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  1. SteveJRogers

    Help Influence Episode 58!

    Double Impact Welcome To The Jungle Street Fighter
  2. SteveJRogers

    Help Influence Episode 58!

    Time Cop! He totally changed time! (Friends reference) =;) Double Team for a Tranquil Tirades crossover (BTW, crossover can be considered another basketball pun "OHHHH BECAUSE CO STAR DENNIS RODMAN PLAYED BASKETBALL!") =;)
  3. SteveJRogers

    Help Influence Episode 57!

    Jerry Maguire A Few Good Men Far and Away
  4. SteveJRogers

    Help Influence Episode 55!

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Hobo With A Shotgun Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
  5. SteveJRogers

    Episode 154

    Adric? How soon we forget
  6. SteveJRogers

    Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    Liam Nesson. If only for Ian to have a go with Michael Collins and for Pandy and The Orgs to discover and discuss a...well...a humor page dedicated to a certain endowment Nesson is reported to have. BTW I only know of the certain site from a podcast that has used it for a running end of their shows bit for many years now. Cheeky as all hell, but meant in fun one time after learning of Nesson’s legend, and just snowballed into a long running and fan interactive bit since.
  7. SteveJRogers

    Help Influence Episode 54!

  8. It helps when you are in the middle of a 12 hour work shift with not much going on!
  9. SteveJRogers

    Episode 52: Back to School

    Yup. Now even more disturbing as a choice.
  10. The worse are still the early 1990s WCW Disney Tapings, which featured title switch spoilers weeks before they were supposed to happen!
  11. SteveJRogers

    Episode 48: BloodRayne 2 - Deliverance

    Could be worse, my sister has a labradoodle that ALWAYS wants food!
  12. Rock is the future HOFer I mentioned.
  13. Three WWE HOFers, and one future one in the cover image. All with varing degrees of "belongs in the HOF" discussions. Of course Rocky and JR are no doubters, Simmons is one of those "legacy was elsewhere or at least just as big as his WWF days" type of enshrinement (DAMN!) so that leaves Papa Shango/Kama/Godfather as an arguable pick.
  14. Yup. In the lead up to Hogan-Piper at Starrcade ‘96 Bischoff was revealed to be in the nWo. Also either that same night as the MSG Raw, or the week before, footage of Nash powerbombing him off the GAB stage in 1996 was shown in a “SEE! I TOOK THE MASSIVE BUMP FIRST” way in advance of Vince taking his first Stunner at the MSG Raw. Too bad for the podcast “Mr. McMahon” doesn’t become a true character until after Austin wins the title. Between Montreal and then he’s more or less building what the character will be with here and there appearances (stripping Austin of the IC belt, the “Bret screwed Bret” interview, Tyson announcement).
  15. Considering it was the wanning days of Vince’s milquetoast babyface commentator role, I’d say yes.