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    The Music Thread

    Dave Grohl made a thing. That thing being a 23 minute instrumental in which he plays everything. Because why not?
  2. So, the Aquabats are doing the kickstarter thing. I don't think it will get funded, but they uploaded the 2nd season and it is all new to me.
  3. Okay, Cloak & Dagger. I plowed thru this over the weekend. So many thoughts about specific things so spoiler tags for that. General idea: Took way too long to get where they got. Season 2 should be better.
  4. Professor

    The Music Thread

    Been watching random videos of Prince live. I'm not one for live shows, but man I would have loved to see him live.
  5. Been dealing with a dog that will not shut the fuck up. It is my neighbors dog. We share a common wall and when the neighbor goes out, the dog will whimper and whine and bark. For hours on end. I had informed the landlord as I could never catch the neighbor at home. Today was the fourth (possibly fifth) time I made a complaint. I made a point that I really did not want to file a noise complaint, but I had inquired at the police station if I had a valid claim. And indeed I do. But I really do not want to go that route. But whatever was being done to stop the nonstop barking was clearly not working. I think I have been pretty reasonable up until now so I may need to take that step. Magically, I get a knock on my door. Oh hey, it is my neighbor I've never seen before with a small little dog. A tiny girl, maybe 19, with a small little dog that is a recently retired service dog that is apparently going thru anxiety issues. Wonderful. She apologized and offered the explanation/excuse. And here I am now. If the dog barks again I can either just sit on my couch and grow increasing annoyed or be a massive asshat and file a noise complaint on a young girl and her anxiety ridden service dog. Fuck.
  6. I'd say NXT does the best with their champions, if you count NXT as WWE (and I can understand both sides of that discussion). Everyone has an eye of the champion, title shots have to be earned and they don't happen all that often. Beyond being just an amazing match, the most recent Mustache Mountain vs. Undisputed Era match was entirely about how important the Tag Team Championships were to those four men. Side note: If you haven't watched that match, do so. I went in spoiled (which I hate and normally kills it for me) and it didn't matter. I was totally sucked in and loved every minute.
  7. Crossroads - I know I've seen this before, but that must have been 25ish years ago. Been on a blues kick so this popped into my head. It's okay. Not much happens and Ralph Macchio is not very good. I can see why I had little memory of this.
  8. Watched the 2nd season of Timeless over the past week. Something occurred to me about halfway in. Time travel fiction has an inherent shelf life for me. The longer the story goes, the less logical it becomes and I get less interested. That said, I still enjoyed the season and hope they do get that proposed post-cancellation movie to resolve the series.
  9. Definitely my favorite thing I've seen today
  10. Cheers for the help distracting from my six hour road trip. Viscera in a wind tunnel might be the peak, but Weekend at Terry's hit at just the right time to be the funniest thing ever.
  11. Continuing my finishing of seasons lands on Ash vs. the Evil Dead. Wasn't really feeling this season. Still love the cast, but the story no so much. But it definitely picked up on the back half. It ramped up to a satisfying (and large) enough conclusion to the season, and as it turns out, the series and probably the character. Even the coda worked for me.
  12. Been sitting here for the past half hour trying to enter the Post Wrestling G1 prediction contest. And it is way harder than I thought it would be. Predicting block/overall winner(s) is rather simple. Then looking at the schedule and trying to have drama on the last day and working backwards with points. And then you look multiple guys have zero points. And then you try a spreadsheet. And that was not wise. Now I feel like a need a room full of white boards and a montage. All that to say, new respect to Gedo for booking all of this.
  13. For some reason I stopped watching any show over the back half of their respective seasons. Time to catch up. iZombie has went downhill so fast this past season. Not that it was on that high of a hill to begin with. Riverdale has this thing. It isn't good. All the characters are not good people (save maybe one). They can't stop with the murder-killin'. Yet, I enjoy it? Maybe? Why? Blindspot is a show that no one watches. It had an interesting enough mystery for the first season and second season to finish it off. This third season hasn't been the greatest, but still had moments. Then the season finale had to go all 'last 3 episodes of Chuck' and I say fuck that.
  14. Random question: Is there any fiction that deals with a cured zombie outbreak, more specifically people dealing with the fact they were zombies that killed/ate people?
  15. Professor

    The Music Thread

    I love Air. I really do. Moon Safari is most likely my favorite album. Not just by Air, I mean favorite album full stop. I come to realize that in the past year. And yet, I find a concert on YouTube and it really weird to see them play. Kinda like peaking behind the curtain and seeing the true Oz. So weird.
  16. 3 really. One is a concert film, which I wouldn't call a movie.
  17. It always amazes me how the same company that put on an outstanding Takeover that left me satisfied, energized and anticipating the next chapter also put on a Wrestlemania that left me confused, tired and wondering why I bothered.
  18. Plus, the absolute best "You Deserve It" chant there has ever been.
  19. Been paying more attention to the WWE YouTube channel this week. Figured they be putting out some good stuff this week. I was correct.
  20. Professor

    Weird Dreams

    The one that always sticks out: For some reason I bring Rihanna to board game night at my friends house. But first, I have to get everybody to sign an NDA. But when my friend takes a picture his victory in some game, he gets Rihanna in the background. And for some reason, with his 33 followers, it goes viral. And this, again for some reason, lands me in a 'rap beef' with Drake. Which then leads to a tag team rap battle in the Skydome after a Blue Jays game. Only, Jose Bautista homers in the 9th (major bat flip) to send it into extras. And then I wake up.
  21. Interested in seeing how that plays out. As in, I have no idea who is left in LU after they offered releases. But why the hell not? Everyone is already in New Orleans, why not another show? Side note: (Most) Everything happening that weekend. I knew that Mania Weekend was packed full, but damn.
  22. Just finished season one of The Gifted. Not sure how I feel about it. Ramblings below. .