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  1. Just finished listening to your debut episode, and I loved it. And that's without ever having watched The Breakfast Club. I'm glad I was listening on my computer rather than my ipod, because I admit I had to google more than one of the young stars that you mentioned. I guess I'm not as hip as I used to be. Looking forward to future episodes.
  2. This is absolutely the best panel I've heard! When I saw how long it was I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy it, but after listening to it I wished there was more. I have never been to a convention but I'm really enjoying hearing the panels. Thank you so much for recording them!
  3. nicolev

    Episode 01

    Just found this podcast on itunes and I love it. Am in the middle of listening to it but so far I think you guys totally hit the mark with your review of The Women. I do love the 1939 version.
  4. I dunno. It's been on me for almost 25 years now. Thank you, though. Maybe that means the next 25 will be a piece of cake.
  5. That's 312 episodes at this tim you know! Good luck I know. I'm mentally preparing as we speak.
  6. I'm finally caught up with all the episodes of WFP! AT LAST! Now it's time to start Animezing podcast, followed by the show.
  7. You could try an urgent care clinic instead of the E.R., if they have any in your area. I've heard they're a bit cheaper.
  8. I can't believe they're making another stargate series, although I did enjoyed watching the first 8 seasons of SG-1 (only took about a month). Still it seems like enough is enough. I will inevitably watch it though. After all, isn't that what being a fan is all about?
  9. Obviously the "SyFy" channel is no longer satisfied by merely making terrible made for tv movies. They have expanded to include weird and pointless marketing ideas, as well as the most boring logo I have ever seen.
  10. nicolev

    Hey, Erin!

    Still no ash. Let's hope it stays that way. Early this morning, about 2am, my coworker went to the animal shelter to put all the dogs inside in case the ash fell. Our manager (who lives at the shelter) saw a light on and went into the office in his boxer shorts to investigate, with his gun. Luckily he recognized her truck, so he went back to the apartment behind the shelter, put his gun away, put some clothes on, and came out to help her with the rest of the dogs. Now we both know that if he doesn't answer our text messages we shouldn't be afraid to call and wake him up before we stop by, or he might shoot us. It's exciting times, even when no ash falls.
  11. I hope the IRS comes through for you. Although I don't think that's something they are known for doing.
  12. The Sci-fi channel makes good tv shows, but some of the WORST movies I have ever watched. Usually I only watch the ones that have actors I like in them, but that just makes me sad that they are reduced to doing such crap. The dumbest one I've seen so far involved an 80 foot python that gets loose so the "brilliant" scientist/hero bio engineers a 70 foot boa constrictor to solve the problem. New problem: 2 huge fucking snakes, one male the other female. They can figure out how to make a monster snake, but they apparently don't know how babies are made. Every now and then these movies are enjoyable just because they are so bad, but I'd rather they put their time and effort into tv shows. I'd go for a second season of Firefly.
  13. I've only seen the first one and that was enough for me, although I've thought about renting the others from time to time. I hate zombie movies but I love Milla Jovovich.
  14. Luckily she pulls this look off very well.
  15. nicolev

    Hey, Erin!

    I also live in Anchorage, but I only moved up here in 1999 so I have never experienced an eruption. I hope the wind blows away from Anchorage because I'm definitely not looking forward to the ash. I work at an animal shelter and if ash descends on Anchorage we'll have to close the shelter, keep all the dogs inside and spend all day rotating taking the dogs out to potty and then wiping off their paws and brushing out their fur.