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  1. I liked all the John Byrne Superman in it. That was neat. The rest of it was fine.
  2. I feel like Starship Troopers is legitimately good because it does exactly what it's trying to do and is really entertaining along the way. If it were trying to be Schindler's List in space, then yeah, it would be a failure and a bad movie. But it's a cartoony satire/farce about space marines fighting giant bugs. I've always felt that the bad acting is part of what makes the movie so fun, and I don't think it's by accident. And then we can also get into trying to define "bad" acting, but that's an endless vortex of of debate that ends with me INSISTING that everyone is wrong about Mark Hamill
  3. It's decent satire and also a really fun B-movie.
  4. I actually met Ernie Cline at a small convention a few years back. He was really cool. He brought his DeLorean for everyone to take photos with out front.
  5. I actually wasn't a fan of the Rogue Cut at all. Most of it was extra unnecessary lines, and the Rogue scenes only make the movie more complicated. I actually thought the original cut was very tight and easily-understood, but the new cut almost lost me once or twice. I really don't think the Rogue Cut is something that needed to happen, and it only lessens the movie as a whole. And this is coming from someone who thinks the theatrical versions of Lord of the Rings should be tossed into the fires of Mount Doom and only the extended cuts should ever be viewed.
  6. Yeah, I think the movie would have been weird and problematic as hell, but Walken as Brainiac could have legitimately been awesome. I think it was said best in the documentary when they said that no matter what, it would have been a really interesting movie.
  7. I saw that recently, too. I liked it a lot. I want to see the alternate universe where the movie was made. And yeah, the Superman suit they showed at the end there was actually pretty cool.
  8. Whether good or bad, it's an MCU movie, and it will be the subject of many a geek discussion (like this one). So if only to be on-point with everyone else, I knew I was going to see it. More thoughts now that I've had a week-plus to mull it over: I, like many, expected Ant-Man to be a good Edgar Wright movie shoved through the Marvel machine into something generic (the marketing REALLY didn't help this idea). In the end, I actually enjoyed Ant-Man more than Avengers 2, and it made me excited for the future of Marvel. Avengers 2 was basically "more Avengers," which is fine, but it was bas
  9. Channing Tatum and Taylor Kitsch should play a card game to decide who gets to be Gambit. Or maybe they did, and Tatum lost.
  10. Thanks, guys! This was the first birthday in a while to not suck! Hooray!
  11. In case any of you were still on the fence about seeing it:
  12. Thanks, guys! Hey, don't give me ideas. I might start going by KknightWing.
  13. I've always found the idea of a tax-funded major TV network to be really odd, actually. If it were entirely educational and/or non-fiction content, then it would make sense, but since the BBC is so entertainment-focused, it's hard to make sense of it. In America, something like the BBC would be eliminated immediately, since no one wants to be forced to pay for entertainment that they might not want anyway. It's like... if you bought a DVD player, and were then taxed on your ownership of said DVD player, and then sent DVDs by the government made using said tax money. Even if you're getting your