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  1. Ive always liked Oracle. If she comes back, that's dumb as shit.
  2. Blane

    Battle for the Cowl

    Damien as Robin pisses me off beyond words. His character is intolerable and I can not fathom why Dick would let him be Robin.
  3. I shit you not... I was just dealt another Royal flush....this time I flopped it right off the bat. Total payout: 80 cents. I quit poker.
  4. I just hit a royal fucking flush at a 5 cent 10 cent poker table and only won 25 cents from it...
  5. I've added the 2+2 pokercast to my list. I say this cause I'm steaming over a stupid call and this is my break to keep from tilting..
  6. I only have the Season 1 boxset. Would it be dumb of me to just get this instead of the 3 separate?
  7. I hate poker...yet I love it. But down 85 bucks isn't fun.
  8. It's because it's where the money is. You go after the biggest fish because it gets the most attention.
  9. Controversy around GTA? Never. It'll go way like every other time.
  10. I don't like the look of the animation either. Edit: I swear The New Frontier was the first thing I could even remotely except as animation style for anything not DCAU. I have such a strong bias.
  11. I <3 DDR and all rhythm based games. But as a drummer I have a pretty distinct advantage.
  12. That game did nothing for me. I played 4 and a half hours and felt like I had played 18. Just way too slow for me and the combat drove me insane.
  13. I'd gladly be playing Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band if you could find EITHER anywhere. And I'm calling bullshit and staggering the release of single instrument bundles. Stupid. And Q you're in the top 100 cause theres only 200 copies of the game in the world . Kidding of course. That's awesome. As for me, bit of Forza 2 now and then and some Halo 3. Sad part is I've been playing mostly E4. Such an addictive little game.
  14. A point you make clear at every turn you can. How you think they can just cut out one of the biggest members of the JLA and not have a huge backlash I don't know. Quite frankly I think Batman is a great leader when need be. The clash of his personality and the other members of the group is one of the main reasons I ever got into JLA. It's a great foil to the other members and causes a lot more depth than just "we're all super friends who all get along!".