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  1. Random thought of yesterday: 17 years ago this month, I had my last haircut. Which, seeing as I am 34, means I have gone half my life with long hair. In that context, I feel old.
  2. Semi-binged Harley Quinn the last week. Quite liked that.
  3. Dig! - Fell into a Dave Grohl podcast guest wormhole on YouTube. Forget where, but he briefly mentioned this documentary. Follows two 'sister' bands (The Dandy Warhols & The Brian Jonestown Massacre) as one gains success and one doesn't. At least, that is how it is sold. In reality it focuses 80%-90% on BJM, and basically just their lead person Anton. And that is where this falls apart for me. I don't find entertainment in watching someone who suffers from a combination of being an asshole/mental illness/drug addiction. There is seemingly a better doc that delivers on the mission statement (they have a TON of footage, like a shocking amount), but this is not it. Phantom of the Paradise - I don't know why, but in my head, this was hyped up as a "WTF, insane drug trip of epicness." It is not. I was bored. Followed thru to the end, but started multitasking halfway thru. Not a fan. Crow: City of Angels Crow: Wicked Prayer - So, I don't get it. I know Wicked Prayer is a bit of a punchline around here. And it is objectively bad. But it isn't the worst Crow movie because City of Angels exists. THAT is a movie that deserves to be a punchline and should never been seen. Glad I paid nothing for this DVD set.
  4. Catching up on things: Legion (Season 3) - I think I liked it better than season 2. Not that this season was any less pretentious and up its own ass. Because it certainly was. I just took like 3 months to watch 8 episodes. At least I got an ending. A totally unsatisfying and cop-out ending, but an ending. Runaways (Season 3) - I don't know exactly when they knew this would be the last season. Because the idea to abruptly end the 2+ season story to go all magic heavy seems like an odd choice. At least I got an ending. A mostly satisfying ending too. Titans (Season 2) - This was way better than the first. Still not the greatest, but an improvement. Nice to see an older Bruce Wayne. And Deathstoke was pretty good too.
  5. Birds of Prey - It was fun. Pretty much all I wanted from this. The Crow - Moved all the DVDs I've bought and never watched and put them into a big pile. This was on top. Still love it, and the pure 90s of it gets better with age. But I think this is the first time I've watched it since I watch the TV show. And those are the versions of the characters that are in my head. Weird. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot - Meh. About what I expected. The first part of the film is horrible. Very cringe. But it evens out and adds a little heart, which at least stopped me watching the timer. Still not good.
  6. Going thru a big ol' pile of VHS tapes that have sat in a cabinet forever. I completely forgot that CBS aired edited versions of Dexter during the writers strike. Shockingly, it loses something in the edit.
  7. I remember when Fast Five was coming out in theaters. I struggled to explain to people the difference between 1 & 4 when they came into the store to get the DVD to catch up. They all asked for #1, but actually wanted #4. And when I tried to make sure they got the correct DVD, I got a lot of blank stares. I had to make signs.
  8. I really hope not. The last thing I want to see is Edge in a ladder match. It is just not worth it. I mean, he has cashed in twice and only won the match once. There are ways around things if you want to go that route. Kinda disappointed they are going the Randy route. But, they'll have a nice, slow, safe, boring Randy Orton 2.75 star match. I really don't need much more from Edge.
  9. So, after avoiding spoilers all day, I finally got to watch the Rumble matches. I thought they were pretty bad. Seems I'm on an island with that thought.
  10. Professor

    The Music Thread

    I think I love everything about this
  11. I needed a good laugh.
  12. Not really sure where to put this, so I'll choose in here. Monday, as I was literally in the midst of clocking out, I was asked to run a massive shipment down to the UPS store a few blocks away. Hey, a bit of overtime never hurt anyone, so why not? The UPS store in two doors down. I park my work truck right in front of that barbershop when I deliver there. Had I not stopped to use the bathroom, I would have been there when shit went down. And given the direction they ran, I would have been in the way. As is, I missed everything, but got there before the cops. Not sure how I feel about that fact.
  13. Professor

    The Music Thread

    So, Poppy. I only know of her from NXT using a few songs and her showing up a few weeks back. Went to check out her albums. I am confused. This Transitions into Not what I expected.