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  1. Well guys, I don't do much on here, but I had to share... Two weeks ago, I asked my girlfriend of 6 months to marry me. Her name is Michele by the way. She said yes and we announced it to my parents at breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. Sadly she had to go back home to Illinois, but next December we'll get married. A little dig at Mike though, she's a sexy (to me anyway) redhead. LOL
  2. I liked the Ian broke the TARDIS idea. It makes more sense than the shape shifting circuit just freezing up. Also we know what kind of trouble guys like Ian are right????
  3. All hail the "face-palm" moments!!!!!
  4. Tried Fios through Verizon or DSL through Verizon?
  5. Lol, I can only wish. BTW, Mike, James, Dan if you want to mention this good news on either WFP or BOTI you have my permission, LOL!
  6. Well while James has his girlfriend coming to visit him, I'm sorry to trump him, but here goes. I got married last Sun. to a lady from Indiana by the name of Jamie Middleton. It's Jamie Parent now, and I couldn't be happier.
  7. Shit sucks. My divorce was a horrible affair all because of my ex's shit I've never been married, but engaged now. As it is ex-girlfriends can still fuck with your life and emotions even without a ring on the finger.
  8. Pertwee as a person no, but The Doctor was taught a lesson. Never piss off the Council. Also he gained a good friend in the Brigadier.
  9. I don't mind Pertwee so much as I didn't care for Colin Baker, he was a bit too goofy for my tastes, but his companion well, Mike might agree with this as he's the dirty-minded guy of the WFP duo. Peri, you can knock on my door anytime. Pertwee made the Doctor more humble I think. Even Time Lords need to be humbled.
  10. There's always telling your parents, esp. your mom what doing those things do to you, and if that doesn't work, put a deadbolt on your door. LOL.
  11. Sounds like my first fiancee, not the double dating, but the cheating.
  12. Huh. I thought there were only two reasons people watched Ghost Whisperer. Some guys aren't interested in those things. Whenever I see her I'm afraid she's going to fall over...