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  1. Alright, so I've been pre-occupied the past few days and haven't finished the extras for The E-Space Trilogy. Shall watch them over the next couple of days and have a review posted by the end of the week at the latest.
  2. Got anything specific in mind? I'm picking up the newest boxset release, The Black Guardian Trilogy, during the week so I might do that but if you want me to post a review on anything from my collection then let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  3. Oh dear, don't tell Suavestar about that. He'll want to watch it now. As for DVD updates, here's what I've bought since I started posting this... William Hartnell/Patrick Troughton Lost In Time (3 disc set featuring episodes for which complete stories are missing) Patrick Troughton The Mind Robber The Seeds Of Death The War Games Jon Pertwee: Carnival Of Monsters The Time Warrior Tom Baker: The Ark In Space The Hand Of Fear The Deadly Assasin Horror Of Fang Rock Image Of The Fendhal The E-Space Trilogy boxset Peter Davison: Four To Doomsday Colin Baker: Attac
  4. Yeah, using footage from an abandoned story if my head serves me right.
  5. Ah the internet fairy, she looks after us all now and again! Would you recommend it? I've been looking around for it lately, and since RTD has previously said he used it as a primary source for how he layed out the new series, it could be interesting.
  6. Alright it's in the Bigger On The Inside section.
  7. So, yeah... what Doctor Who dvd's do you own. Here's my little list to start us off... Also, does anyone have any recommendations on what stories to add next? ------------------------------------------------------------- CLASSIC SERIES William Hartnell: The Beginning - 3 story boxset The Dalek Invasion of Earth The Time Meddler The War Machines Patrick Troughton: The Tomb Of The Cybermen The Invasion Jon Pertwee: Spearhead From Space Beneath The Surface - 3 story boxset (which includes 1 story from Peter Davison's era) Inferno The Claws Of Axos The Three Doctors
  8. Those new figures look terribly childish... which is probably the point as they're aimed at the kids. Trust you, suavestar! It is red... BTW, is there a thread for people's Doctor Who DVD collections?
  9. Funnily enough, I've started doing something like this with Suavestar, only I'm doing the recent series first since the series 4 boxset it out next week. Then I was gonna go to the classic series and do like a different story every two/three weeks or so.
  10. Knew it'd get to you! What's the tracks in Rock Band 2? Apparently there's a European release "before Christmas"?
  11. Been playing LEGO Batman recently. Definately up there with LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga - has just the right mix of puzzles and other stuff. Picking up WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2009 and Quantum Of Solace this weekend. Also looking forward to picking up Little Big Planet, Sonic Unleashed, Football Manager 2009 (if it works on my laptop!), Fable 2, and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts which I'll end up getting between now and Christmas. (And yes, Suavy... that means I'm buying an Xbox 360!)