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  1. Randomly thought about Almost Famous while driving home.  Specifically why I like the movie as much as I do.  I was 15 when I saw it, so was the main character.  He was all about rock music and I was at my height of being an Aerosmith fanboy.  Makes all the sense in the world.


    Then I realized I am now older than every single character in the film, sans the mom.  How did that happen?

  2. In a totally foreseen problem, travel issues have arisen and most everybody is stuck in Saudi Arabia.  And the backup plan of sending 12 wrestlers back separately has also not gone well.  So now for Smackdown, which starts in about 3.5 hours as I type this, has Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Sami Zayn and the entire women's roster.


    Much like the snowstorm RAW or the volcano RAW, it will be interesting how/what they do.

  3. Joker:  Been about a week since I watched this.  Still not sure how I feel.  Yeah, the acting was good.  But I was bored for most of the movie.  Not really a type of movie that I go to the theater to see.  It got me by being called JOKER.  If this was called Fleck I would have paid this zero attention.   But a movie called Fleck, or Clown, or whatever wouldn't have gotten buzz/budget/been made full stop.


    Zombieland 2: I really liked the first one.  This, not so much.  All the new characters were really annoying & completely one note parodies.  And then..


    First five minutes, you are introduced zombie classes: Homer, Hawking and Ninja.   And they never are seen again.   Because you then introduce the T800, the 'badass' harder to kill zombie.  Which are then killed with little more effort than any other zombies in the final battle.  Just lazy writing.

    And they go way out of their way to have the heroes without guns.  Stupidly so


  4. Did my normal Monday listen to wrestling podcasts, specifically the ones post last weeks NXT.  And I was surprised to hear so much conversation about Tomasso Ciampa beating up a pair of pants.  Or rather pants that happen to be the same color as the Mexican flag.  And thus controversy.  Apparently.  Not once did that enter into my mind watching the episode.  I don't get it.

  5. Money.  They sure like that TV money.

    Also, it has been rumored for months that WWE is trying to get a 3rd hour for Smackdown.  However given the structure of FOX, it would have to go onto FS1, which is stupid. 


    19 hours ago, Dread said:

    The NWA show was super old school, and I really liked it. The AEW one had its moments, but felt kind of flat by the end.


    The end of AEW Dark was around the 3.5-4 hour mark for the live crowd.  It was noticeable.

  6. 2 hours ago, The Master said:

    Barring lightning striking Brock on the way to the ring or New Day piling on him, Brock was always going to win. I think most people accepted that going in. But man they did not need to kill Kofi in under 10 seconds. Not only does it devalue Kofi, it devalues the belt.

    Get hit with lightning, Lesnar'd still kick at two. 


    Yes, Kofi losing was happening.  But if he had a Lesnar/Balor level match, I don't think anyone bats an eye. 

  7. My way too early, over the top AEW reaction:  Meh.

    Much like Mike, I have not been a fan Jericho post WWE.  But I also am not a fan of Cody (for many reasons), which hampers the entire thing.

    Main thought from the first episode: where is the 'true alternative' that I kept hearing about?  Yeah, there was no wife drama or whatever Rusev is doing.  But the post match of the Women's Title match was straight out of bad TNA.  The main event was straight up stupid and focused a lot on ex-WWE guys. Including Dustin, which is whatever, but not really different than another 50+ year old guy in Goldberg showing up. 

    Again, first show and I'm being obtuse, but still.

  8. MLB

    Man.  Today was the last game of Marty Brennaman's 46 years in the Cincinnati Reds radio booth.  Not an abrupt retirement, so I knew this day was coming.  I made it a point that I had to listen to today's game.  Didn't expect it to hit me quite like it has.  But in texting with a friend, I should have.  Marty is baseball to me.  I've heard his voice for so many hours.  I fell asleep to him calling west coast trips countless times.  Even when I finally had the ability to watch the games, I would mute the TV and turn up the radio.


    He is baseball.


    Listening to him today, he wants to go places and do things while he still can.  After 46 years at 77 years old, he has more than earned that.  So while a personally sad day, I am glad he went out on his terms.  This one belongs to Marty.

  9. Took a minute (or two days) to catch up on things.  I really hope that the AEW vs. WWE thing is kept to television.  Both running shows on the same day is rough.

    So, All Out.  It was a good show with some really good wrestling.  But they have issues.  That main event was not good.  I may be on an island, but I have not enjoyed Jericho post-WWE.  I get that having him is good for the company, but I don't think he should be the headline act.  Speaking of not enjoying a post-WWE run: Cody.  He is fine.  The crowd loves him and I cannot deny that.  But all of his AEW matches have been so 'old school' that I cannot enjoy them.  So many cheap shortcuts are taken.  It worked then, and maybe judging by the crowd, it still does.  But I'm out.

    And they need to sort out their camera work/production.  Singles matches were fine.  Anything with more than two people: So many missed spots.  And having a ladder block the hard camera for most of that match is just poor planning.  Will give then credit for better commentary.  JR still isn't great (His name is Jungle Boy, not Jungle Jack.  Stop it.), but he worked better with Goldenboy.

    Last thing: They really need to be careful about these long show.  I've heard them in interviews knock WWE for long shows and state they won't do that.  Well, by my count they just put on a five hour show.   Not exactly short.


    Now, the show I liked more: NXT UK Takeover Cardiff.  It was a tight three hours that built to an awesome main event.  Cesaro showed up and did Cesaro things.  Tag Title match was so much fun with an very lively crowd cheering on their hometown boys.  And the main event was my favorite over the two shows.  Tyler Bate is only 22 and putting on matches like that.

    If you chose AEW over Takerover, at least watch the main event.  Well, watch the amazing Target special they did first, then watch the main event.