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  1. Professor

    What are you watching and enjoying?

    Wanted something stupid, short and a maybe bit nostalgic to put on my phone, specifically so I had something to kill 45 minutes every Tuesday at work. I chose Cleopatra 2525. And it is wonderfully cheesy. Three attractive women shooting lasers at robots while doing flips and shit. I get why 15 year old me love it. I get why 33 year old me loves it.
  2. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Alistair Black, Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong, Ricochet, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Shayna Baszler, Kairi Sain. Then you got War Raiders, Keith Lee and Matt Riddle who are all just starting/about to start. And then there are lovable losers types like Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Chris Hero is there too. I say this with complete sincerity: I don't think there is anybody on the show that doesn't have something.
  3. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Ricochet won last week on NXT with a springboard 450 rather than his 630 finisher. And Meiko Satomura has had two matches in the Mae Young Classic and won with two different moves (DVD and Scorpion Kick). And I think Lars beat EC3 a few weeks ago with a diving headbutt. Not saying you are wrong, but those scrappy kids at Full Sail seem to be mixing things up recently.
  4. Professor


    Watched this yesterday because it was $5 and I was bored. Went in with the lowest of expectations. I thought the trailers looked bad. Wasn't exactly excited. It was alright. Kinda bog-standard comic book movie. Straight popcorn. It didn't stay with me. I normally let a movie sit with me for a day or so before I give thoughts. I normally think about it randomly throughout the day. I didn't think about Venom until I saw this thread. To me, it comes down to Tom Hardy. If you like his Eddie Brock, then you will probably like this movie. I really didn't. He was annoying for a good 80% of the time. Last thing: I almost watched this on Sunday. But the 2:20 runtime put me off a bit. But it is not even close to 2:20. Movie started at 1:20. Credits started at like 3:10. Then the LONGEST credits I have ever seen play. And I'm brainwashed into staying until the end for that 'bonus' scene. And then they just play five minutes of a different movie.
  5. Professor


    Predictably, to me at least, I finished season 2. Judging from my last post, it took me about two weeks to watch 11 episodes. And that is a thing with this show. I never felt compelled to watch an episode. And each episode did not encourage another. It is just so slow. The episodes are only an hour, but they felt so much longer. I really don't know what to say about it. I will note that the first five or so minutes of the last episode are straight out of a Shadow King / Professor X comic book battle. It did not make up for everything else, but it looked cool.
  6. Professor

    Weird Dreams

    So, I'm in the crowd at an NXT event at Full Sail University. Whatever match is happening, it is broken up with a run-in by Emma. Then Emma introduces her new tag team partner, Radar O'Reilly. Not Gary Burghoff. Radar. And he cuts a great babyface promo about wanting to be the best, but first he has to go home. Jump cut to me and Radar arriving at an amalgam of my old job, my current job and the 4077. We walk inside and Jamie Farr starts yelling at us for being late. Not Klinger, Jamie Farr. So, they start arguing. I pick up a jar of salsa that is on the floor (because dream) and put it on the desk. Jamie Farr picks it up mistaking it for his coffee cup and takes a huge chug and dream ends. I get the wrestling part. I watched NXT right before sleeping. That makes sense. But I haven't watched M*A*S*H in years. No idea where that came from.
  7. Professor

    First time you felt old

    Today I had to go check on my parents house while they enjoy vacation. My mom wanted me to check that the basement wasn't flooded. So I went down the stairs. The stairs that I used to play on and fall down all the time. Like all the time. How else was Donatello supposed to do a quintuple backflip off a building onto Bebop unless I ran full speed down the stairs? But I was 10 and made of rubber then. 20+ years later and falling down stairs isn't as much fun. In fact, it hurts like a motherfucker. In other news, I have no idea where I put my knee brace.
  8. Professor


    So, I've had season two just sitting here since it aired. Didn't want to watch week to week and then I wanted to watch other things first. Finally thought 'Right, it is only 11 episodes, it is a rainy weekend, let's just kill the season and move on.' And I watched one episode after college football yesterday and I cannot muster up whatever to continue today. And it is not like it is all that different than season one. It is still the 'Wacky, Crazy, Smart' show, but cranked up a couple of levels. This requires a level of concentration that I simply cannot provide in a marathon type situation.
  9. Professor

    The awesome video thread

    Found this guy and holy crap is he awesome. His puppeteering is just outstanding.
  10. Professor

    Random wrestling thoughts

    The 'Who Attacked Alistair Black" story in NXT is this amazing mix of corny, stupid and awesome. The security footage being 'enhanced ' to 'clearly' see a lone figure standing on a rooftop? I love it so much. And what impresses me is that Black gets hurt and they put this all together in a few days. And I have no idea who will be revealed as the attacker. A mystery that is an actual mystery? Bold move.
  11. Professor

    The Music Thread

    Dave Grohl made a thing. That thing being a 23 minute instrumental in which he plays everything. Because why not?
  12. Professor

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    So, the Aquabats are doing the kickstarter thing. I don't think it will get funded, but they uploaded the 2nd season and it is all new to me.
  13. Professor

    The "I need to vent" thread

  14. Professor

    What are you watching and enjoying?

    Okay, Cloak & Dagger. I plowed thru this over the weekend. So many thoughts about specific things so spoiler tags for that. General idea: Took way too long to get where they got. Season 2 should be better.