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  1. Professor

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Random question: Is there any fiction that deals with a cured zombie outbreak, more specifically people dealing with the fact they were zombies that killed/ate people?
  2. Professor

    The Music Thread

    I love Air. I really do. Moon Safari is most likely my favorite album. Not just by Air, I mean favorite album full stop. I come to realize that in the past year. And yet, I find a concert on YouTube and it really weird to see them play. Kinda like peaking behind the curtain and seeing the true Oz. So weird.
  3. Professor

    The Flickchart Forum - join in!

    3 really. One is a concert film, which I wouldn't call a movie.
  4. Professor

    The Flickchart Forum - join in!

    The filmography of Prince.
  5. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    It always amazes me how the same company that put on an outstanding Takeover that left me satisfied, energized and anticipating the next chapter also put on a Wrestlemania that left me confused, tired and wondering why I bothered.
  6. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Plus, the absolute best "You Deserve It" chant there has ever been.
  7. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Been paying more attention to the WWE YouTube channel this week. Figured they be putting out some good stuff this week. I was correct.
  8. Professor

    Weird Dreams

    The one that always sticks out: For some reason I bring Rihanna to board game night at my friends house. But first, I have to get everybody to sign an NDA. But when my friend takes a picture his victory in some game, he gets Rihanna in the background. And for some reason, with his 33 followers, it goes viral. And this, again for some reason, lands me in a 'rap beef' with Drake. Which then leads to a tag team rap battle in the Skydome after a Blue Jays game. Only, Jose Bautista homers in the 9th (major bat flip) to send it into extras. And then I wake up.
  9. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Interested in seeing how that plays out. As in, I have no idea who is left in LU after they offered releases. But why the hell not? Everyone is already in New Orleans, why not another show? Side note: (Most) Everything happening that weekend. I knew that Mania Weekend was packed full, but damn.
  10. Professor

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    John Wick.
  11. Professor

    Everything Marvel

    Just finished season one of The Gifted. Not sure how I feel about it. Ramblings below. .
  12. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    So, Stephanie McMahon will be on commentary for the women's Royal Rumble. Well, that killed a lot of my excitement for the match.
  13. Professor

    What Podcasts are You Listening To?

    I'll give anything a listen.
  14. Professor

    What Podcasts are You Listening To?

    Any suggestions for podcasts that are about 30 minutes or under? I like to listen to things in full. Everything I listen to is an hour+ and sometimes I have 30 minutes and nothing to fill that gap.
  15. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Catching up on NXT and Ultima Lucha Tres (so far behind). Two things: - Switching the corners of a tag match is really jarring. It shouldn't be, but it is. - Luchadors wearing suits are inherently awesome.