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  1. Professor

    The Music Thread

    I think I love everything about this
  2. I needed a good laugh.
  3. Not really sure where to put this, so I'll choose in here. Monday, as I was literally in the midst of clocking out, I was asked to run a massive shipment down to the UPS store a few blocks away. Hey, a bit of overtime never hurt anyone, so why not? The UPS store in two doors down. I park my work truck right in front of that barbershop when I deliver there. Had I not stopped to use the bathroom, I would have been there when shit went down. And given the direction they ran, I would have been in the way. As is, I missed everything, but got there before the cops. Not sure how I feel about that fact.
  4. Professor

    The Music Thread

    So, Poppy. I only know of her from NXT using a few songs and her showing up a few weeks back. Went to check out her albums. I am confused. This Transitions into Not what I expected.
  5. Randomly thought about Almost Famous while driving home. Specifically why I like the movie as much as I do. I was 15 when I saw it, so was the main character. He was all about rock music and I was at my height of being an Aerosmith fanboy. Makes all the sense in the world. Then I realized I am now older than every single character in the film, sans the mom. How did that happen?
  6. Most pressing question of the night: Why was Raul Mendoza there? I really like him and all, but him being part of the 'invading force' seems random.
  7. In a totally foreseen problem, travel issues have arisen and most everybody is stuck in Saudi Arabia. And the backup plan of sending 12 wrestlers back separately has also not gone well. So now for Smackdown, which starts in about 3.5 hours as I type this, has Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Sami Zayn and the entire women's roster. Much like the snowstorm RAW or the volcano RAW, it will be interesting how/what they do.
  8. Last year I pretty much stopped watching shows week to week and waited to binge the series later. And I still haven't done so. About a month ago, I started watching weekly (ish) again, and surprisingly, I find it enjoyable again. I find that interesting.
  9. Joker: Been about a week since I watched this. Still not sure how I feel. Yeah, the acting was good. But I was bored for most of the movie. Not really a type of movie that I go to the theater to see. It got me by being called JOKER. If this was called Fleck I would have paid this zero attention. But a movie called Fleck, or Clown, or whatever wouldn't have gotten buzz/budget/been made full stop. Zombieland 2: I really liked the first one. This, not so much. All the new characters were really annoying & completely one note parodies. And then..
  10. Did my normal Monday listen to wrestling podcasts, specifically the ones post last weeks NXT. And I was surprised to hear so much conversation about Tomasso Ciampa beating up a pair of pants. Or rather pants that happen to be the same color as the Mexican flag. And thus controversy. Apparently. Not once did that enter into my mind watching the episode. I don't get it.
  11. Professor


    Spending a quiet weekend at home crossing off many things on the mile long 'to-do' list is greatly satisfying.
  12. Almost forgot why I came into this thread: WALTER is awesome. I want WALTER vs. Roderick Strong. This is all.
  13. Money. They sure like that TV money. Also, it has been rumored for months that WWE is trying to get a 3rd hour for Smackdown. However given the structure of FOX, it would have to go onto FS1, which is stupid. The end of AEW Dark was around the 3.5-4 hour mark for the live crowd. It was noticeable.
  14. Revenge of the Ninja - There were ninjas. There was revenge. There was fighting. There was more fighting. I am happy with it.
  15. Get hit with lightning, Lesnar'd still kick at two. Yes, Kofi losing was happening. But if he had a Lesnar/Balor level match, I don't think anyone bats an eye.