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  1. I liked Batman '89 a lot when I was younger, but I'm not as into it anymore. I still like it, Batman Returns, and Batman Forever even though they aren't very good films. I'd buy the DVDs if I found them really cheap, but watching them whenever they are on TV is enough for me.
  2. I won't vote because I haven't watched Justice League yet. I agree with what was said in the latest WFP about Batman vs. The Albino being the best fight at that point in the DCAU. That was one of those fights where I didn't want to blink because I might miss something awesome.
  3. Rats!: Very funny review! This is one of those episodes that is really stupid, but I don't hate as much as I should. Is it just me, or do a lot of shows pull out the giant rats invade the city card? I can't remember any other instances off the top of my head, but it feels like I've seen it a hundred times. Mind Games: I really liked this episode. One of my favorites from Batman Beyond so far. The psychic fat guy is really creepy and the fight between him and Batman is excellent. Revenant: I think I'll take a bad episode like Rats over a really boring one like this. At least the bad episodes are fun to mock and make fun of. The Willy Watt character does nothing for me, and neither did the story in Revenant. Babel: Pretty good. I like Shriek, and the sound gimmick is interesting. I liked seeing the civilian that Batman rescued (the guy in the crane accident) respond by hugging Batman. It's a genuine reaction that we don't see very much. Terry's Friend Dates a Robot: This one was so dumb it was enjoyable. I knew it wasn't to be taken seriously as soon as I read the title. It's not that funny, but stupid little things like the robot blowing up the whole house makes me laugh. I've noticed that it's hard for me to associate the Batman Beyond episodes with their titles. If you tell me a BTAS title, I can probably tell you what the episode was about, but these ones don't define the episodes very well. Can't wait for the Batman Returns review. I saw it when it came out in 1992, when I was three years old. Of course, it really creeped me out, and the image of Penguin sinking to the bottom of the water stuck in my mind. I saw it the second time a few years ago before I got into Batman and liked it, not recognizing some of the camp and because adding a Christmas theme to anything will make me feel a little fonder for it. The last time I watched it was just a a couple of months ago, now realizing how little Batman is even in the movie and how bad it is to see Christopher Walken's character overshadow two staple Batman villains.
  4. My DVD does the same thing as James' during that scene. I can't remember seeing it happen anywhere else, but I could have missed it.
  5. I got the single disc at Wal-Mart with the comic book and coin. I'll probably watch all of the DVD extras on youtube, so I didn't bother with the two-disc set. I haven't watched it yet (going to later tonight), but I'll see if I notice any transition problems.
  6. Sounds awesome. It's hard to realize how great the music is with all of the dialogue and special effect sounds on top of it. I'm definitely getting a hold of this.
  7. Do they coin and comic book only come with the single-disc set? I love the Walmart exclusive extras, but I'd rather have a disc of extras.
  8. I always liked or hated Winnie Cooper. She never annoyed me much, but she could be so cold to poor Kevin. I hope The Wonder Years is released on DVD someday soon. Damn music legalities.
  9. Hey Mike and James. This is Kody from the Oratory forums. The Dark Knight restored my interest in Batman, so I've been watching B:TAS and listening to World's Finest Podcast over the last couple of months. I bought all three seasons of Batman Beyond on sale at Bestbuy the other day for $45 (originally would have been $90!). I didn't hate this batch of episodes, but they were really blah. I like the Inque character, the Earth Mover looked terrifying, and "Splicers" was kind of funny in a bad way, but the everything else was just there. I realized "Joyride" was completely pointless five minutes in, and was miserable for the rest of that episode, waiting for it to end.