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  1. Many TV shows that replaced main/reoccurring (non-puberty going through children) actors usually make it as though it’s a continuation of the character, like nothing happened, despite clear appearance changes. Good examples along with the L&C Jimmy are Miss Ellie on Dallas, Darren on Bewitched, Becky on Roseanne, and hell even Superboy on the titular live action series. Also Miss Ellie and Becky are among the rare instances where the original actor came back after getting replaced!
  2. -I have issues with the audio on Picard. I can barely hear it on my CBS All Access phone app! At least its not shaky though, but its probably a worse issue than the screen shaking. -Did my email for Last Outpost/WNOHGB go through? -Worf wondering about "Rome" made me think of years later when he surprised Jazdia by quoting the Rules of Acquisition. I think his response to Jazdia's astonishment was along the lines of "I am a graduate of Starfleet Academy! I know a great, many things."
  3. I’ve just found out about this meme, but knowing the hosts of this show, I’m pretty surprised that “They’ve taken the hobbits to ISENGARD!” didn’t make its way into this episode. I mean I wouldn’t have bumped Ian Dury for it, but maybe before or after playing Dury’s performance
  4. Went with Moore just due to seeing if he’d get some measure of respect with his non-Bond projects.
  5. I wonder if we can do a running talley in honor of WNOHGB. How many “Wesley save the day” episodes are improved, or at least feel the same quality, if Wesley is removed from the equation.
  6. Great, now I need Watchmen Hostess ad memes to be made, NOW! Not sure which is more amusing in terms of incongruity, the idea of these characters in those old ads, or that realized, as a title sequence, 1980s Saturday Morning cartoon version of Watchmen.
  7. LOL! Fair enough. Still not sure what’s more polarizing though, that ending among older Superman fans, or fans of the TV show, and the sequence referenced. Well, there’s still potential for the latter to get turned on its head a bit though...fingers and toes crossed
  8. I have a “grasping at straws” theory about Earth-167’s fate though. -Notice how all the Earths seen with red skies were Batman properties (though that could be a nod to the Batman books that tied into CoIE ending with the ominous red skies as the only thing tying them to the crossover), we didn’t see it for Smallville. -Clark did show genuine concern, just because Lois thinking he was making a funny diffused it for that brief moment doesn’t mean they didn’t discuss it seriously inside the house. -While it was said Welling was up in Vancouver for just the day, there is that Berlanti comment about three Supermen on screen together. -Probably holding on to too much hope, but considering how Silver Age-y Smallville could get, whose to say Clark took off the Blue Kryptonite watch, put Earth-167 into a pocket dimension and will appear at The Vanishing Point?
  9. Just thought of a theory. No clue of the timeline of events, so I could be off base, but something on TV (no spoilers) recently was very reminiscent of the conclusion to Alan Moore’s “Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow” that ended the run of the Silver & Bronze Age/Pre-Crisis Superman. Knowing that Moore couldn’t use the Charlton characters in the way he wanted to (killing them off, changing their status quo’s, etc), and that he very enthusiastically wanted to write the final Pre-Crisis Superman story (literally begged and threatened the editor to give him the assignment), makes me wonder if the entire scope of the story (slaughtering many of his supporting cast and villains) and Superman giving up his powers at the end in favor of a traditional suburban family life with Lois was his way of saying FUCK YOU to DC not letting him play in the Charlton sandbox. Especially with the last line in the introduction being “This is an imaginary tale...aren’t they all?” Of course like I said, the timing of everything could be off, but IDK, thinking about it, it does seem like a good subversive way to stick it to an editorial mandate on his opus, plus the story, despite closing out the first volume of Superman and the Pre-Crisis run of Action, obviously has never been considered a cannon Superman story, so it existing as an “imaginary story” could be Moore’s way of expressing disappointment that Watchmen couldn’t just be an imaginary story in the Charlton Universe. Anyway, probably over thinking things, but hey that’s what these mediums (podcast and social networking platforms) are for
  10. It isn’t the usual wrestling announcer hyperbole to say this is the go home week to one of the most pivotable nights in the history of pro-wrestling. Hard to believe how different the landscape was a year later, though events to come (mismanagement of Bret in WCW, Shawn’s layoff due to injury, addiction and douchebaggery, The Rock’s IC reign, etc) would solidify it, this is pretty much the flashpoint for WWF eventually taking control in the Monday Night War.
  11. While since Post Crisis it would be used as a warped way a villain, usually Lex Luthor, would see it, but pre-Crisis Superman was pretty much Kal-El/Superman was the true nature of the character, and "Clark Kent" was the mask. Obviously from Byrne on, the point of "Kent" was always how Kal got his humanity, and not just a "hiding in plain sight" gimmick, but Superman was at the time a big example of the hero being the true identity over the "secret civilian identity" of a heroic character. Now that I think of it, other alien (Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz) or God like characters on earth (Thor/Donald Blake, Wonder Woman/Diana Prince) characters fit that description as well.
  12. I’m now envisioning Don and a dozen or so member entourage walking through the convention like a video or audio recording crew. All with shirts on representing every site and podcast Don has provided content and feedback for! 🤣😉
  13. Do they watch sports yet?
  14. Considering what just happened, love to go back in time and edit in some crap about Brooklyn fans in that Nassau Coliseum event promo of Bret’s “...hell, over in Brooklyn they’ve actually come out of the stands and attacked me!”