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  1. What You've Read 2017

    Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions, Valeria Luiselli: A short (100 pages without sources/references) but brutal read about how the US treats undocumented children immigrants, primarily focusing on immigration courts in NYC, the authors experience as an immigrant, and as a translator for children caught in these courts. Read this. You'll be done with it in an afternoon, but it'll stick with you. Books read: 72
  2. What games are you currently playing?

    Destiny 1: Shoots happen. Bungie destroyed the grimorie cards/tracker because they're not in Destiny 2 so I have no idea what's going on. Hell, even with them I don't think I'd know what's happening. But it's fun watching Jim's face when there's another dumb platforming section.
  3. The Convention Thread

    *bangs fist on table* BRING UNTO US THE WILSON
  4. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Insexts 13: Sad to see this end, but man that was a good issue to go out on, especially that last double page sex spread. Land of the Lustrous v2: Some potentially interesting plot threads in the background, but mostly some real goddamn gorgeous art (pretty enough to rival Kaoru Mori). I'm in. What Did You Eat Yesterday v12: Good recipes, cute individual developments, all in all another solid volume. Zines: 15 Single Issues: 265 Trades/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 94 Omnibuses: 4
  5. What You've Read 2017

    Taste of Marrow, Sarah Gailey: Sequel to River of Teeth, in that it actually looks at the emotional fallout of the last novella, and continues the story in an unexpected but interesting way. I also get the sense that there's another one of these in her if they do well. Eternal love for a fat bi lady who is one of my most recent favorite characters, period. You can get through this real quick, and it continues to be wonderful besides. Books read: 71
  6. Every comic you've read in 2017

    December: A Diary Comic About Depression: Zine I picked up at FlameCon. Extremely accurate depiction of how I experience depression at times. Sailor Moon Tribute Zine: Pretty much what it says on the cover. Trung does line work that's really well suited to Sailor Moon in general. The Magic Fish: A collection of two comics Trung started but has not yet finished. One's a Little Mermaid adaptation, the other is a Vietnamese Cinderella variant called Tam Cam. The collection starts out with Trung's personal relations to both these stories, and his art is amazing. My Neighbor Jiaojian: Wendy Xu and Alyssa Wong team up for a six page horror comic. Very creepy. The Legend of Gay Zelda: Again, what it says on the tin. . Small anthology of various gay/lesbian Zelda comics. Breath of the Wild dominates due to the release time (and yay for Link/fucky fish prince appearing frequently), but these are really short, sweet, and well done. Orchid: A sweet little Yuri on Ice doujinshi I picked up at FlameCon. Combination of domestic moments, realistic depictions of anxiety, and of course, banging. Three Chrysanthemum Moon: Chapter Zero: Prelude to Wendy Xu's new comic, which combines royal drama, politics, animal people, and magic. Good into, and I'm interested to see where it goes. Burl and Fur: Pinup collection of bears/bara dudes. Hell yeah. Runaways 1: Anka continues to be wonderful, and is probably the perfect fit for this book. Not sure how I feel about how we get dropped into things storywise this issue, but it's better than America 1. Nice acknowledgement that AForce was a thing that happens. Mister Miracle 2: Hmmmm. That is. Hmmm. Let's see where that goes. (Special shoutouts this time around to the color work. Damn.) Zines: 15 Single Issues: 264 Trades/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 92 Omnibuses: 4
  7. What You've Read 2017

