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  1. Watched Nancy Drew. I figured it would much the same as Riverdale. Kinda is, maybe leaning into the spooky more. It tries to be horror at times, but their version of trying is jump scares. It got old. Slightly hurt by the shutdown (cut from 22 to 18), but with I'm sure was a bit of extra editing, the finale works as a decent enough cliffhanger. I will say, for a show bases on a character who solves mysteries, the two main mysteries of the seasons had really weak reveals. And now I await the Encyclopedia Brown series. He will be in a fight against an alien invasion with the help of his single parent (played by someone from Melrose Place this time (and maybe a single mom this time, to shake things up)).
  2. The Crow: Salvation - Missed this when I thought I watched the sequels. I mean, why would you put 2 & 4 on a combo DVD and not 3? I'll give it this: it tried something new. It failed, but it tired. Also felt oddly unsure if it wanted to be an R for violence (with many violent acts off-screen), but went full R with the random boobs for no reason. The Great Sasuke - A documentary about The Great Sasuke. Shocking. It is a weird one. Felt like two mini docs slammed together. First half is about the old man wrestler who cannot seem to give it up. The generic wrestling doc sad tale. Then, jump cut, time skip, Great Sasuke is running for political office again. I could have done with better focus. It is free on the YouTubes if you are so inclined. I will give the Great Sasuke this: his skill of taking off his mask while simultaneously putting on a new mask is fascinating.
  3. Which State/Province do you live in/come from? I've lived in Ohio my entire life. Columbus (the capital city) for the first five years (of which I remember nothing). Then we all moved to the village of Baltimore, OH. Small & rural. Lots of farms. Three stop lights. (And I just googled why it is a village, because I had no idea. Apparently in Ohio, populations under 5,000 are villages. Baltimore has ~3,000. The more you know.) What makes your state special/different to others? That is a bit tough for me to say. Ohio generally gets looped into the 'flyover country' label. Which I don't entirely get. Columbus is the 2nd largest city in the midwest. Maybe Will can think of something, but I cannot. What local foods is your state known for? Wendy's founded in Columbus. Skyline Chili founded in Cincinnati. Famous for the 3-Way (Spaghetti covered with chili & cheese). I personally find it horrible and just plain wrong to in any way call what they sell as chili, but I'm in the minority. Maybe not as famous, but the Sweet Corn Festival as well as the Pumpkin Show are highly popular around us folk in our villages. What special buildings do you have? Ohio Stadium (aka The Horseshoe (aka The Shoe)). The home of the Ohio State Buckeyes. 4th largest stadium in football (college or NFL). And I'd wager one of the most iconic from an design standpoint. While it is kinda a shithole (and about to be replaced), Crew Stadium. The first soccer specific stadium built by an MLS team. And while not buildings per say, but Cedar Point has some pretty well known roller coasters.
  4. Robocop (The Shit Remake) - I don't think I've actively hated a movie this much in a long time.
  5. Professor


    Falling into a YouTube wormhole of 'people seeing color for the first time' really makes me want to get a pair of the glasses. But, then I wonder why? See normally would be the answer, but I'm not gonna wear them 24/7. Thus, I fail to see the allure.
  6. DC Comics ended its relationship with Diamond. Can't speak to the industry as a whole, but my local shops are pissed. Not so much that they have to get their comics elsewhere, but rather they have to order from what they feel is their competition (aka DCBS). One shop (as of now, given a few hours heads up) will now longer have DC books on the wall and DC will be pull list only. The other shop has yet to say anything today, but was very critical of the information he was asked to provide when DC started using non-Diamond distribution.
  7. Finally got around to the second half of the season. I feel like the break hurt my enjoyment. I barely remembered where things had left off. And the first few back didn't do it for me. I'm not sure if it is the show, or my absolute lack of bandwidth for political intrigue these day. I did enjoy things better as the episodes went by. But it felt like we got the season climax, and then still had two more episodes. Odd choice.
  8. Has there been any 'news' on DC Universe, specifically any sort of plan for the shows? With Stargirl being broadcast on The CW & Doom Patrol going on HBO Max I am a little confused. Airing Swamp Thing on The CW I understand: Bringing a finished product that is new to most people when new programming with be lean. Makes sense.
  9. How much can/do director's cuts change things? I ask this because I can only think of a few and only seen both versions of one (Daredevil).
  10. I think comedy (in general) does not have the highest degree of repeatability, once the punchline is given. The initial visceral laughter is gone. I can't remember the last one I rewatched. And that extends to stand up as well. I have piles of albums, but beyond Mitch Hedberg, I don't revisit.
  11. Professor

    The Music Thread

    It's not the swag that impresses me. It is the casual way in which he fixes everything then flexes hard that impresses me.
  12. The planet being destroyed. Googled since then, but I've not watched the movies nor really understand any potential relevance to the wider Star Trek mythos. Like I mentioned, it just felt like at times I was not only to have seen all the shows and movies, but also to remember every minute detail.
  13. Finally got around to watching Picard. I enjoyed it. The episodes kinda flew by, which I haven't felt in a while. Will say the final episode lacked any impact because I've seen science fiction before. My main issue was the feeling that I was missing things I was left with. This show was built on nostalgia. I get it. See Patrick Stewart revisit the character we all love. So seeing more familiar faces makes sense. But there are some deep cuts. And those are just the ones I noticed. Sure there are more. And like Romulus. I have no idea where that came from. Was it a blind spot of my Trek knowledge? Or was it completely new for the series? Not really new/casual Trek viewer friendly? Or maybe I'm just in that sweet spot where if I knew less these things wouldn't occur to me. Still liked it.
  14. If I can wildly speculate with my tin foil hat on... Could finally releasing New Mutants on 8/28 just be an offering to theaters? In that, theaters are not happy about the idea of a same day digital release. New Mutants is clearly a movie that Disney doesn't really care about. But it is a finished movie. So, make nice with the theaters and give it them. And if no one goes (for legal/health reasons or general disinterest), Disney can claim 'we tried, but it was too soon'. Thus giving them a reason to same day digital a film they care about, ie Black Widow.