance is one of my favorite episodes ever. I lot of people have mentioned Orion is very similar to Batman, but I think this episode clearly makes Batman seem more human and almost kind of sweet. Also, did anyone not
  3. Hardy: Awesome. Hathaway: This fucken sucks. Talk about getting an instant high when finding out Catwoman was in the movie, and then getting doused in cold water when realizing who's going to play her. What, was Eva Green scared off by Bale's bat-voice?
  4. Hey guys, long time no see. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and couldn't help laughing the whole way through. After watching this movie, I'm wondering if anyone else had a similar reaction to a few things: 1. Batman and Superman had a touchy-feely relationship. The Krytonite bullet in the heart, Batman carrying Superman in the sewers, Batman fainting and Superman carrying Batman, the constant banter...Bromance to the max. 2. The martial arts moves Batman whipped out against lady Shiva were pretty sick. I wished that scene was longer. There's also another moment where Bats jumps
  5. I just watched the show. Is it mr of does Angelina look more and more like Selina Kyle as time passes?
  6. Um, Arrested Development?!!!! I would love a Job doll.
  7. Ah, here it is. This show has a Jusitice League New Frontier feel to it. I'm not sure if it's the animation or the way Batman talks, but it does. I'll tell you one thing though, the Blue Beetle's opening dialogue with his friend was a hell of a lot better than the dialogue in the Gotham Knights episode. At least he sounds like a kid, and not a kid trying to sound like a kid. I thought he was Dick at first. But then again, I think everyone's Dick! (Mike, don't laugh!) I hope they do B&tB 197. You know, the one where Selina and Bruce get married.
  8. Ok, I didn't want to start a thread for this question. I'm watching tv, flip past the cartoon network, flip back -- Batman: The Brave & The Bold, Batman and the Blue Beetle. What?? Is this an old cartoon? It is in HD quality. It's enjoyable too.
  9. Tell me this is true so I can have a joygasm.
  10. The Dog Whisperer The Colbert Report South Park
  11. It was Condé Nast. No worries. "It eluded us then, but that's no matter -- tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. ... And one fine morning ---- So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." - Fitzgerald
  12. My company laid off everyone in my division, including me.
  13. If you want what you have, then you'll have what you want.
  14. *looks around* None taken? On to the next girl, Max! There's plenty of female bat-fans out there.
  15. You'd be surprised. I get a lot of "Celine" or "Lina" -- sometimes "Sky" but never "Catwoman." Which is fine, since I'm not catwoman and it's not halloween. (yet)