    Death's End, Cixin Liu (translated by Ken Liu): Finally fucking done with this. 600 pages, and at times, some of the most dense technical writing I've ever read. The scale is immense - through hibernation and the simple scale of light speed travel, several thousand years are covered. All the threads of the previous books come back and are wrapped. It's bleak as fuck, and it feels like a fucking hammer just swinging away at you, but still manages to end on a bit of hope that feels genuine. The pros: Liu does an amazing job on the translations, and this book flows a lot better than the last one, and even more so than Three Body Problem (now that Liu knows Cixin's style better). The sheer scale, and epic (in the proper old term) involved in this. The way everything ties into each other, across books and eras. The ending, where you feel a genuine bit of hope that the author doesn't mercilessly extinguish, and in fact encourages you to believe in it. The cons: oh sweet Christ if I never have to read another fucking technical exposition it will be too fucking soon. It goes hard on the hard sci-fi, but given at least half, if not more is technical exposition dumps that feel like death marches, I start to think that maybe the editor (either in the original or the translation) could have suggested some cuts. Our lead character ends up being a bit flat because of the focus on technical exposition at times over any kind of inner dialogue, and at times can be reduced to the madonna/mother archetype. Everything gets wrapped neatly, but toward the end you get the feeling that Liu remembered "oh fuck, these people exist, I need to wrap their stories somehow", and it feels a bit haphazard as such. This gets super fucking bleak at times, overwhelmingly so. Honestly, you could probably skip Dark Forest and just stick to the first (Three Body Problem) and this one for the series, as there's a nice summary of all the books to this point in the front of this one. Ken Liu does a really good job of translating these, and switching translators in the middle of the trilogy was probably one of the biggest mistakes they made. I am also probably a lot kinder to this book having only spent $3 on it because of sales. Books read: 70
  8. What You've Read 2017

    The Brightest Fell, Seanan McGuire: Seanan kind of has two modes with her Toby Daye novels. Plot light, and plot heavy. This is the latter. The shit that goes down in this book, both in the main plot and in the novella in the back, is heavy. What starts out as one of the funnest moments in a Toby Daye novel goes the darkest that she has so far with these. I mainlined this in most of a night. If you want to read 11 books of a really well plotted fantasy series, go read this series; you won't be disappointed. Books read: 69 (nice)
  9. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Bombshells United 1: Wonder Woman takes on the order for Japanese American internment by saving a train bound for the camps, and also Clayface shows up as a soldier. Also, puns. A damn good start to the second series. Lucifer v1: The recent continuation. I have some issues with the logic of the continuation, but otherwise, a solid murder mystery, and a neat interim story with art by Stephanie Hans that seems to lead into the next arc. If I can find vol 2, I'll give it a read. Zines: 9 Single Issues: 262 Trades/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 90 Omnibuses: 4
  10. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Bitch Planet Triple Feature 4: Not my favorite stories of the bunch so far, with the exception of Vita Ayala's story at the end. Still solid. Codename Baboushka: Ghost Station Zero 2: Ooof. The art is... a lot rougher than I remember from the first arc. Story seems a bit more suited to the John Wick director's interpretation of Lorraine (from Coldest City/Atomic Blonde). Mage: The Hero Denied 2: Yup. Still super 90s. Not my thing. Spy Seal 2: Again, Tintin/Scarry aesthetic, but with WAY too much in the word balloons. Zines: 9 Single Issues: 261 Trades/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 89 Omnibuses: 4
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    FFXII: Zodiac Age: We've got Reddas, my favorite guest character now, and I've been trying to hold off on the plot for as long as possible so I can a) use him as a wonderful fourth character to make the Hunts easier (we're down to 1 mil plus dragon fucker and Gilgamesh) and b) put off losing him from the party. We're probably about forty to fifty hours in gameplay wise I wanna say, in speed mode, and we're already at Pharos. This really benefitted from the HD remake (we're into the really pretty shit like Giruvegan and the Pharos). (Also love that the female characters for the most part get to have their own stories not tied to the dudes.) Also: some of our characters are now to 1341 LP, and nothing left to use it on. We might be going hunting for additional Espers before we finish out Pharos. Mass Effect 2 (again): Two things learned from this playthrough: there are still small missions from scanning that we didn't get the last time; and that we really have to commit to either Paragon or Renegade, because otherwise decisions can happen that negate characters' loyalty. At endgame again for P5, should probably finish that off soon. Should see if I can do the secret battle with the Twins. Overwatch: Please nerf Doomfist. Please. The new loot boxes are working out well; I finally got to the point where I have the vast majority of the stuff in the normal loot boxes, so I've now maybe racked up over 9k currency, which will come in handy for the Halloween event. Still haven't done Deathmatch. Looking forward to the new Junkertown map. Again, not playing this near as much as I used to, except around event times, but I'm pretty okay with that. Upcoming: Pyre, Wolfenstein: New Order, restarting Bayonetta at some point, more Yakuza 5, Nier Automata, Dishonored 2 (yes we still haven't played it), Dest1ny.
  12. What You've Read 2017

