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  1. Rock is the future HOFer I mentioned.
  2. Three WWE HOFers, and one future one in the cover image. All with varing degrees of "belongs in the HOF" discussions. Of course Rocky and JR are no doubters, Simmons is one of those "legacy was elsewhere or at least just as big as his WWF days" type of enshrinement (DAMN!) so that leaves Papa Shango/Kama/Godfather as an arguable pick.
  3. Yup. In the lead up to Hogan-Piper at Starrcade ‘96 Bischoff was revealed to be in the nWo. Also either that same night as the MSG Raw, or the week before, footage of Nash powerbombing him off the GAB stage in 1996 was shown in a “SEE! I TOOK THE MASSIVE BUMP FIRST” way in advance of Vince taking his first Stunner at the MSG Raw. Too bad for the podcast “Mr. McMahon” doesn’t become a true character until after Austin wins the title. Between Montreal and then he’s more or less building what the character will be with here and there appearances (stripping Austin of the IC belt, the “Bret screwed Bret” interview, Tyson announcement).
  4. Considering it was the wanning days of Vince’s milquetoast babyface commentator role, I’d say yes.
  5. It did help that Shawn made a turn to be a kayfabe heel of his IRL persona!
  6. Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    Joaquin Phoenix. If only to wear out the ding every time Pandy says Joaquin Bottom! BTW, if there a origin for that gag besides Pandy saying “Joaquin” as if he was saying “Wacking” and therefore a naughty pun?
  7. Random wrestling thoughts

    At least its much better than LayCool’s Mean Girls act body shaming her. Too be honest, IDK, you do get “new guy mocks an old vet’s “age”” in promos often. Maybe not as “Mean Girls” bullying as Bliss was to Mickie. (How many times has Undertaker’s veteran status been brought up in his WM match build) Or maybe we’re being too hyper sensitive when it happens to a non-white male, IDK. But they, or something akin to “get out of my way old timer”, do occur as part of match builds.
  8. Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    *Ian mentions still haven’t yet watched Citizen Kane* OOOOOOHHHHHH! Orson Wells Month!
  9. Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    What I’m referring to Which homages
  10. Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    To help complete the Night Hawks homage with Boulevard of Broken Dreams Humphrey Bogart James Dean Elvis Presley
  11. I shudder to think what could happen to him, and the title picture, if what happens in January to Shawn doesn’t. Hell, he was still falling towards personal rock bottom at certain points in his first “in ring retirement.” To the point where Triple H was telling him to shape up or no more of the occassional appearances and roles he’d have over the course of those 5 years.
  12. Episode 45: Mel Gibson

    LOL! Just heard you guys put the call out for "any more inaccuracies to add!" Glad to have obliged, even if I hadn't heard it before I did! That's a great channel, History Buffs, discussing various historical movies. Including one of the very first films of a certain HA subject who I know neither one of you would dare do your imitation of =;)
  13. Episode 45: Mel Gibson

    One thing that does bear mentioning in terms of Mel Gibson's attempts at rehabilitation, is that it kind of shines a bit of a light on what Hollywood allows you to come back from. Trying to be delicate here, and BTW, Donovan's podcast Questions We Don't Have Answers delves into celebrity rehab (not to be confused with the reality TV program where celebs check themselves into substance abuse rehab centers) in an interesting episode, but Mel Gibson was up for a silly cameo role in the Hangover sequel. I forget who ended up getting the role, but when it was announced the cast all put their foot down and said that they wouldn't work with Gibson. Which is fine, and within their rights to pull such a power play, BUT, they seemed more than willing to interact with a convicted rapist and possibly psychotic human being in Mike Tyson in the previous Hangover movie. Though I guess to be fair, that was their first movie together, so I'd guess they didn't have a lot of veto power when it came to who to bring in for a cameo shot. But just so we are clear, guy goes on alcohol fueled and anti-Semitic meltdowns, and they are the scourge of the Earth and absolute pariah. Guy is convicted of rape, God knows what else he's done to women he's encountered, literally bit an opponent's ear in a shoot boxing match, but because he's did his time and all that was years in the past, as well as having a silly voice and is quite possible insane, he can find work in a screwball comedy.
  14. Episode 45: Mel Gibson

    I’d imagine this is a 24 minute version of Ian’s Braveheart rant
  15. iTunes trouble?

    That issue is still happening with the first download off of a third party RSS hosting program/software, probably not just iTunes. Last few times I've downloaded Edge and Hey An Actor I've had to go to itself and download the episode from there.