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  1. Just finished season one of The Gifted. Not sure how I feel about it. Ramblings below. .
  2. So, Stephanie McMahon will be on commentary for the women's Royal Rumble. Well, that killed a lot of my excitement for the match.
  3. Any suggestions for podcasts that are about 30 minutes or under? I like to listen to things in full. Everything I listen to is an hour+ and sometimes I have 30 minutes and nothing to fill that gap.
  4. Catching up on NXT and Ultima Lucha Tres (so far behind). Two things: - Switching the corners of a tag match is really jarring. It shouldn't be, but it is. - Luchadors wearing suits are inherently awesome.
  5. Just curious, why was that a bad decision?
  6. Professor

    The Music Thread

    Reason why I still listen to randomness from the library or in the 4/$1 bin at the Goodwill. Yeah, mostly mediocre, sometimes bad, but then you find gems like the Carolina Chocolate Drops. So worth it.
  7. I finally had a chance to watch WK12 yesterday. And good lord that was a marathon. WWE gets a lot of flack (and deservedly) for their 'more is more' stance on their big shows. NJPW gets a pass and they really shouldn't. Yes, the New Japan shows are better top to bottom. I feel that is not debatable. But WK12 took me all day to get thru. I had to take several breaks. I hit an absolute wall during Tanahashi/White. Not sure I recovered for the main events. I just makes the entire experience less enjoyable than they should be. As for that card itself, it was quite good. Don't think I am as blown away as some of the reviews I have been reading. My best match was probably the Jr 4-way. Worst matches were both tag matches; traditional and 6-man. Jericho/Omega was good. Okada/Naito was better. Okada's pants were the best.
  8. It is Rumble season and I am surprised that almost none of the Mania card is known. Lesnar vs. Reigns is the only match. Everything else seems fluid. Don't know if that shows a lack of long term planning or things being kept secret for once.
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    I know the rule that no one cares about your fantasy team except you. And it is completely true. However, I just won my long time league over my arch-rival. On the literal last play of our season. Which was a fumble recovery returned for a TD by the Eagles as time expired on MNF. The Eagles are his team. The ensuing trash-talk and general mockery from the entire league the past 48 hours has been absolutely glorious. I have been kinda down on fantasy lately, but this has been the most fun.
  10. The Last Dragon - Been sitting on my coffee table since I saw Taimak on UpUpDownDown. Fun. Just fun. Cry-Baby - Soundtrack came up on random on my drive home, so why not? "Electricity killed my parents!" may be my favorite movie line and I don't really know why it makes me laugh so hard. But it does. Every time.
  11. Atomic Blonde - Looks awesome and I love the soundtrack. Has one really great fight scene and not much else. Plot is nothing new, which I don't really care about, but I was just bored. And if I never see another spy film where the last ten minutes just devolves into a series of 'shocking turns' it will be too soon.
  12. Professor

    The Music Thread

    Not sure if I love them yet. I only found them an hour ago. But this is so going to be in my head all day tomorrow. That is a certainty.
  13. The crossover/team-up that defined my childhood: Power Rangers (in Space) meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the next Mutation).
  14. Well, it is a movie. But at some point a thought popped into my head. Marvel did this already. Like this felt like a mid-to-low tier Marvel movie. But I'd rather have this than the borefest that was BvS. And the CGI is horrible.
  15. I liked this, but I think they went a little to far with the haha. And no even about the serious vs. jokey thing. Kinda felt like they were afraid for Thor to just be a badass. Oh, and
  16. I'm gonna double down on my too many characters comment. Yeah, they focus on the Core 4, but everyone else is barely there.
  17. I don't know. The season has felt flat. And watching the third episode, it kinda struck me as to why. There are So. Many. Characters. And it seems like they are adding more people like Moose & Reggie. And Daddy Lodge. And in response:
  18. Well, finally caught up with TLC. And well, that main event was so boring. And then... Does this mean Braun cames back as Kevin Nash?
  19. Someone asked me if I still had my sub license. I don't, but something hit me. There are now high school students that were not born the last time I got a haircut.
  20. So, due to things and Roman Reigns not being able to work, Kurt Angle is going to make his WWE in-ring return on Sunday. In a TLC match. I'm scared. Angle is insane. I hope he doesn't do anything overly risky.
  21. How can you not love Rusev.
  22. So I'm watching Power Rangers Time Force. I get to episode 6, in which a school bus full of kids is hijacked and they are held for ransom. Immediately, I think of my favorite episode of Walker, Texas Ranger (Cyclone) which just so happens to have the same plot. Naturally, I find it on dailymotion and watch it with way too much glee. (Off topic: Walker digs out the school bus, which had been buried by heavy machinery, with his bare hands. Oh, and a tornado is ten feet away. Too much glee.) Didn't hit me until the end. The 'Villain of the Week' on that specific episode of Walker is *check IMDB* Edward Albert, a main cast member of Power Rangers Time Force. I love weird coincidences.
  23. So the Mae Young classic is over. And now I can state fully that I disliked pretty much everything about it, except for the actual wrestling. The wrestling was fine to very good. The actual tournament was well done with enough surprise winners to keep things interesting. I don't like the fact a lot of focus was put on a famous person sitting in the front row, but I get it and it is what it is. But I did not like how they presented the series at all. The 'binge' watch rollout was a horrible idea. Going the CWC route of one episode a week after NXT worked so much better. I was given time to digest, think, anticipate and want more. This did not. When the second set came out, less than 24 hours later, their own WWE youtube page uploaded interviews with winners. In my head, that implies that they expected me to watch on Monday. And now I have spoilers by just opening an app. And having the finals come off as some thrown together afterthought, sandwiched in between two other shows. Give it more of an event feel, instead of showing the four in the crowd, have the other competitors have a tag match. Showcase some of this new talent you have coming in. But the in ring was good. Hopefully this breathes some life into the very stale women's divisions on all three shows.