    Provenance, Ann Leckie: ARC of Leckie's follow up to the Ancillary trilogy. No one from the original trilogy shows up, and events are referenced in ways that would make sense for people hearing it a system or two away, which I really like. The best way I can explain this is that it's like a Shakespeare comedy of errors, but writ on an interstellar scale; and applied to items of cultural importance. I really like how the story unfolds, and how the story frames family, it's characters, and the importance of cultural artifacts. I got through this in about three nights, roughly. There will be a bit of weirdness as you get used to the alien pronouns, but you can figure it out pretty quickly. Definitely get this when it comes out later this month. Books read: 68
  13. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Note on the Cat Staggs stuff: most of the stuff she's worked on has been licensing stuff where the characters looking like photoshop traces is actually an asset. That's all I'll say. Motor Crush 6: Flashback issue focusing on Domino's dad and fleshing out a bit more of his backstory. The art this time is Cameron Stewart trying to look like Babs Tarr (with Babs and her normal colorer on the coloring), which can get a bit weird at times. Good issue to ease us back into things. Seven to Eternity 9: Well, SHIT. Opena and Hollingsworth kick it out of the park, and Remender ends the arc on a good note (if with a bit of his pretty old attitudes towards women). WicDiv 31: Without spoilers, some absolutely gorgeous splash pages this issue, and things kicking it back up into gear again. (Also: never get attached to any character in WicDiv. EVER.) For the spoilers: Zines: 9 Single Issues: 257 Trades/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 89 Omnibuses: 4
  14. What You've Read 2017

    The Five Daughters of the Moon, Leena Likitalo: From's novella program, basically a light fantasy reimagining of the fall of the Romanov empire. I have a feeling that this was originally a full length novel that got split in half bc she realized she was more likely to get it published with them as two novellas; you can see the place for an easy split at the end of this novella. It's a quick paced read, with each Daughter getting a chapter and character building and each pov building on the last, with the pov characters not knowing what we know. I'm definitely interested in the sequel, and hope we get a bit more info on some of the fantasy mechanics that are kind of only lightly explained here. For a first effort, it's a good one. PS: There's a machine that will bring about equality that is fuelled by human souls that is either a really shitty one to one metaphor for communism or a blatant attempt to make the Rasputin analogue even more evil (other than mind controlling and raping the eldest pov character), and the souls aspect is one of the things I'm hoping they explain more next book because loooooord. Every Song Ever: Twenty Ways To Listen in An Age of Musical Plenty, Ben Ratliff: A NY Times music critic takes music theory and makes it accessible using several examples of popular music from the last 50 years. I don't always agree with some of his takes (Miley Cyrus is not equivalent to the Grateful Dead my dude), and he can get a bit pretentious (even J hadn't heard of Castiglione, dude), but when he hits the good stuff, it's really good (see: the Be My Baby chapter, the Mi Gente chapter). I found this remaindered, and for that price, it's worth it. And tbh, I wish some of the music he referenced was more accessible on streaming services, but maybe it's on YouTube? Books read: 67
  15. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Rapture 4: Chess piece storytelling to get Shadowman where they need him to be for the 2018 series, was tempted to burst out laughing for most of the issue, but the charmingness in the last two pages softened me a bit. Still not sure why this was an event? And while I get what they were going for with the lettering for Babel in his dialogue heavy sections it just felt like they got the letterer drunk and told him to go nuts. Wonder Woman: Earth One v1: Finally read through this. This is... I'm still not sure how to parse this one honestly. On the one part - there's a very interesting story about a mother and a daughter and the differences between what our parents want us to be verses who we really are, the framing device of greek theater is neat, and it's gorgeous. On the other hand, there's some weird Diana poses that very specifically look like they were traced from BDSM porn/are very cheesecakey in places they shouldn't be. I'm interested to see how they tackle vol 2 of this. Zines: 9 Single Issues: 254 Trades/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 89 Omnibuses: 4